Yeddi’s hard bargain

Hard earned smile. Photo courtesy: The Hindu

When everyone thought that it was the end of Karnataka Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa, he managed to pull it off yet again. Yeddyurappa ever since he led the first BJP to victory to form its first government in South India has almost lost his chair on at least four occasions, but each time he managed to pull it off.

This time however the entire state thought he would have to go and when he constantly dodged the high command, which is believed to have sought his resignation even some of his cabinet colleagues thought that he was on his way out.

There sure has been a hard bargain and at the end of it Yeddyurappa managed to win the game with the high command. Now what is it that made the high command tow Yeddyurappa’s line despite being so sure a couple of days that the Chief Minister had to be replaced at any cost.

Here is what Yeddyurappa had to say exactly at the meeting:

Yeddyurappa who dodged the high command for nearly a week first sent his emissaries to New Delhi to talk with the high command. During the first round of talks the high command was not impressed and continued to tell his emissaries that there was no way that they could let him continue when there were so many serious charges against him. However the emissaries then convinced the high command that he should be permitted to stay on till December at least since the Zilla Panchayat elections were round the corner and a change of guard could lead to an embarrassing result in the polls. At this point of time, the high command said that it was important that the man himself is present in New Delhi and he should be talking to them directly.

Yeddyurappa who was in Puttaparthi at that point of time decided to fly into New Delhi and hold talks with the leader of his party.

From day one it was evident that Yeddyurappa would not give up without a fight. He constantly reminded the high command that they could take such a decision based on allegations made by the opposition. The job of the opposition is to make allegations and they are constantly trying to bring down the government and the high command should not yield to that.

In addition to this, Yeddyurappa also summoned his close aides (both MPs and MLAs) and held a parliamentary board meeting in which he managed to get the support of all them. This was also conveyed to the high command and the CM told them that the high command could not take a decision when his MLAs rallied behind him. Although all his MLAs were not present, the fact that none of them made any noise back in Karnataka also worked in his advantage. The Reddy faction which has been gunning for his head for quite sometime also realised that any move against Yeddyurappa could prove fatal to the government and there were in no position to lose power in Karnataka at this moment at least.

In addition to this, Yeddyurappa also managed to get some pressure on the high command through the religious leaders and also some RSS leaders in Karnataka. The religious leaders who have a major say in Karnataka’s vote bank went a step ahead and some of them even threatened to burn down the state if Yeddyurappa was replaced.

The high command to an extent resisted all these threats and explanations. They felt that it would be better to have another round of talks with Yeddyurappa and this is when he decided to talk tough.

In that crucial meeting, he took the attack on to the Reddy brothers and also Ananth Kumar. “You chose to act against me on charges that are merely charges which have not been proved as yet. What about the Reddys against whom there are so many charges and what about Ananth Kumar who has relentlessely tried to break my government since the day it has been formed. Before you think of acting against me, take action against them. If you want to hold me accountable for my alleged follies then the same logic should apply to the likes of Ananth Kumar and the Reddys.”

The next line that Yeddyurappa towed was regarding the breaking up of the BJP in Karnataka. “ If I am forcibly shown the door that it is end game for the BJP in Karnataka and the party will disintegrate. You should also take note of the effect that it will have on your larger plans of building the party in South India. It is not right for you to change me and disturb all that.”

Yeddyurappa while speaking of the charges against him also said, “these are charges which have not been proven as yet. There is a commission of inquiry that I have set up. I wont wait for the verdict of the commission which may take a long time. Whether I am guilty or not will be proved in the Zilla Panchayat elections which are to be held in December. Let me seek justice before the people and if they elect the BJP then that would prove everything. However if the people feel that I am incapable and I am at fault then they will not vote for me. In such an event I wont wait for the high command decision, I will step aside gracefully.

In addition to this, Yeddyurappa landed in New Delhi with reams of documents. These were all documents of scams against former Chief Ministers, Dharam Singh and S M Krishna. There are charges which are worse against them and they were not asked to quit since their high command felt that the charges were not proved. Why are you meting out a separate treatment for me,” Yeddyurappa also questioned the high command which finally gave in and let him continue as the CM of Karnataka.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

22 thoughts on “Yeddi’s hard bargain”

  1. yedi has the support of the gods that is all. he prays so much that god to is fed up and grants him lest he returns and prays some more

  2. this is heights, yeddi spoke and spoke and spoke and then threatened, yedi has been given second lease of life and he must make best use of it and perform now

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