Death of Joshi, more theories emerge

sinilIn the back drop of the Home Minister accusing the RSS of running terror camps in the country, the probe into the death of Sunil Joshi gains a lot of importance. Joshi who is said to be the mastermind of the various blasts in which Hindu radicals had allegedly carried out was killed and there were various theories behind his death.

The latest one which the National Investigation Agency is exploring is a possible tussle over a business in which Joshi had a stake. NIA officials say that it has come to light that Joshi had a stake in a liquor shop at Indore along with another person by the Lokesh Sharma. Lokesh Sharma is currently under arrest for his alleged role in the Samjautha express blasts case. During the interrogation of Sharma and others it has come to light that there was an issue between them regarding the profit sharing and this was one of the reasons why Joshi was killed. However the NIA has not been able to ascertain whether it was Sharma who killed Joshi and say that the investigation to this effect is on.

This is the third theory that has surrounded the death of Joshi. When he was killed, investigators had pointed out that he had been murdered by activists of the Students Islamic Movement of India due to his harsh ways against the Muslims. Immediately after this the Malegaon blasts took place. However with the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Colonel Purohith, the investigators said that the Malegaon blasts were carried out in order to avenge the death of Joshi at the hands of the SIMI.

Later the NIA took over the probe and the first lead into the death of Joshi suggested that he had become extremely arrogant and felt that his associates on the top were not doing enough to safeguard his name. It was stated that he had threatened to reveal details of their activities and this prompted his own associates to kill him. The other angle that was being probed was that he had behaved badly with Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and this had angered the group and hence they killed him.

NIA sources say that there is no doubt that Joshi was an important man in this terror rung and he had controlled almost all the operations that were undertaken. He particularly had a very large role to play in the Samjautha Express blasts. Joshi was an RSS pracharak from Madhya Pradesh. However the RSS denies his association with them and states that he had moved out only after which he took part in subversive activities including the Samjautha Express blasts.

Joshi’s murder investigation is of utmost importance for the NIA who say that the exact cause of his death with determine if the RSS had any role to play in any of these attacks or not. We have ascertained the various aspects relating to his death and also the number of people he has been in contact with. After his death a lot of the proof had been wiped out and even at his home some key files and data had gone missing. However now with the help of the accused arrested we are trying to get more information relating to his death. However we have managed to seize a revolved from the residence of a person by the name Jitender Patel and the initial indication is that this was the same revolved used to murder Joshi. The weapon has been sent for forensic examination and we are awaiting the report, NIA officials say.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

5 thoughts on “Death of Joshi, more theories emerge”

  1. Joshi was a really dangerous man and involved in numerous cases. His module was against Christians, Muslims and they planned and executed many acts. Bagli is a place in Dewas where they also held terror camp. These things and many more were reported in local papers here years ago but the local police and govt didn’t want things to come out. Naturally.

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