400 sacks of shredded money found at Bellary

Photo courtesy: topnews.in

The republic of Bellary as it is called has no value for money and rightly so. A year back Rs 4 crore worth of currency was found burnt in this mining district of Karnataka and today 400 gunny sacks of shredded notes has been found in a ply wood factory in Bellary.

This morning a raid was conducted at a ply wood factory at Bellary and 400 gunny sacks were seized. On opening the same, the police found that the sacks contained notes that had been shredded.

On questioning the owners at the ply wood factory, it was stated that these sacks had come down from Indore. A team has already been sent to Indore to verify the details while the Reserve Bank of India too has been intimated regarding this issue.

The police say that it does not appear as though the notes are fake. It appears to have been shredded intentionally so as to avoid a possible seizure.

Bellary ever since the breaking out of the mining scam has been in the news. The CBI is hot on the trail of the illegal mining case.
Many big fish have been arrested in the case and the motives and modus operandi have come out wide in the open. However the CBI has now been probing the money trail from Bellary which they believe has spread across the country and also internationally. Many were expecting seizures of money in large chunks and this could have been one of the reasons why the notes were shredded so as to avoid any sort of money trail, sources point out. It may have been given off to the ply wood factory which would have used it as mere paper, sources also point out.

An incident of this nature is not new to the obscenely rich miners in Bellary. In the year 2011, a similar incident had occurred when the Lokayukta was hot on the trail of the mining community.

The police at that time said that some goons from the mining community had burnt currency in the denomination of Rs 100 and Rs 500 amounting to Rs 4 crore. In another incident which occurred at around the same time, some persons had gathered money in bags and had dumped it into a canal.

For any investigation, it is important that a seizure in terms of money is made and this normally acts as a major evidence in court. Moreover the accused persons also find it hard to explain this kind of money and hence end up getting convicted. Hence it is felt that such money which is at a place where investigations are on are better destroyed so as to avoid any problems.


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