Who planted the bomb on Advani’s route?

A bomb was found on the route BJP leader L K Advani was supposed to take during his Jan Chetna yatra in Tamil Nadu. The police claim that they have leads into the case, but have not been able to pin point as yet as to who could be behind this incident.

The police have managed to find out where the equipment had come from and also know that it was a group of four youth who planted this crude amateurish bomb before the Yatra could pass. Going by the contents of the bomb one thing could be said clearly and that is intention was to create a scare/panic/diversion. The question of blowing up the yatra cannot be taken into consideration since the bomb was not powerful.

It appears to be a fringe incident aimed at creating a diversion and could have well been plotted by political rivals is what one of the investigating officers had to say when asked about the incident. Although we are looking into the modules around the area which could have carried this out, presently it looks like an incident carried out by a set of youth not associated with any module.

We are looking into two aspects of this case the official said. Either it could be an attempt to create a diversion or just some group which is upset with the leader and his yatra. However we are hopeful of getting a breakthrough this week, the officer also added.

This area has been notorious for such incidents in the past as well. In the past two years similar incidents have taken place where similar sort of ammunition have been used, the police say. All these cases remain mysteries and in all the cases the role of a particular module has not been found. They have just found that these are acts of miscreants and have been aimed at settling personal scores.

The area in question have several fringe groups who have found access to such ammunition very easily. In all these cases in the past the police have found the assembling of the bomb to be a amateur job and more often done in a hurry. The idea has never been to create a major destruction, but to settle scores. Even in the instant case it can be concluded that some youth who were upset with the yatra and wanted to create some panic.

The sourcing of the material has possibly been very easy for such fringe groups in and around these areas. The investigations have found that it was a pipe bomb that was used to create destruction. While analysing the material the police found that the same was sourced from a quarry nearby. The use of Power Gel 90 is what led them to the quarry since the substance is used in quarries. In addition to this they also found that the battery used belonged to a bike and this was used to trigger the bomb off. The police say that the material could have been stolen out of a bike and also from the quarry. Most workers in quarries are hand in glove with such elements and for a small amount of money they do hand over such material as has been seen in the past as well.

Some suspects have been detained as of now and they are being questioned. However the police have not made all the arrests official as yet. During the questioning it has been found that these youth had worked independently and had managed to gather information about the yatra well in advance. However none of them had any expertise in such ventures and it appears to be the first time for them. Even the manner in which they have planted the bomb shows that there was no great amount of expertise.

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