Sketch ATM attacker- Had killed wife too

sketch (2)As the process to nab Narayan Reddy, the alleged ATM attacker his police files now indicate that he was a history sheeter and had  murdered his wife in the year 2008. He has gone missing off the police radar ever since he got bail in the case pertaining to the murder of his wife.
The Andhra Pradesh police which has the data base on this person says that all indications are that Narayan Reddy is the same person who was the ATM at Bangalore. He was also involved in the assault and murder of another woman at an ATM in Andhra Pradesh a fortnight prior to the Bangalore attack.
The Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh police who have been racking their brains over this case slowly appear to be making headway now. Identifying the attacker was the first step and they appear to be doing that now by matching the finger prints and other data base relating to this man.
The police claim that he lived seperately. He lost his mother at an early age and his family members who are being questioned have told the police that he is of unsound mind. He never came home and used to wander between different places, the police were told.
Meanwhile the police say that they are pretty close to nabbing him. The probe however stumbled at the start and the police had no clue about him. Even the three ATM cards he had stolen at Bangalore were never used by him as a result of which the police found it hard to track him. The only clue they managed to get was when they picked up a mobile shop owner who had purchased the cell phone stolen by the attacker for Rs 600. However the questioning of this person led to nothing.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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