Talks of alliance with Cong after Telangana

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If at all Telangana is formed then the TRS will be a major party to reckon with in this belt, but they currently are engaged in a battle of sorts about who gets the credit if Telangana is formed. K T Rama Rao, son of K Chandrasekara Rao is of the view that the Union Government cannot go back on its word and will eventually hand over Telangana. In this interview with K T Rama Rao speaks about the ongoing agitation and also goes on to say that there is absolutely no decision on any alliance with the Congress once Telangana is formed.

What is the message from New Delhi?

I feel that something should come out tomorrow. They cant really go back on their promise and if they do they will face the wrath of the people of Telangana. At the moment however there is no clear message from New Delhi. So we have no other option but to wait until tomorrow.

What sort of a message are you expecting?

I am of course expecting a very positive message. But let us wait and see. The agitation has peaked and the government has taken note of this.

All of us know that the real issue is Hyderabad. Too much at stake over there. What is your take on this?

What is the confusion really? We have clearly said that we are willing to share the capital for another five years. However we are not ready to call it a Union Territory. It is a part of Telangana and it is our decency that we are ready to share it for another five years and not permanently. As fellow Telegus we are ready to accommodate them also. I don’t think anyone should seek Hyderabad as a permanent common capital. It does not make sense to the people of Rayalseema or Andhra due to geography. Let them take these five years to build their own capital.

This protest for Telangana has been causing a lot of problems to the common man. Are you aware that it has affected the neighbouring states too?

Yes I am aware of that. More than me it should be the government which should take note of this. This proves that Telangana has got ample resources and we should be given a separate state so that we the people put good use to it. Look at the problem at Singareni. The coal produced there is vital to the four southern states. It was bound to affect these states and if the government is really concerned then it should take note of this soon.

 Do you think Telangana can survive as a separate state?

Yes of course. We have the resources and once the state is granted then we will put this to good use. All these years it was not exactly used, but exploited by others. There is a lot of water, human resources and other natural wealth and if put to right use it would be one among the top five states in India. However for all this to happen we need self rule.

A protest is fine, but what is the logic of violence?

There has been a strike on and it has entered into the 28th day today. It has been peaceful barring a few incidents of sporadic violence in some pockets. It is not the people of Telangana, but the government which is provoking the people. Unleashing para military forces and also the police department on a peaceful protest does no good. This has led to retaliation in some parts.

 If Telangana is formed then you are in a straight contest with the Congress for the credit.

We are not interested in any political credits. We just want the issue to be resolved. Let peace and democracy rule at the end of it.

Rumour has it that your father is cozying up to the Congress and would want a merger once the state is formed. Is that right?

There is no such talk as of now. Let the Congress first concede Telangana and then we can talk. We want the process to begin and we have not even given any deadline/ Let them make an announcement first.

Do you see hope in the consultation process?

I think the time for consultation is over and a time for an announcement has come.


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