Anna fast not illegal: HC

The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday rejected a petition challenging the fast undertaken by Anna Hazare in connection with the Lokpal Bill. A Division Bencgh comprising Justice Ram Mohan Reddy and Justice Venugopal Gowda stated that there is no violation in undertaking such a protest.

The Bench also stated that in case there was any violation then the petitioner was free to address the same with the local authorities.

Amarnath, appearing party in person before the Karnataka High Court stated in his petition that undertaking such a fast was unconstitutional as the Lokpal bill was already being debated in Parliament. The petitioner contended that the Parliament is supreme and in such an event it was not right on part of the Anna Hazare group to challenge the Parliament. When the Parliament is seized off a matter then no court or individual has the right to challenge the same, the petition further contended before the court.

The Court however did not see merit in the argument and contended that there was no violation in what was being undertaken. However it reserved the right of liberty to the petitioner to report to the local authorities in case there was any sort of violation during the protest/fast against the Lokpal Bill.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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