‘TRS will act like a big brother in this protest’

K T Rama Rao. Photo courtesy: In.com

The Telangana Rastriya Samithi has rejected the Shri Krishna Commission report on Telangana and has now decided to launch a series of protests. The TRS which was part of the Joint Action Committee meeting has said that there is no solution acceptable to them other than the formation of Telangana.

Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, legislator of the Telangana Rastriya Samithi who is also the son of K Chandrashekhar Rao says that the government has played with the minds of the people of Telangana. In this interview with rediff.com, KTR as he is called in Hyderabad explains what his party thinks of the report and also their future course of action regarding this issue.

What are your first reactions to the report?

It was shocking to see the kind of recommendations that have been made. It is not the kind of report we expected and we reject it outright.

Is there any other option the TRS has in mind? The Union Government wanted a discussion with an open mind.

No there cannot be any option. I do not understand these recommendations and why they were made. The only option was to form Telangana and that has what our protest has always been about. The government can say what it wants, but we are firm that a state should be formed and demands of the people given in to.

Hyderabad seems to be the bone of contention here. Do you agree?

Hyderabad has always been part of Telangana and will continue to be. When a separate Telangana is carved out then Hyderabad should be part of Telangana as it was before Telangana was merged. The only solution on hand is the formation of Telangana state with ten districts and Hyderabad has to be its capital. At times we feel that there is pressure from some industrialists regarding the Hyderabad aspect.

You would not agree if Hyderabad is made a Union Territory?

No we would not be ok with that. As I pointed out it is part and parcel of Telangana and it should remain with it.

The Government thinks that the report has laid down options and it was the best possible thing that they could do. Every option other than the formation Telangana is not acceptable to the TRS and also the people of Telangana. The government and the commission should have respected the sentiments of the people and fulfilled its promise and made sure that the peoples’ demands were met.

You will have to think of the rest of Andhra Pradesh too, don’t you think? What about the problems faced by them?

The report states that there are portions which are backward and need attention. It also goes on to say that the people have been deprived of certain rights. Further it also recommends that the 1956 scenario could be brought back. It also gives an option to create a separate state. When looking at this, at some level it has accepted that there is a problem on hand. The recommendation then should have been straight forward in nature. That would have solved the entire problem.

You don’t think that the government has thought this through. Or don’t you think that you should give the government some more time since this is a sensitive issue?

I too was surprised that such a decision has come out despite all the thought process. The government had ten months time to mull over this issue and at the end of it this is what they have done. Ten months is a long time and if they were serious they would have given a better solution.

This cannot be an end game now. What is your next immediate demand?

The government must pass a bill in Parliament during its next session. The bill should deal with Telangana and should pave the way for the formation of a separate state. This is what we all will be pushing for. Let the government try and understand the problem. Let them weigh the pros and cons and then take a proper decision after passing a bill in parliament.

The common man is worried about the violence. What stand has your party taken on this?

We are not in favour of violence. We do not believe in all this. I understand that the students have called for a bundh and we hope nothing turns violent. The TRS will act like a big brother in this protest.


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