BJP drama drags on

The drama in Bangalore over the resignation of Chief Minizter continues and so far there is absoljtely no solution. BJP state President told the media a while ago that he is hopeful of a decision by tomorrow and also added that the high command would take the opinion of the MLAs before making a final call.
BJP leaders, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh along with other senior leaders continued to meet with various factions in the BJP, Karnataka to find a solution to the ongoing crisis. Yeddyurappa has made it clear to them he will not be stepping down immediately unless some of this demands have been met. Sources say that he has changed a couple of his demands and says that a candidate of his should at least be made the Deputy Chief Minister while he should be given the post of party president in the state. However there is opposition in some circles to appointing a deputy chief minister. However Eshwarappa who is also a hopeful for the post of Chief Minister said that he is unaware of any such demands. There may be demands, but the high command has not conveyed anything to me about that.
All MLAs will give their opinions about this issue to the party seniors tomorrow and I can say with confidence that there is no split in the party as is being made out to be. Every family has its own problems and we are having some too today. However I am confident that we will tide over this crisis with ease, he also said. Yeddyurappa is a good leader and he has a lot of regard for the party. I am sure he will not go against the decision of the high command. This statement is completely contrary to what the Yeddyurappa followers have been saying. They continue to rally behind Yeddyurappa and say that the high command must reconsider its decision since the Lokayukta report is biased and does not make out a strong case against the JD(S) and the Congress who are also involved in illegal mining. Eshwarappa was however not critical of the Lokayukta report. He said on several ocassions the opposition has demanded the resignation of Yeddyurappa, but the party never inisisted that he quit. We had however said that any leader would have to step down in case of an inditement by a court or the Lokayukta in any inquiry and hence this time the party high command has sought his resignation. He was however quick to add that despite the Lokayukta naming Dharam Singh in his first report, the Congress colluded with the Governor and got his name cleared when the matter was referred to the latter. The BJP has however not done anything to that effect, he added.
Meanwhile the BJP leaders from Delhi have their task cut out and they continue to meet with various leaders seeking their opinion. The discussions revolve largely round the resignation of Yeddyurappa and they are treading cautiously since it appears that Yeddyurappa would try and split the party by showing his strength with the number of MLAs he has got. There is also a growing demand by the anti Yeddyurappa faction who have been saying that the CM should step down or else the high command should initiate disciplinary action against him. Each of the factions have been claiming the support of 70 MLAs each despite the strenght of the BJP being just 121 in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.
The high command has its task cut out and once they manage to resolve the Yeddyurappa issue they will need to look into the charges levelled by the Lokayukta against the Reddy brothers and their aide B Sriramulu. However there is not a word on that in the BJP circles since the entire focus is on the Chief Minister. B Sriramulu even issued a statement in which he said that there is no instruction from the high command for him to step down, but also added that he is ready to do so if the party demands.
There are at least four different meetings that are taking place in Bangalore. While Ananth Kumar and his men are in a seperate meeting, the Chief Minister has just returned to his official residence after meeting with the party leaders. On the other hand Singh and Jaitley held a meeting with Shobha Karandlage to take her views on the crisis. The same leaders also met with Eshwarappa with the same purpose. Party sources say that there should be some decision by tomorrow following which the legislature party meeting would be held. However it would all depend on whether they can convince Yeddyurappa to step down and unless he does, there will be no progress in this matter at all.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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