Hawala Part 2: How Kerala became the hawala capital of India

haw1Kerala which is called God’s own Country also has this reputation of being the state with the highest hawala remittance in the country. Yesterday we explained to our readers the definition of hawala and its code. Today in the second part of this series we tell you the horrific state of affairs prevailing in Kerala and how it went on to become the hawala capital of the world.
Rs 23,000 crore hawala every year:
A report of the Home Ministry which is with oneindia.com states that there is an annual remittance of hawala money into Kerala which runs into around Rs 23,000 crore per year. This is a worrying statistic since Kerala incidentally is the state which has linked the Gulf with India as a result of which several terror groups have set up base here. Read more

2 thoughts on “Hawala Part 2: How Kerala became the hawala capital of India

  1. Kerala has always been the central hub for nefarious activities because of its largely illiterate muslim population that dwell in the Gulf and other Middle Eastern countries. They contribute to a huge slice of this inflow. With over a thousand *yateem Khanas* being funded from external sources, mostly illegal, no action from authorities were taken fearing vote bank backlash. Some action must begin now to curb this luxury provided to the Muslims. This has indirectly enabled them own almost all land and business places in the state including prominent Estate Houses.


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