Unaccounted cash of Rs 20 crore directly related to D K Shivakumar says probe

dks1New Delhi, Sep 20: Karnataka minister and Congress strongman, D K Shivakumar finds himself in the dock after the Enforcement Directorate registered a money laundering case against him. The case in question pertains to alleged tax evasion and hawala transactions.

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Black money war: India, Switzerland to exchange banking information

blackmoneyProviding a major boost in the war against black money, India and Switzerland have decided to exchange banking information.

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Rs 560 crore black money unearthed during last fiscal: FIU

blackmAt least Rs 560 crore black has been unearthed in the last fiscal year, the government has said in a report.

Black money war: Money held by Indians in Swiss banks comes down to half

blackmThe money parked by Indians in Swiss banks has come down to half. The amount has halved to 676 Swiss francs- around Rs 4,500 crore in 2016. This is largely due to the clampdown on black money stashed away abroad.

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Now Modi can track Indians holding Swiss Bank accounts

Switzerland on Friday ratified automatic exchange of financial account information with India. This is a move that marks the end of the banking secrecy in Switzerland which has for long been regarded as a haven for black money.
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Not safe to deal with excessive cash says Govt as Operation Clean Money website is launched

Operation Clean MoneyContinuing its fight against black money, the government on Tuesday launched a website Operation Clean Money. The new website will help honest tax payers, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said inaugurating the website.

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Fake, investigators say on hijack threat

airport securityA Republic Day protocol was triggered off at three major airports following a hijack threat on Sunday. However investigations that have been conducted suggest that the hijack call was a hoax. Security had been stepped up at the Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai airports following the email.

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IT department to issue notices to 60,000 persons with black money

TaxmanAt least 60,000 people will be issued notices by the Income Tax Department in what is known as a second round of clean up after the decision on demonetisation was made. The Central Board for Direct Taxes said that the IT department has introduced a second phase of its operations to detect black money post demonetisation.

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REVEALED: How hawala funds terror in Kashmir

hawala-24On Monday Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti said that hawala money was used to fund terror and unrest and since 2001, there have been 173 such cases.

She cited the report of the Criminal Investigation Department while submitting a written reply in the J&K assembly.

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Hyderabad jeweler, who deposited Rs 98 crore with fake receipts, arrested

cashmoneyHyderabad, Dec 29: A Hyderabad-based businessman was arrested on Wednesday on charges of generating fake advance payment receipts to deposit black money to the tune of Rs 98 crore in banks.

The Central Crime Station, which is a wing of the Hyderabad police, arrested the 65-year-old jeweler, Kailash Chand Gupta, and his family members.

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