Bangladesh outfits on the prowl

A terror alert has been issued in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh regarding a possible sabotage of the railway services by militants from Bangladesh. The alert also specifically mentions that militants from Bangladesh could try and also blow up the railway track between Mysore and Srirangapatanam in Karnataka ahead of the Independence Day.

Yesterday an alert pertaining to a possible hijack was also issued by the Intelligence Bureau. Another alert pertaining to a possible car bomb being planted in Ahmedabad was also issued by the Intelligence Bureau.

The radar against some organisations from Bangladesh sympathetic of the Assam issue has gone up. Moreover the riots also which occurred two days back is also being suspected to be the job of some Bangladesh militants.

Sources point out that ever since the Assam issue cropped up, there has been increased activity among some Bangladeshi outfits. Although over the past couple of years, these militants had reduced their focus on Assam and concentrated more towards West Bengal, now the scenario is changing.

Organisations such as the MULTA from Assam have already been put very high on the radar and there is information that they are seeking support of their brothers from Bangladesh in order to enhance subversive activities in India.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that they could cause problems anywhere in the country. Their strong holds are West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala and Karnataka and these states have been put extremely high on the radar. Bangladeshi militants groups who had gone quiet for sometime have smelt this to be the perfect opportunity to strike back. The emotions are very high and although it was being termed as an ethnic clash in Assam, it has taken the communal colour. Terrorist groups have often thrived on such situations and have used such incidents to step up recruitments and carry out subversive activities across the country.

The situation is worrisome and each wing of the police in all states ought to be on a strict vigil, an officer pointed out. In addition to the threat from the Bangaldeshi militants, the officers are also keeping a close tab on groups from Pakistan who would also try and add fuel to the fire, the officer also pointed out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “Bangladesh outfits on the prowl”

  1. The recent Riots is a precedent of matters to come all over India in the near future if it is left to mere Vote Bank Political preferences. If it is not brutally curbed, with force, the citizens of India will have to face the misplaced wrath of a belligerent community who are looking for a outlet to pan their agenda.

    It is common sense, if the Muslims have any by the way, to introspect and ask themselves what they have done for the millions of Muslims who are brutally killed every day in the entire Islamic geography. Take Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen etc. etc. etc. – was there a iota of protest or similar robust sentiments exhibited? Where is the Muslim sentiment for the Uighur Muslims who are ethnically cleansed daily by the Chinese?

    Burmese Muslims being killed are perhaps a reality but nothing like what the protest demanded. It is nothing more than a premeditated agenda being spurned by the Muslims deliberately towards their larger goal of creating anarchy in India and ultimately bring about Islamization in the Nation!

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