Punjab Polls and the rise of Khalistan elements

The state of Punjab will go to elections on the 20th of February, but before the elections, there have been alerts that Khalistani elements are once again on the move and are trying to distrust the peace and harmony in the state elections.

As polls near, ISI-Khalistan combo looks to worsen situation in Punjab

New Delhi, Jan 13: With the Punjab elections nearing, Pakistan is on overdrive mode to push its anti-India propaganda. The Intelligence Bureau and multiple agencies are keeping a close watch on the various social media accounts formed to spread hate and a disinformation campaign against India.

Punjab has seen scores of incidents in recent times where a thorough agenda by Pakistan has been attempted to be pushed. There have been targeted killings and also the recent Ludhiana Court blast.

On January 5, a major incident was reported when the Prime Minister’s security was breached. PM Narendra Modi was held up for 20 minutes in Punjab due to a protest that was ongoing on the road. The Supreme Court has even set up a committee headed by a retired judge to probe the incident and suggest ways of bettering securing the PM of the land.

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