Mecca Masjid- 5 years later

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It is the fifth anniversary today and this is a case that has taken many twists and turns and even today to a large extent remains a mystery.

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee which has single handedly fought from day one for the justice of the Muslim youth who were detained in this case say that even today despite a whole other angle to this case coming out, justice has not been done as yet.

As per the official government records in Andhra Pradesh there were 100 youth who were arrested in connection with this case. Interestingly all these youth today are acquitted as the police failed to establish any connection they had with the blasts. However today it is common knowledge that the investigations have gone the other way and the CBI says that it was the doing of some Hindu activists.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, the convenor of the CLMC says that although the government states that 100 youth had been arrested, the real picture is something different. In my knowledge, there were at least 300 youth who had been detained in this case. Moreover the compensation which has been awarded has been very unfair. Only 20 persons have got a compensation of Rs 3 lakh. The government says that 80 others have been compensated Rs 20000, but in reality only 40 persons have got this amount.

Moreover what sort of pittance is this when the police did nothing but ruin their lives. However what is more ironic is that we had sought action against those police officials who for their selfish reasons arrested these youth. Instead of taking action against them, the government had rewarded these police and also promoted them. Our battle to this effect to take action against these cops continues till date in the civil court at Hyderabad. The families and also the youth who had faced this torture will get justice only when these cops are booked and action taken against them, Khan also adds.

On the investigation front, many Muslims in Hyderabad feel that the government and investigating agencies are not serious to investigate this case. If carefully examined the blast and subsequent police firing and also the other bomb blasts in the country it can be said that there is something suspicious that is being shielded and the real culprits are being protected.

We strongly feel there is a nexus between a group of Hindutva police officers and Hindutva organizations. Actually the blasts were part of a greater conspiracy hatched by Hindutva elements present in the government and non-government agencies There is a reason to believe this because immediately after the blast at, police opened fire on the Muslims who were helping the victims of the blast and also blamed the Muslims for the blast which is reported in the secret report of police.

The copy of the confidential report prepared by the police a copy of which is with us, states the blast was due to the difference between the Ahle Hadees and Sunnatul Jamaat. Ahle Hadees targeted Sunnatul Jamaat in this blast. The police registered two FIRs. One case was handed over to CBI and another case was retained by the Hyderabad police.

The Muslims till date cry foul over this and say that in the name of investigation the police started picking up hundreds and hundreds of Muslim youths, illegally detained and tortured mercilessly. They propagated through media that Muslim youths have taken the responsibility of bomb blasts. They also disclosed the tampered recordings of Narco analysis test to the media. This clearly reflects the intentions of the investigation agency as they wanted to divert the blast investigation so that many aims can be fulfilled with a single shot. This may be to divert the attention from Sohrabuddin encounter, to bring down the morale of Muslim community, so that they cannot live with human dignity.

On the current investigation there is nothing much to really harp about for the police. There was an initial euphoria over the confessions made by Swami Aseemanand which was of course later withdrawn. Today the National Investigating Agency is in the picture and one could say that the case is dragging on at a snails pace. While the NIA has claimed that it is aware of who is behind these blasts, it has however not yet managed to track down two very important persons alleged to be behind these blasts. The likes of Danger and Ramji Kalsanghra are still on the run and the investigators say that their arrests would be vital for the closure of this case.

The NIA infact is still trying to connect the dots in the investigation into the various other blasts in the country which has been blamed on some Hindu organizations. However these are mere leads and nothing very concrete has really emerged. They are yet to track the source of funding and also the group that actually provided the logistics for the Mecca Masjid blasts. One source in the investigating agency pointed out that these things do take time and it a deep rooted network and would take a bit of time to solve. Moreover the NIA has been handed over with this daunting task where it had to undo a lot of mistakes that were initially committed by the police when they went the other way at first. A lot of evidence has gone missing and it is very hard to start off an investigation especially when it has been probed in a complete opposite direction for nearly 3 years before the NIA took over.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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