ISI’s new tool to target Indian elections

Elections have always been under the radar of terrorists. Each time an election is held there is a prompt warning issued by the Intelligence Bureau regarding a terrorist threat.

The challenge ahead for the General elections would be immense and intercepts picked up suggest that there is more than one group which would be looking to target the elections. According to the information that has been gathered the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the Indian Mujahideen are the ones looking to disrupt the elections.

What the Indian agencies have found is that terrorist groups are using a brand new application to communicate. This internet calling application which is developed by a team in Pakistan was handed over to the spy agency for its exclusive use. The application is hosted on anonymous servers. It is not that easy to intercept the conversation since it is also hidden behind a security wall.

The ISI which was given this application has allotted it to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. There are a select few who have been granted access to this application and probably only a ten member team communicates through this application which is designed on the lines of Skype. The application is very highly encrypted and hacking into it becomes very difficult. For starters in order to hack into the application the users need to be found and with the minimal use of this application the job becomes even harder.

Sources tell they had managed to fool the establishment during the 26/11 by speaking over VoIP services. This new application is far more superior and is almost fool proof. It is ironical that something to this effect has not yet come under the radar of the NSA as yet and we often wonder why, an official says.

While an Indian team works on the project to crack the ISI’s new tool, there are also growing concerns that the Pakistan team may frequently upgrade it to make even more fool proof.

The Indian agencies are virtually working overtime to ensure that general elections pass off peacefully. Pakistan is even more concerned about this election and would like to make its point as it expects a regime change. The Indian Mujahideen in particular which recently carried out the Patna blasts is also working on its plan to target the elections, the confession by Asadullah Akthar, Yasin Bhatkal’s aide indicates.

For the just concluded elections to the five states there were nearly 448 intercepts that were picked up. Fortunately all of them were followed up and tight security ensured a smooth polling experience. Arrangements are extremely tight for the counting too.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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4 thoughts on “ISI’s new tool to target Indian elections”

  1. The Indian Intelligence has faltered in strategising and executing the fight inside the enemy camp. Pakistan was so vulnerable in the last decade, that there were two many non-state actors fighting against each other; Balouch nationals almost declaring a virtual war against the establishment and pity that we lost all these opportunities and in return we lost innumerable pretty lives on the border and as well inside every nook and corner of the nation to this rogue country.

    The bulk of the credit for this phenomenon should be credited to the Late IK Gujral, who dismantled all our players inside that country, through his unilateral peace doctrine. Subsequently NDA had tough times dealing with this country which went on to witness the Kargil disaster. Further UPA1 & 2 did not mend ways in their policies or act tough, but in return granted MFN status, once again unilaterally.

    The rogue elements are now even more pampered by the Nawaz team, as it was through their support that he got into the power. It would not be so easy at least for the next couple of years to have a ground changing situation, even if Modiraj heralds a new beginning in our country, later next year. I really feel there is going to be a very difficult situation and our Executives will have a very tough job, as they cannot expect a whole-hearted support from the ruling political establishment, during the trying election period.

    1. sir, thank you for such an insightful and extensive comment. very true our agencies could have broken them largely, but god knows for what reason they were quiet about it. looking at the aggression from the other side, it appears that they have managed to get their act together

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