Jacintha- Awaiting justice!



The case of Jacintha Saldanha has shocked everyone. Even as the family members await her body at her hometown in Udupi, they have now demanded that an independent inquiry be conducted into the incident as they suspect foul play.

Despite a huge settlement being made, the family of the deceased nurse say that they is some foul play in the entire incident and hence an independent inquiry ought to be conducted. We are now awaiting the results of the post mortem and want to see what the report has to say, informed Ivan, a family friend.

However the family members say that it is too early to comment anything on the issue as they have absolutely no idea as to what had taken place. All we know is that she is gone and we miss her a lot, Caroline Dsouza, sister in law of the deceased told rediff.com.

The family at Udupi is still in a state of shock. They cannot believe that she could have committed suicide. She was such a strong woman and has two grown up children. Why would she resort to something as drastic as this, her mother in law Camerile Barboza said. I still do not know the reason.

Family members would add that their priority now is to bring back the body of the deceased back to India. They are worried about what is going on in Bristol and say that her husband and children are all by themselves and have no relatives. We want the Indian Government to help us bring the body back so that her last rites could be performed.

Caroline would makes a desperate plea to the Indian authorities. Please help us bring her body back. The family is under a lot of stress already and we cannot bear it anymore. We would want to know the exact reason for the death and we are still awaiting the post mortem report, she says. Unless those formalities are completed the body cannot be brought back, we were told to understand she also says while weeping.

The family members have been told that her husband, Benedict was allowed to see the body only once at the hospital. There are formalities which are going on at the moment and they are all tensed. It is too much stress on all of us and we hope that this is all over very soon. The family members also say that they would want a proper probe into the incident and the truth has to come out at any cost.

Naveen Saldanha, brother of the deceased nurse says that they cannot tell when the body is expected to arrive in Udupi. We are constantly in touch with Benedict and her two children, Junal (16) and Lisha (14). They are all in a state of shock and spend their entire time in trying to finish the formalities. Once the body arrives the last rites would be performed, he said. We expect the body to arrive latest by today and hope to conduct the last rites by Thursday, he said.

The family members say that they would consider conducting a second post mortem in India once the body arrives. It would all depend on the post mortem report which is conducted in the United Kingdom. Once the entire family arrives from Bristol with the body we would consult with them and conduct a second post mortem, the family members also pointed out. It would again depend on whether the post mortem conducted in the UK is satisfactory or not. However the husband and the children would have the last say in this, the family members say.


7 thoughts on “Jacintha- Awaiting justice!

  1. I think I commented in an earlier post of yours that, whatever be the element of error committed, taking away life does not justify the act. What about her own children? Why should they live victimized for the rest of their lives merely because of a silly error in judgement? Punishment should have been to the two DJs and she should have proceeded to have done just that rather than surrender. Which is why there is an element of doubt in everyone’s mind as to the real cause of death.

  2. Intriguing and sad. It’s really too bad that a (poor taste) prank, intended to shed light on the British’s blind obsession with its useless monarchy, has played out so terribly wrong and to the hands of those who wish to control the press. That’s good news for the likes of Murdoch, of course, since it takes the focus away from the real corruption case and moral indictment that was about to be made against him, the U.K. police, and its elected officials. Instead, it diverts the public attention to a gripping, but still restricted ‘human story,’ with all due respect to the family of this poor woman and her dear ones. That is unless the foul play angle turns out to be more than a theory. Wesley

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