CM- Will it be 50:50?


With the Congress undecided on whom to make the next Chief Minister, an option that is being considered and spoken about in the Congress circles is a 50:50 arrangement. The preferred choice of both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is Mallikarjuna Kharge.
There are a couple of factors that have made the two top leaders of the Congress favour Kharge to be Chief Minister. Kharge is four decades old in the Congress and he is a loyalist. Moreover he is a candidate with no one would have any problem except the Siddaramaiah faction due to his seniority in the party.

The Congress however cannot ignore Siddaramaiah who has been making huge pitch to become the Chief Minister. The only consideration before the High Command would be the power that Siddaramaiah has at least over 30 candidates in the party and if ignored he could revolt. Siddaramaiah like Kharge is desperate for this post since it is their last chance. Siddaramaiah already has made it clear that this would be his last election.
If both the leaders are not able to reach any consensus then the high command could well suggest a 50:50 arrangement where in both leaders rule for a period of 2 and half years each. The decision on who should take the first term would be left to these leaders to decide.
It is clear that the post of CM would boil down to Siddu and Kharge. However there are many others like D K Shivakumar who are putting up an impossible demand to become the CM. The reach of DK is very limited. That however is not the case of both Siddaramaiah and Kharge who

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