Kerala- Suicide bombers were on their way

‎Amir Siddiqui a consular officer at the Pakistan embassy in Colombo was air lifted to Pakistan the moment details of his alleged involvement in a conspiracy against India came to light. As India probes this case jointly with Malaysia and Maldives it has come to light that these operatives not only wanted to bomb embassies in South India but also ferry a couple of Su‎icide bombers to Kerala.
Idia now with the assistance of Malaysia is all set to build up a detailed case against the officer who had personally overseen the recruitment of Sri Lankan Muslims to carry out a series of attacks on South Indian soil.
While of the operatives for this attack was arrested in Chennai the other was picked up by the Malaysian police. During the questioning the accused revealed startling details of the plot and also said that the attack would be launched on South India using a sea route from Maldives. This has now engaged the Maldivian police who will also assist in the probe.

The two accused Sakir Hussain and Mohammad Sulaiman who were arrested in Chennai and Malaysia respectively have said that they reported to the same boss, Siddiqui who was commissioned by the ISI to scout for Sri Lankan operatives in a bid to create a South India base and module. They said that they had on their radar both the American and Israeli consulate. Moreover both have also said that they were finding operatives both in India and Maldives to build a strong Southern base.
In addition to carrying out an attack the duo were also tasked with the collection of funds. Sulaiman has told the Malaysian police that he had indulged in counterfeiting and also human trafficking to raise funds for attacks in South India. He further told the Malaysian police that he had identified five youth in Maldives to carry out an attack. He was to leave for Maldives from Malaysia and ferry them to Chennai on a boat and then coordinate the rest of the attack with Hussain.
NIA officials say that they have made a formal request to Malaysia to hand over Sulaiman. We are also in touch with our counterparts in Maldives the officer also added. One officer of the NIA is in Malaysia and is holding talks with the officers over there apart from gathering interrogation details of Sulaiman.
The officer said that while one batch from Maldives was to be shipped to Chennai the other was to land in Kerala for another operation.‎ The operation in Kerala is under probe and officers say that from Maldives the same gang had planned to ferry several suicide bombers and plant them in Kerala. All of them were to be ferried by boat, the officer further pointed out.‎

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

4 thoughts on “Kerala- Suicide bombers were on their way”

  1. Hello Vicky, I like your posts the amont of knowledge you have about terrorism is immense but I feel few are imaginary in nature. one article was about indian mujahedden using Mujaheededn to no using word Indian. You wrote a article corrections

    on the same, not sure you are aware of it 19 year old youth Prabhat Kumar Thakur from Gujarat for allegedly sending a threatening email to Kempegowda International Airport Limited (KIAL) in Karanataka. There are many such articles. My personnel views here sir


  2. Kerala is the hub for terror activities in the South. While Cihidambaram and Shinde conveniently overlooked this fact deliberately in pursuit of their immoral vote bank politics, upon directives from their Goddess residing in 10JP, there has been innumerable links proven with cells in Kerala, yet no visible action has been taken till date other than on paper or some irrelevant statements from foul mouthed Congress/Marxist politicians from the State, both of whom are proxy to these cells. Hope this government kicks their butt!


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