Televisions, mobiles, cars, conjugal rights: The VIP Jihadis of Pakistan

New Delhi, Nov 10: A day after Lashkar-e-Tayiba boss, Hafiz Saeed was sentenced to 10 years in jail by a Pakistan court, reports are already emerging that he continues to enjoy VVIP treatment.
News agency ANI while quoting sources said that the Counter-Terrorism Department officials are treating the mastermind of the Mumbai 26/11 attack as a VIP. He still roams in his SUV and is escorted by his aides, the report also said. 

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Bogey of Hindu terror post 26/11: Statements by Congress leaders hurt probe, strengthened Pakistan’s case

26:11attackSaroj Kumar Rath, a professor at the Delhi University and author of “Fragile Frontiers: The Secret History of Mumbai Terror attacks,” said that there were many people back then who had tried to paint a very different image of the 26/11 attack

The events around the Mumbai 26/11 attack were raked up following the revelations made by lead investigator and former Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria.

Maria, who led the probe into the attack in his book, “Let Me Say it Now”, spoke about how attempts were made to pass of the entire attack as a doing of the Hindus. He also said that had Ajmal Kasab not been caught, then he would have lived as Samir Choudhary.

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Let Me Say It Now: Congress, ISI were on same page while manufacturing Hindu terror bogey

sonia-rahulOfficials who interrogated Kasab told MyNation that the terrorists were advised by their handlers to sport red bands. The ISI could not succeed in passing off the Mumbai 26/11 attack as one of Hindu terror.

Bengaluru: The cat is out of the bag again. This time it is the lead investigator of the Mumbai 26/11 attack, who has said that there was a deliberate attempt to manufacture a Hindu terror plot.

Had this not been stopped, we would have known Ajmal Kasab as Samir Choudhary, former police commissioner of Mumbai, Rakesh Maria, who led the 26/11 investigation, has said in his book.

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26/11 anniversary: The burqa clad lady who accompanied terrorists to Cama hospital

26:11attacksInvestigators in India did a commendable job while probing the 26/11 attack. They said that ten terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba landed in Mumbai by sea following which they attacked the commercial capital of India.

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This man was Kasab’s Hindi tutor

abu_jundalLashkar-e-Tayiba operative Abu Jundal, also known as Zabiuddin Ansari was charged by the National Investigation Agency on Friday for his role in the Mumbai 26/11 attack.

Investigators have said after his deportation from Saudi Arabia in 2012 that he was the man who had given Hindi tuitions to the 10 terrorists who carried out the attack.

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What role did Sufiyan Zafar play in the 26/11 attack?

26/11 Taj under attack. Photo courtesy: The Express Tribune
26/11 Taj under attack. Photo courtesy: The Express Tribune

New Delhi, Aug 5: The arrest of Sufiyan Zafar in connection with Mumbai 26/11 attack is no doubt a welcome move. He was arrested by Pakistan and is currently being questioned by the Federal Investigating Agency.

There is very little known about Zafar barring the fact that he was closely associated with Hammad Amin Sadiq- the man who arranged for the finances for the 26/11 attack.

Pathankot probe in Pakistan hits a dead end

pathankNew Delhi, May 21: The hopes of Pakistan cooperating with India in probing the Pathankot attack appear to be fading.
Pakistan has been pulling out the same bag of dirty tricks like it did in the aftermath of the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

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Why is Headley not talking about Karachi project?

headleyNew Delhi, Feb 19: Is anyone interested in finding out the status of the Karachi project? During the testimony by David Headley before a Mumbai court, he did speak about coming back to India after the 26/11 attack. He was clearly not back on a holiday but was here for a specific purpose of surveying locations which were to be targeted as part of the Karachi Project.

What is the Karachi Project. It is a project devised by the ISI and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in the year 2003. The plan was to carry out a series of coordinated attacks in India and the 26/11 attack was also part of it. The ISI even roped in the Indian Mujahideen to carry out attacks in the country.

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Is this what David Headley will tell the Mumbai court?

headley_1903413cNew Delhi, Dec 11: David Headley was pardoned on Thursday, Dec 10 by a court in Mumbai after he agreed to turn approver. An approver basically aids the court or the investigation by spilling out details of the operation and in this case, Headley has agreed to tell the court everything he knows regarding the 26/11 attack.

Headley does have a plea bargain deal with the United States of America which bars an extradition or a death sentence. Hence even if the Mumbai court were to convict him, he will not serve a sentence in India.

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Interview: NTRO should be responsible for all technical tracking of terror activities

balachandranWhen the 26/11 attack was being planned, the Intelligence Agencies clearly did not keep their ears open to the chatter that was taking place through Voice over Internet Protocol. The VoIP calls were not tracked and India paid the price when ten terrorists breezed through Mumbai killing over 160.
Have we learnt out lessons from the failures of 26/11?
V Balachandran who was part of the High Level Committee which probed into the performance by the police during 26/11 says that there is a lot to learn from the attacks. In this interview with OneIndia, Balachandran says that, we should hold the National Technical Research Organisation solely responsible for all technical tracking and innovation instead of overburdening the state police departments by creating parallel technical agencies.

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