Case against Gowdas son a damp squib

The case ‎against the son of Railway minister Sadananda Gowda is turning out to be a damp squib. The lady who has alleged rape failed to turn up at the police station to record her statement.
A complaint was filed against Karthik the son of Gowda alleging that he had married the lady for sexual favours. The lady who filed the complaint was summoned to the police station at 12.30 PM today, but failed to turn up.
The police who had filed rape charges want more evidence before proceeding any further. They have sought evidence of the marriage but the lady says she has none. She also has failed to provide any concrete evidence to prove her claim.

She says that she has recorded conversations. The police want to know what the motive behind the recording was and whether she pre-empted this situation. To this she said that the conversation was recorded to listen to his voice when she missed him.
The police as per the law need to arrest the accused if rape charges are filed. Karthik says he is busy to speak while his father has said the law should take its own course. The police on the other hand want to tread carefully. They will wait for the lady to come forward with more evidence and also record her statement. They do not want to go too far and then realise that the lady drops the case. Police sources say that they want to be sure that this case is not aimed at sensationlisation and is a genuine one. They however point out that the probe would be independent and there is no pressure considering the accused is the son of a very senior union minister.

6 thoughts on “Case against Gowdas son a damp squib

  1. Sir
    I feel that Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji,Sushree Uma Bharathi ji (Minister , Water Resources,GOI),Our Honorbale Home Minister Rajnath Singhji,Shri Jual Oram (Minister,Tribal Affairs),Shri TC Gahlot (Minister,Social Justice and Empowerment),Shri Sudarshan Bhagat (MoS,Social Justice and Empowerment), Shri Dinesh Kashyap,MP,Bastar LS segment should visit Bhadrachalam (Ayodhya of South),
    This project site is nearer to Bhadrachalam spread across 4 states (resorvoir area in Chattisgarh,Orissa).
    They should allay the fear among the tribal populace living in the areas that are probably going to be submerged.
    Already Organistions like CPI(ML – New Democracy) are backing Anti Polavaram agitatations.People like Medha Patkar and her ilk are itching to fish into troubled waters.
    Adding to that Bastar – Rampachodavaram – Malkangiri have Maoist Presence.
    So BJP Govt should deal with this project carefully.BJP should exhibit statesmanship and win a place in the hearts of the tribals.
    Kindly convey this to to your contemporaries with nationalist bent of mind (like you) who are active in the media.


  2. Sir this is an important news item regarding polavaram project in Andhra Pradesh-Telengana States,kindly see the links,I didnt know how to convey it to you,hence i am postin the links here.
    This news is about the fear looming among the tribal population residing in Khammam (Telengana) and West Godavari (Andhra Pradesh) districts.
    These are published by The New Indian Express:
    Respected Sir

    The New Indian Express (Telengana State Edition) has published report regrading Problems faced by the Tribal Population residing in the villages
    that are going to be submerged because of the Polavaram Project.
    The Problems being faced by the populace residing in the 7 mandals transferred to Andhra Pradesh State from Telengana State are also given in detail.
    The links for the News Paper articles are hereby mentioned below:

    1. (This is regarding woes faced by the people of 7 Mandals transferred to Andhra Pradesh State from tenegana State)

    2. (This is regarding the deplorable situation of Konda Reddy Tribal people)

    3. (This is regarding the fears of the tribals (around 4 lakh people) whoa re going to be dispaced by the people)

    4. (Regarding the problems faced by the people of 12 villages in 20Km strip of Bhadrachalam and Dummugudem).

    5. the inscurity amongst the Villagers about loss of their livelihood among the populace residing in the areas that are going to be submerged because of Polavaram project).

    6. (this is regarding worry of alomost 40000 students of these 7 mandals merged in Andhra Pradesh)


  3. This is nothing more than an addition to the several other cases carefully being orchestrated against the incumbent government by the forces in the dark with the help of Main Stream Media. While all know who these forces are, it is but somewhat bewildering that the BJP Govt chooses to remain patient in its action or reaction against the erstwhile culprits who are genuine and stand exposed with sufficient proof.


  4. Sir
    If you are unable to defeat,defame your political adversaries.This is the dirty trick followed by our Vote Bank Secularits of our Country.Sadanda Gowdaji is victim of his dirty trciks department of Vote Bank Secularists.Vote Bank secularists stoop to lowest levels in order to gain Political Mileage.
    Have you seen any Media discussing this issue:
    Though these are old news items,our Media never dared to discuss the issues pertaining to National Security,our Media never gets enraged nor inform the public about these issues.
    Most our media are just stooges of Vote Bank Secularists.


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