Diggy has gone berserk

Photo courtesy: NY times
Congress leader, Digvijay Singh made yet another controversial remark when he alleged that the Madhya Pradesh leaders from the BJP had shielded the accused in the Samjautha Blasts which eventually helped them get away. He further went on to allege that the trio, Sunil Joshi (now deceased), Ramji Kalasanghra and Dange had the blessings of the BJP leaders and also the government in that state.

The Madhya Pradesh government has however not taken these reactions lightly and say that Singh is at it again and these statements by him will only ensure that the Congress gets wiped out even as an opposition party in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Advisor to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, G V L Narasimha Rao rubbishes these allegations and says that the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh had no role to play in this and had never shielded any of the accused. In this interview with rediff.com he goes on to say that the government of MP has and will only be fair when such things are concerned and whoever the culprits are they have to be brought to book.

How has the BJP in Madhya Pradesh reacted to the latest Diggy leak on the Samjautha blasts case?

He is being reckless in his words and the latest statement by him has made him a laughing stock in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier this man used to be a label of credibility but today the general impression in the state is that he is a man who has gone berserk.

It is a fact that the three persons he refers to are from Indore and they managed to get away.

We are all here framing and passing judgments on the basis of a confessional statement. Let me assure you that if there are some people alleged to be involved in this case then rest assured they will be brought to book.

But has the government opened its eyes to this new concept called as terror by Saffron elements?

For me it seems like mindless politics. The likes of Rahul Gandhi says that Lashkar-e-Tayiba is less dangerous compared to Hindu terror. What ever happened to the claim by the American investigators who too had pointed out that the Samjautha blasts were the handiwork of the Lashkar. It is mindless politics according to me.

Coming back to Digvijay Singh, have his statements caused a dent in the image of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh?

Not at all. I do not understand why he is making such baseless statements. If he continues to do so then Congress will also lose its opposition status in Madhya Pradesh. Personally Digvijay has lost all his credibility and if he thinks he will return to power by making such statements then he is mistaken.

Are all of you in denial regarding this new phenomenon in the world of terrorism?

A statement by Aseemanand is not enough to substantiate things. Just because Rahul Gandhi says that Hindu terror is more dangerous, that does not become the truth. These persons have gone public with their mindless statements without understanding the repercussions of passing such remarks.

Has the Madhya Pradesh government been cooperative with the probe on Samjautha?

Yes why not? The investigations are not happening within the state. There are links to the state which have been spoken about. Aseemanand’s claims are yet to be substantiated and Sunil Joshi is dead. The MP government has nothing to do with the probe into this case. The investigation is being carried out by the NIA. Let them do their job. I do not think it is fair for a Digvijay to make statements at such a juncture and trust me if he continues to do so it will only help the BJP in Madhya Pradesh.

Will the Madhya Pradesh government cooperate in this case?

If a formal request is made then it sure will cooperate. Any state government is obligated to extend support in such matters. The government will be fair in this case.

The connection is Indore since these men according to investigations were from this place. Is the government aware that there are fringe elements who can carry out terror activities?

The chief of the RSS, Mohan Bhagwat already said that none of them belong to the organization. If they have had something to do with the organization in the past then it is only unfair to blame the RSS now. These persons do not have any links to the RSS. If they are fringe elements and they are found in this state then the government will only deal with them in the manner in which they are to be dealt with. The government will clean the mess and as I said earlier the culprits will be brought to book.

Is Madhya Pradesh the hub for such elements?

No that is not correct. All these people say a lot about this case. I would like to pose a counter question to all these people including you. You need to understand that this is something that has been beaten to death to serve political ends and trust me it will boomerang. Have all the rest of the cases been solved. Barring the 26/11 case no other case has been taken to its logical end. Why is there no word on the Jaipur blasts? Why are people not talking about the twin blasts in Hyderabad and also what about the train bombings of 2006? There seems to be no progress in the Delhi blasts. On the contrary the Congress leaders go to Azamgarh and convince the people there that they have nothing to do with all these blasts. What sort of a precedent are these people setting? All this looks very political to me.

A crime is a crime and each case needs to be dealt with individually.

I agree, but I also must add that there should be no over enthusiasm in such cases so as to create a hype to serve political ends. All this will harm them and also security. At no point of time am I even suggesting that the real culprits should not be brought to book.

8 thoughts on “Diggy has gone berserk

  1. Nanjapa ji.

    Any journalist or even politician who lives in MP will tell you that there was no action visible against right-wing extremists in MP. For years it was known that the same group–Kalsangra, Dange etc had planted bombs at Ijtima in Bhopal but the case was not pursued.

    Find out yourself was there any attempt by MP cops to solve Sunil Joshi case! It was only after ATS Rajasthan took up case that MP cops investigated it, fearing that other agency might unravel all links.

    At least a journalist like you is not expected to write in such a manner. Digvijay is Congress leader but you are a journalist, you shouldn’t act like a BJP spokesman. Strange!


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