Telangana- False hopes to check the exodus

telangmapThe enthusiasm of the people of Telangana is most likely to fall to the ground with sources in the Home Ministry saying that there is no development on the issues and a road map has also not been drawn out as yet.

The public meeting on Telangana which was held yesterday Hyderabad saw the leader of the region raising the hopes of the people saying that a decision (positive one) had already been taken at the centre. However Home Ministry sources say that there has been no discussion as yet on the issue and no paper work has come their way as yet.

Chief Minister, Kiran Kumar Reddy and other leaders from Telangana have been frequenting New Delhi and discussing the issue, but reliable sources point out that the Congress high command wants a status quo on the issue for now.

The leaders from Telangana have been telling the people that the high command has agreed to their demands and is all set to declare a separate state. The anti Telangana leaders however claim the opposite. There was a great deal of confusion in the High Command there were reports that while Sonia Gandhi was in favour of a separate state, Rahul was not. Madhu Yakshi Goud, a prominent leader from Telangana however told the media that he had managed to convince Rahul Gandhi on the issue.

For the leaders of Telangana, these are desperate times. They are being questioned by the voters of the region. However there are some Congress loyalists from the Telangana region who have been told to keep the rumour mill abuzz and buy time till the next elections. This is to keep the people quiet and also avoid more Congress exodus into the Telangana Rastriya Samithi.

While these issues are being debated in Andhra Pradesh, Digvijay Singh, the new Congress in-charge of Andhra Pradesh would visit the state. He would hold talks with leaders of all the regions and report to the High Command. Considered to be a Rahul loyalist, he is likely to the tow the line of his leader.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “Telangana- False hopes to check the exodus”

  1. Same old election time story. We will give you Telengana. Neither the BJP nor the CON have fabricated how this transition would occur other than utter the issue as a promise to coax and cajole them in times nearing to elections. They are fools, with nefarious interests of course, to listen to these politicians.


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