UIDAI- IB wants to do a background check

aadhar_1336507fThere appears to be more trouble ahead for the ambitious Aadhar project of the government with the Intelligence Bureau telling the government that it wants to run background checks of those working at the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) especially at Jammu and Kashmir and also the North Eastern states which are troubled by terror.

The IB has raised several other points with the government so that this programme can be fool proof and safe. The Intelligence Bureau in its report states that issuing the Adhar card to an NRI or a foreign citizen living in India must be scrutinised on the lines of the National Population Register. In the case of the NPR which also takes into account a non resident Indian, there is a thorough process that is followed. Under this process a government official visits the residence of the NRI or the foreign citizen living in India. His details are collected and only after it is properly ascertained that the person lives at the said household does the name get included. The same should be a similar process followed for the Aadhar enrolment too since there are several security risks that are involved. Under the programme of the UIDAI NRS’s and foreign citizens can apply for the Aadhar card, but then the IB says that there should be a proper verification process that ought to be undertaken before issuing the card.

The intelligence bureau in its report to the Home Ministry also stated that unless and until the process followed under the NPR is implemented, the Aadhar card should not be treated as a residence proof. There is no proper verification of the residence done by a government official physically and hence it is not safe to treat it either as a nationality card or residence proof.

Further the Intelligence Bureau has also suggested a rethink while issuing the cards on a blanket basis at Jammu and Kashmir and also the North Eastern states. These are troubled states with a lot of problem relating to terrorists. There has to be a background check and thorough scrutiny at least in these states before such a card is issued, the IB also states in its report. In addition to this we would also like to run background checks of those issuing the cards or working with the UIDAI, the report further states.

A source in the Intelligence Bureau tells rediff.com that these are very important proposals and need to be considered and implemented before the process is complete. We face a major issue of terrorism and infiltration and hence in several troubled areas, there has to be extra precaution that needs to be taken, the officer also pointed out. The Home Ministry is still studying these recommendations and is expected to take a call on the matter soon.

(Story first published on rediff.com)

One thought on “UIDAI- IB wants to do a background check

  1. The subject was of discussion with many minds on open platforms for the last couple of years; and the intelligence has now woken up, and has applied its official thoughts. I have always wondered why the Chairman of UIDAI, Nandan Nilekini did not vouch for strong & secure security checks for the documentation purpose as a part of his commitment to the National Security. Perhaps he considered it was not his area.


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