BSY- More destructive than constructive

lotyedB S Yeddyurappa’s Karnataka Janatha Party may have won just six seats. There is nothing for him to tom tom about his political career now, but the former BJP Chief Minister feels that he split the votes which led to a Congress victory.

While Yeddyurappa’s party the KJP bit the dust in the elections, the results of which were announced yesterday, he is still taking solace out of the fact that he pushed the BJP down a great deal.

Let us look at the Yeddyurappa impact on the BJP. First and foremost all the votes that the KJP polled were BJP votes. Yeddyurappa’s sudden shift to a secular figure after breaking away from the BJP has not impressed the minorities or even the SC/ST and OBC’s. It is clear that he polled most of the Lingayat votes which originally belonged to the BJP.

The KJP won six seats, but came second in 36 assembly constituencies. All the 36 constituencies in which the KJP bagged the second place are Lingayat dominated areas. However all the 36 constituencies are not the primary strongholds of the BJP which were taken away by Yeddyurappa and the Congress. 23 of these constituencies most of them in Northern Karnataka were traditional BJP belts and Yeddyurappa has pushed his former party to the third position in these constituencies.

The BJP is now busy analysing the Yeddyurappa impact. They squarely blame him for splitting their votes in nearly 50 constituencies. Areas like Mangalore and Shimoga were part of the Yeddyurappa menace for the BJP which lost heavily in these belts. In Shimoga and coastal belts the BJP went down by nearly 15 seats due to infighting and the Yeddyurappa factor.

The revenge may be complete, but Yeddyurappa would do some soul searching regarding the performance of his own party. There is talk about him returning to the BJP, but he does not agree with this. “ There is no question of me returning to the BJP and remember that party is nothing without me,” he told reporters in Bangalore today.

Yeddyurappa continues to believe that he can build the KJP. However he must also acknowledge the fact that his role has been more destructive than constructive. He may have split the BJP votes, but failed miserably to defend his loyalists who had come out of the BJP hoping to become MLAs once again.

In all 15 MLAs from the BJP had joined him and ironically all of them bit the dust. At the start of the elections he had said that he would form the government. Leave alone forming a government today he does not even matter in the formation of the government with 6 seats. He had hoped secretly that he would bag at least 20 seats and had this happened he would have been the automatic ally for the Congress which would have formed the government. Losing the 15 seats proved to be costly and had his magic worked in these constituencies, his number would have been at 21. In those constituencies where his loyalists contested, Yeddyurappa campaigned extensively. However the voter was not impressed and did not give him the mandate.

5 thoughts on “BSY- More destructive than constructive

    1. Rajesh:

      Good points. What basically your blog indicates is that BJP was doomed anyway.

      BJP won 100+ seats last time with less than Congress’ vote percentage. Congress just gained an additional percentage of votes from previous election, but won double the seats. At the outset the reason might seem that the vote split caused it.

      But, the real explanation lies in the fact that in India, congress has the highest number of committed core voters (vote banks). And when there is no opposition party around which voters can rally, then congress automatically gains advantage even with its 25-35% votes.

      The only way congress can be beated across India is if BJP (or other party) shows itself to be substantially different or offers something unique to voters. If BJP shows itself to be B-grade replica of congress, anti-congress votes won’t rally around it, it’ll splinter.


  1. That guy is a megalomaniac. One day prior to results he claimed he’d be the CM with a coalition with congress and he’d win 20 seats for congress in 2014.

    He thinks no end of himself, even though he hardly got 6 seats and 10% votes. Even those votes will evaporate once the rats desert the sinking ship. Then it’ll be back to doing what all vanquished ‘netas’ do – crawling back with folded hand.

    Deve Gowda did so in mid 90s, and begged RK Hegde to have him back at JD, only to back stab him in 1996.

    Will BJP allow this backstabber back in to its fold? It’d be extremely unwise. This guy will burn himself within next few years. BJP has to live long.


    1. it is anant kumar who played and still does, the double game to bring down the BJP in Karnataka, and he tried his level best behind the screen maneuvers in Modi against Advani episode


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