Tel row causes Rs.800 crore a day

Photo courtesy: Indiannews

The non-cooperation movement for a separate Telangana has caused a loss of over Rs 2500 crore to the Andhra Pradesh state exchequer. State officials have estimated the loss at around Rs 800 crore per day due to this non cooperation movement.

The scenario is however not going to get any better in Andhra Pradesh until the Parliament introduces the bill for the formation of a separate state. The chief of the political Joint Action Committee, Professor Kodanda Ram says that there is no way in which this agitation is going to stop. This is an exercise to build up pressure and it will not stop at any cost until there is a solution. There will be no violence and we had said the moment the Shri Krishna Commission report came out that non cooperation would be the only way out in order for our demand to be met.

At present there are around 2.8 lakh employees from the Telangana region working in government offices. These employees are spread over 12 districts including the city of Hyderabad. All these employees barring the ones from the police department are on strike.

The biggest problem that the government faces is the non collection of taxes. Hyderabad being the capital of Andhra Pradesh which is also part of the Telangana region has most number of employees from this region. Taxes have not been collected at all levels and this is causing a nightmare to the government which continues to incur losses.

The students on the other hand are also stepping up the pressure and none of the educational institutions are functional as the teachers have refused to report to work. The situation is the same in the hospitals where doctors and nurses in government hospitals too taking part in this non cooperation movement.

On the other hand the people of the Telangana region have been told not to pay bus fares during travel. This trend was started off by Telangana Rastriya Samithi supreme K Chandrasekhar Rao who was arrested briefly for doing so. This trend has caught on among the people of Telangana and they have been defying the system. Initially some of these persons were arrested, but now the authorities have stopped acting on this.

Sources in the government say that it is a difficult situation. The issue is before the union government and is up to them to decide. We cannot be too aggressive with these protestors since it will only worsen the situation. We will not even go ahead and suspend the protesting employees but action could be contemplated against the doctors and nurses since they cannot deny the people of a very essential service.

The All India Congress Committee Secretary P Sudhakar Reddy says that the government has to take a quick decision on this issue since the losses are building as each day passes. If the government does not react soon then the state will witness a financial emergency.

The political Joint Action Committee will meet today and tomorrow to decide on the further course of action. The JAC says that it wants to replicate the BJP’s 2g scam protest as it has found that to have succeeded. The non cooperation will continue. There would be pressure built up on the Congress and the TDP MLAs from the Telangana region to step down and also both proceedings in the assembly and the parliament are likely to be disrupted as part of this protest.

The JAC feels that the pressure on these MLAs especially from the Congress has to be stepped up since there have been some changes. The Congress at New Delhi has expressed to its MLAs that they cannot face any more embrassment as the government is already scam ridden. The MLAs have assured that they will lie low for sometime until the Union Budget failing which they have to resort to drastic measures and tender resignations. These Congress leaders had said that if there is no action on Telangana, they cannot even return to their constituencies leave alone win another election from the Telangana region.


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