Ishrat- No Modi, Shah but encounter fake

The Central Bureau of Investigation which will not name Narendra Modi, Amit Shah or Rajinder Kumar in the Ishrat Jahan chargesheet will however seek more time to investigate the matter.
The CBI which had claimed that it had probed the angle pertaining to the above three persons has said in its chargesheet that prima facie they have found no evidence but would probe the matter further. They would seek an option to file a supplementary chargesheet if the need be.

According to the CBI, Ishrat and her accomplices were arrested before the killing. The police wanted to show a major hit and hence carried out the killing in a cold blooded manner the chargesheet to filed on July 4th states.
The CBI managed to construct the conspiracy theory and claim that it was the doing of the Gujarat police. Regarding the IB Input the CBI has stated that the agency had passed on the input based on which the police action was carried out. However there is nothing for now to show that the IB official was part of the conspiracy.
CBI sources say that there is more to the case and as they are time pressed they are submitting a charhesheet now. We will keep the option of an additional chargesheet open as there is more to probe. However for now we have named the officers from the state police and managed to prove that the encounter was a fake one.
Meanwhile, the Home Ministry is studying the case regarding Modi, Shah and Kumar. The Home Ministry has clearly stated that what needs to be probed is the encounter- whether it was fake or not. An IB officer will give inputs, but he is not the one who operationlises it. It would not be fair to name an officer just for providing an input. Had the officer not provided the input and something had gone wrong then he could have been liable for security lapse.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Ishrat- No Modi, Shah but encounter fake”

  1. HAHAHA, what sort of a CBI is this? Just couldn’t find any evidence even after 10-years? Are they so bad and inefficient? Why they didn’t submit the “White Beard” and “Black Beard” as a proof? CBI is ridiculing themselves and has being butt of joke.


  2. The chargesheet is in expected lines. CBI was pressed for time and had to hastily file a chargesheet to keep the officers inside who otherwise, would have walked out on the 4th of July. However, the larger point is, CBI claims to have proved that the case was a “fake”. Unless detailed in the chargesheet with pivotal evidences and other facts that can throw aspersions on the several accused in this case, it will be hard to sustain. Manufacturing evidence and confronting the electorate against Modi is the only motive I see behind this whole exercise. International agencies have recorded proof that Ishrat and her accomplices were Terrorist operatives and had a mission to accomplish in Gujarat which was that of Assasinating Narendra Modi. Sadly, in a country where Terrorists are the nobles and the nobles are termed terrorists, this is the expected outcome. What I personally fear is that with Congress defiantly pursuing all possible avenues against Narendra Modi, a civil strife does not arise as a consequence. Because, the country is sitting on the edge of successive failures in all fronts and a small ignition would set ablaze the nation. It will be difficult for Congress to run and hide thereafter. There has been no single politician as Narendra Modi who has stood the testing times with abuses, accuses, insinuations and a band wagon full of salutations as being a polarizer. There will come a limit to when he himself and the Nation will take this nonsense longer and rest assured, Congress will find itself drowing in its consequences if and when that repurcussion occurs.


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