Will Yeddy and BJP patch up?


The revenge may have been completed for Yeddyurappa, but the bigger question that lies ahead is what his future political career would look like. The BJP too has a lot of thinking to do ahead of the 2014 elections as Karnataka is the only state from where the BJP can win some MP seats.

Both the BJP and Yeddyurappa have today realized that they are useless without each other. While Yeddyurappa realizes that he has become a pawn at the hands of the Congress as many believe that he played this anti BJP game at the behest of the Congress. The BJP on the other hand realizes that it has lost a massive vote bank after the exit of Yeddyurappa.

The last time under Yeddyurappa the BJP had won 59 seats in the Lingayat dominated areas and this time the party managed to win just around 15 such seats. Take the example of the Bombay-Karnataka region which had 30 candidates from the Lingayat community all of whom were part of the BJP. All these candidates lost their seats and it was clear that the Lingayats were not in favour of Shettar’s candidature or do not consider him to be their leader. These were the same seats in which Yeddyurappa managed to sweep under his leadership on the Lingayat card.

Looking at the results it does not appear that anyone has really voted on caste lines this time. The vote share of the Congress has been impressive and the party has managed to get votes from all castes. The Lingayats, Vokkaligas and also the minorities have voted for the Congress. Hence it is said that this is a clear vote against the BJP.

Both the BJP and Yeddyurappa would wait and watch before they patch things up. Had the BJP won over 60 seats, the BJP could have said that the Yeddyurappa factor made no difference. However that is not the case and both these parties will be looking to kiss and make as soon as possible.

One thought on “Will Yeddy and BJP patch up?

  1. Hope not. People like Yeddy will only bite the BJP. It is better off building the party from ground up and decimating Yeddy over a period of 5yrs.


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