NIA to probe Chowdhary in Mecca Masjid case

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The National Investigation Agency which arrested Rajendra Chowdhary one of the accused in the Samjautha train blasts case will take him to Hyderabad to probe his role in Mecca Masjid blasts case.

An officer in the NIA told that he will be taken to Hyderabad and for this purpose a prisoner’s transit warrant is being readied. We will need to interrogate him for a couple of days in connection with the Samjautha case and then will take him to Hyderabad for the Mecca Masjid case. His role in the Ajmer blast too will be studied, but top on the priority for us now are the Samjautha and Mecca Masjid case, the NIA official also pointed out.

The NIA says that the module which carried out the Ajmer, Samjautha and Mecca Masjid blasts are the same and hence the arrest of Chowdhary becomes crucial to all the three cases. The NIA says that the terror cycle which carried out all the three attacks is almost complete with this latest arrest of Chowdhary. However they are yet to nab Ramji Kalasanghra and Sandeed Dange who are very crucial to the case. The duo are suspected to be hiding in Nepal, the NIA says.

The NIA had got a lot of information on the Mecca Masjid case with the confessional statement of Swami Aseemanand. However the same was withdrawn by Aseemanand and hence the trial against him had become very difficult for the prosecution. However the NIA points out that they had picked up various leads from his confession and were carrying forward the investigation on the basis of the same. It is his statement that gave a lot of clarity on the Mecca Masjid case.

The NIA had a tough start in the Mecca Masjid case. First it was the withdrawal of the confession statement by Aseemanand and then it was the granting of bail to two other accused Devender Gupta and Lokesh Sharma. However the NIA vehemently opposed the granting of bail before the Andhra Pradesh High Court and the court in turn cancelled the bail granted to them. The NIA had told the court that there was a lot of time that was already lost in this case and the granting of bail would lead to further destruction of evidence.

The NIA says that the major players in the Mecca Masjid case are Rajendra Chowdhary, Swami Aseemanand andBharat Mohan Lal Rateshwar. Sunil Joshi another accused was killed while Dange and Kalsanghra are still absconding.

The NIA says that there was a twist to these cases after the murder of Joshi. It appears that he was murdered by his own accomplices as he had threatened to reveal things related to these blasts. There is an independent probe which in connection with this case and Chowdhary is likely to have details regarding the same.

Rajendra Chowdhary was arrested on Saturday in Madhya Pradesh. He has been named in the chargesheet filed by the NIA and has been accused of planting the bomb on the Samjautha Express apart from conducting a survey of the targets. He is also suspected to have conducted similar surveys in Ajmer and Hyderabad, the NIA pointes out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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3 thoughts on “NIA to probe Chowdhary in Mecca Masjid case”

  1. My worry is whether it is an arrest out of convenience and manufactured evidence more than out of any substantive evidence in it at all. Not that I am prejudiced to dilute the seriousness of the incident, involvement of those now arrested if they are genuinely involved or that of the NIA who are battling all odds to achieve a break through but I certainly am concerned at the authenticity of the sudden findings of evidences hitherto never presumed to have existed. Couldn’t they be manufactured? These are election days and that is where a ray of suspicion arises in the mind. Should be interesting in the coming days to see how much more further NIA manages to progress.


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