Yeddy will stay in BJP

Photo courtesy: Times of India

Photo courtesy: Times of India

The Karnataka drama ended once again on a very expected note with B S Yeddyurappa saying that he would not act at the moment and would take a public opinion before he did so. There was no major announcement at 4 PM as Yeddyurappa had been threatening and he appears to have fallen in line after a series of meetings his emissaries had with the party’s central leadership.

All eyes were on his Race Course residence, but then Yeddyurappa just said that he would tour the state and seek a public opinion on what he needs to do. Meanwhile, sources say that the central leadership had been quite accommodative and it was Arun Jaitley who finally played peace maker.

The central leadership has assured him that his interests would be taken care of. Moreover they also said that they would stand by his side during the legal battle which he may have to face in the event of the CBI registering a case against him. However the more important thing is that a fair representation of his loyalists has been assured during the cabinet expansion.

The central leadership however made it clear that there shall be no leadership change in Karnataka. They have told the leaders to fall in line and also advised Sadananda Gowda to take everyone into confidence while running the government.

Yeddyurappa for now has decided to wait and watch. He has tough battle ahead on the personal front with the CBI expected to register its case against him tomorrow. Yeddyurappa had threatened to quit the party and said that he would take a tough stance. However it was a well known fact that it was a bargaining tactic so that he gets more of his people into the cabinet. He had also said that he felt cheated and deserted by his own party in the moment of crisis. However now it appears as though the party has assured him of all support.


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