Is a cyber psychological war being waged against India?

Is a cyber psychological war being waged against India? @missartola in discussion with senior journalist @vickynanjappa and geostrategy expert Lt Gen Sanjay Kulkarni.

Smaller cities were targeted more by cyber-criminals says NCRB report

New Delhi, Sep 16: There has been an increase in the number of cyber-crimes reported in the country. The largest increase was in the states of Telangana, Assam, Maharashtra, Bihar and Odisha, a report by the National Crimes Records Bureau said.

Released late on Tuesday, the report said that the number of cyber crimes only rose by. 0.8 per cent in the 20 major cities of the countries. This indicates that in 2020 more people were targeted in the smaller cities.

Arrest of Chinese national: Agencies probe security threats, cyber and financial frauds

New Delhi, June 23: Last week, the Border Security Force arrested a Chinese national close to the Bangladesh border in Malda. The Chinese national was identified by his passport as Hun Junwei and investigations so far have revealed that he was involved in cyber fraud and alleged acts threatening national security.

When questioned initially he said that he was in India on business. However the officials found on him an ID card from Telangana, an Aadhaar card and bank account details in which he claimed he is an Indian citizen.

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Banking trojan Cerberus, the new headache for cyber security officials

cybersecurityNew Delhi, May 20: The Central Bureau of Investigation has issued a nationwide alert on the banking trojan Cerberus. The CBI said that this tricks the smartphone users into downloading a malicious link relating to COVID-19.

The advisory was issued by the CBI, following an input from the Interpol. The trojan presents itself as an update related to COVID-19. The trojan primarily focuses on stealing financial data such as credit card numbers. It can use overlay attacks to trick victims into providing personal information and can capture two-factor authentication details, the agency also said.

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Taking control: Why the Personal Data Protection Bill is a game changer

cybersecurityNew Delhi, Dec 05: The WhatsApp breach, the misuse of data among other related incidents have given us all the need to ponder over one fact and that is why we need to have control over our data.

With India leaning towards data localisation, it become extremely important to move towards the Personal Data Protection Bill that is set to be tabled in the Parliament. The overall aim of the Bill is to protect and regulate data privacy.

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Whatsapp breach: Time to inculcate and adopt cyber security as way of life

Pavan Duggal
Pavan Duggal

MyNation caught up with Pavan Duggal, one of the nation’s top cyber law experts, to discuss the National Cyber Security Policy of 2020, and how this would be an enhancement to the 2013 policy. However, there are key parameters that one should be mindful of.

In the wake of the WhatsApp breach, there has been talk once again on the issue of cyber security. Come 2020, there would be a tremendous enhancement over the National Cyber Security Policy of 2013.

The Cyber Security Strategy Policy would be released in January. This would be a major step forward in securing our cyber space and also realising the $ 5 trillion economy. While it would be a great leap forward, there would be several challenges as well.

MyNation caught up with Pavan Duggal, one of the nation’s top cyber law experts to discuss this issue. He says that the policy of 2020 would be a major enhancement over the National Cyber Security Policy of 2013. When we come up with a strategy as a nation, we must also be mindful of certain key parameters.

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India’s cyber security challenge: It is time to protect the great firewall

cybersecurityConsidering how large cyber security threat is, there is a dire need to show urgency and tackle the problem and counter such threats

The threats today are contemporary and new. The marriage between the internet and crime and terror has led to various security agencies stating that the future would be all about fighting cybercrime.

The latest WhatsApp breach is a clear indicator of how serious the threat is. Several persons were targeted for surveillance, using Israeli spyware Pegasus via WhatsApp. The government has demanded strict action and even sought an explanation from WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp stated that it had warned India about the same, the agencies said that it was vague.

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