Nabbing Abu Jundal-4


abujundal_newIn the fourth part of this series, we explain how a 43 month chase resulted in the nabbing of Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal, the man who tutored the ten 26/11 terrorists in Hindi.
It was a chase that lasted 43 months. The 26/11 investigation was reaching a dead end and all the Indians had on them was Ajmal Kasab and very limited information from David Headley who was in the custody of the United States of America. Ajmal Kasab was more of a remote controlled toy who went about listening to his masters, but then the information regarding the planning and also the ISI links to the attacks could have been provided only a man who was part of the top rung planning the attack.
Six months down, the Indian agencies found that there was indeed an Indian who was part of the operation based out of Pakistan. From what ever little they gathered from Ajmal Kasab and independent investigations, the Intelligence Bureau found that the man behind the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul case was the person who was part of the 26/11 attack. The voices heard from the Karachi control room during the attack clearly indicated an Indian accent and this is when the agencies came to the conclusion that it was Abu Jundal who part of this dreaded operation.
Considering that he was of Indian nationality, it only made the resolve of the agencies stronger to get him down to India. For nearly three years after the 26/11 attack there was not a word on Jundal. He had clearly been instructed to lay low and remain underground. Continue reading “Nabbing Abu Jundal-4”

Nabbing Tunda-3

Pic: Indian Express
Pic: Indian Express

In the third part of this series, we find out how the operation against Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative Abdul Karim Tunda was carried out.
Abdul Karim Tunda’s name figured in the dossiers that India sent to Pakistan after the 26/11 attack. He was responsible for at least 40 different blasts in India and after chasing him for almost 27 years, the agencies finally managed to lay their hands on him.
Tunda who worked as a carpenter at Uttar Pradesh until the age of 40. On turning 40 he came in touch with some operatives of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and from there began his dreaded journey which involved 40 bombings on Indian soil. He mastered the art of bomb making and until the age of 60 he did just that. However considering his age, the Lashkar told him to take it easy and he was then assigned the job of motivational speaking and also teaching the new recruits on how to prepare bombs. Continue reading “Nabbing Tunda-3”

Nabbing Waqas Ahmed- 2

20140323-110413.jpgIn the first part of this series we explained how Indian Mujahideen chief Tehsin Akthar had been nabbed. In this second part let us take a look at how the agencies used one operative against another to pick up a key operative named Waqas Ahmed.
Waqas Ahmed was arrested at Ajmer on Sunday by an operation that was jointly carried out by the Special cell of the Delhi police and the Intelligence Bureau. The name of Waqas Ahmed is significant in the Indian Mujahideen primarily because he is a Pakistani national, but worked in one of India’s most dreaded home grown outfits. He was an expert bomb maker and was planning on moving on from the routine ammonium nitrate to hydrogen peroxide in the next spate of attacks they were planning specifically at Rajasthan.
His arrest was planned by the Intelligence Bureau who have been on his trail since the 13/7 blasts. He was the 6.2 feet tall man who sported a French beard and planted the bomb at the Zaveri Bazaar.
Waqas Ahmed who hails from Pakistan shuttled between his home country and India after every attack. After the 13/7 attack he is said to have fled India and entered Pakistan where he stayed for a year before he returned to help execute the Diksukhnagar blasts. The National Investigation Agency managed to build a file on him, but his exact whereabouts were never known to any of the agencies.

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Nabbing Tehsin Akthar-1

20140325-074611.jpgIndia can claim that it has made major headway in arresting several terrorists. It began with the major arrest of Zabbiuddin Ansari, the accused in the 26/11 attack. Then came the major arrest of Yasin Bhatkal followed by Abdul Karim Tunda, Waqas Ahmed and now Tehsin Akthar.
Each of these operations carried out mainly by our Intelligence Bureau have all the essences of a Hollywood pot boiler and it has taken them years before they actually managed to track these operatives and take them into custody.
Let us examine in parts how each of these men were tracked pain stakingly and picked up by our agencies. Today we begin with Tehsin Akthar, the latest in the list of those arrested by our agencies:

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