Spot fixing-The Dubai D man who did it all

Sunil Abhichandani is the alleged mastermind who plotted the entire spot fixing for IPL-6 according to Intelligence Bureau officials who are on the trail of this man since 2012. The calls made by him in the late part of 2012 were under the scanner. The IB says that at first it felt like these persons from Dubai were making calls to move hawala money suspected for terror activities. However constant monitoring lead the intel to a betting racket which was being planned on a very large scale for IPL 6.

Sources say that an obscene amount was being spoken off and during the conversation Sunil also speaks of tapping players, team managers and also the manner in which money would be thrown.
Investigators who are probing the players say that the racket is a major one. These players are the final end of the racket but the planning has been meticulous and done over the past year.
Ironically the Intelligence has alerted the police at Maharashtra and also the cricket board about a major betting cartel being activated. This alert was for the police to keep a check on the cartel and for the board to keep players under check. It however now appears that the alert was ignored.
The Intel however issued a look out notice against Sunil and also tipped off the Dubai police about this person.
Sunil has been part of the betting cartel controlled by the D gang since the past 8 to 10 years. For the 20013 IPL he was assigned the job of organising the cartel.
A terror warning- like the intel even the Delhi police at first suspected that this was making of a major terror strike. They kept a tab on conversations made by betting lords in Dubai to the Bombay cartel. Some calls were even made to Kolkata and Delhi. Delhi police sources say that they felt that funds were moved through hawala for terror. Some of the calls were even made from Lahore and Karachi, sources point out.
However in the month of April 2013 matters became clear this was the time that the cartel had managed to fix the plaayers. At first the key words of the conversation related to IPL, hawala, Bombay. Once the players were fixed the conversation had more words such as hawla, players, bhai for the players and betting. It was after this that the police upped the ante against the players.
Ajith Chandila was the first one to come under the scanner. The next in line was Sreesanth who was lured to come to a hotel under the false promise that he would be provided female company. Sreesanth always used a phone belonging to a friend thinking he would not be tracked. Sreesanth in custody has told the cops that he innocent.
Delhi police sources say that Sreesanth and Chandila have denied any involvement. However the third player has confessed, but it is a confession in custody which does not hold good in court.
Delhi police sources say that their evidence is very strong and good enough to nail these players. However they are trying to make Ankeet an approver.
Moreover the Delhi police is also expected to question former Rajasthan Royals player Amith Singh who the police say was the man who fixed the deal with the players with the bookies.


2 thoughts on “Spot fixing-The Dubai D man who did it all

  1. With a toothless ICC and BCCI, nothing further will happen other than this tamasha we witness for a week. Remember the Azhar days – he is now an MP! You might just find these 3 too in those shoes in the near future. 🙂

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