About Me

10698651_10152453777036309_9020089840411645600_nOccupation- Reporter always

Location- Bangalore, India

My best story-The truth about the truth serum

Interests- Reporting on matters pertaining to terrorism, law and politics

Believes- Journalism is for Vertebrates

Does not believe- Numbers, sleaze and sensationalism should control journalism

Other Interests- Reporting, working out, collecting mobile phones and High definition televisions, gaming

Fav Food- Rice, Rasam and Mango pickle

Brand- FCUK, Apple, Diesel, Tag Huer, Calvin Klein, Nike, Addidas

Drink- Black coffee, Green tea

Outfit- Jeans, T-shirts, jackets, shorts

Personality(s)- Mahathma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Micheal Jackson, A B Vajpayee, Winnie the Pooh

Music- GnR, Doors, Pink Floyd, Niravana, Iron Maiden

Actor- Al Pacino

Actress- Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie

Movie- Scent of a woman

Quote- Eat Right Stay Fit Die Anyways

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