Telagana battle continues

In a bid to intensify their protest seeking statehood status for Telangana, the members of the Telangana Rastriya Samithi and the Bharatiya Janata Party picketed the offices of all the district collectors.

Members of both the parties came out in huge numbers and gheraoed the offices of the district collector and also shouted slogans in favour of a separate state. The political Joint Action Committee for Telangana has said that it would intensify its protests over the coming days and they would continue until the government tables the bill for a separate state in Parliament during the budget session in February. The JAC says that in the next round they would boycott all educational institutions and also ask officers to observe a pen down strike. It would be exactly like the non-cooperation movement undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi, the JAC chief said.

Meanwhile pro Telangana organizations continued to stand outside the houses of representatives of both the Congress and the TDP from Telangana. They have been protesting outside the houses of these public representatives. The protestors have been demanding that the MLAs and MPs of the region put in their papers so that pressure to grant a separate state is given into.

The Congress on the other hand which has nearly 60 MLAs from the Telangana region has decided to wait until February for the government to table the bill in Parliament. They had said that they would all resign if the government fails to act by February

7 thoughts on “Telagana battle continues

  1. THanks for this reporting. If u read or view the National media today you would think nothing is happening on the Telangana front. The Congress gag order on media and the doles that must have been handed out, surely, must be significant


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