Not enough if promises made at Iftar party

The Muslim Community in Hyderabad is up in arms against Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and they have accused him of following an appeasement policy instead of translating his words into actions.
Lateef Mohammad Khan, general secretary of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee says that it has been a big relief for all the Muslims that the real truth in the Mecca Masjid case finally came out. All through the Muslims were being targeted for an attack on their own place of worship. A lot of innocent youth were picked up and now released. The problem is that they still find it hard to get jobs because their character has taken a beating.
Khan says that it is essential that the government provides these youth with character certificates so that they can lead their life normally.
The problem began when Reddy attended an iftar party and told the Muslims present there he has a lot of concern for the community. He also said at the party that he would take action against those police officials who have harassed the Muslims apart from providing character certificates to the youth who were falsely implicated in the Mecca Masjid case.
What the Muslims argue is that these statements are false and despite them sending him a request through fax to this effect he really has not done anything.
The government on the other hand is protecting the accused police officials who harassed the Muslims. Senior advocates have been appointed to defend these officials in the court.
The community today demands that the CM tenders an unconditional apology and also pass a resolution to this effect in the Andhra Pradesh assembly.
Further it is also demanded that Andhra Pradesh State Minority Commission report on Illegal detention, and torture of Muslim youth prepared by Advocate Ravi Chander be tabled before in Assembly.
The government is defending the accused police officers by appointing the top most lawyers against the compensation suit of Muslim youth filed in the City Civil Court, and it is showing the policemen responsible for torture as “unknown”. The congress government should present all these police officers in the court.
Muslim youth have been acquitted by the court but the cases are still open and in these cases hundreds of youth are still shown as absconding. Government should immediately close these cases.
Muslim women were put behind bars and slapped cases on them. Five lakh rupees of surety were given to bring back those women from the jail. The government should apologize to the Muslim women and withdraw the cases and return the surety amount. The nexus between the Hyderabad and Gujarat police should be exposed. Action should be taken against the policemen involved in the Sohrabuddin murder case.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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