Will the stalemate end today?

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The Stalemate Continues in New Delhi over the fate of Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. He was scheduled to meet with Nithin Gadkari today. However news now trickling in suggests that both the High Command and Yeddy have not been able to come sort out the issue and the stalemate continues.

Yeddyurappa has been camping in New Delhi since yesterday along with his loyalists. Until something concrete comes out, read below how the two days have shaped out.


B S Yeddyurappa who is scheduled to meet BJP chief  Nitin Gadkari in a few hours from now received the support of a majority of the MP’s from his party. During the parliamentry board meeting held at new delhi a majority of the BJP MPs and MLAs pledged their support to Yeddyurappa.
The meeting discussed the course of action that needed to follow in the wake of corruption charges against the CM of Karnataka. Majority of the leaders were of the opinion that he should continue as the cm of karnataka.
Meanwhile all eyes are on the Gadkari- Yeddyurappa meeting which will be held in a short while from now. During the meeting the minutes of the meeting will be placed before Gadkari who just returned to Delhi from Nagpur.

Yeddyurappa gets fresh lease of life

It appears that Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa will be given a fresh lease of life and the high command may just let him continue. Dr V S Acharya, cabinet minister in the Yeddyurappa government told rediff.com from New Delhi that the high command has almost come to a decision to permit Yeddyurappa to continue as the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

He further added that there is no other alternative and more importantly not once has anyone in the high command said that they wanted his resignation. He will be allowed to continue in office and a question that I am dying to ask the media is who has been giving all of you information that Yeddyurappa has been asked to step down. At the moment he is meeting with other central leaders and once Nithin Gadkari, the BJP chief returns to New Delhi, he will meet with him and the official announcement will be made, Dr Acharya also said.

Meanwhile BJP senior leader, Venkaiah Naidu said in New Delhi that there has been no defiance on part of the Karnataka Chief Minister. He said that the whatever decision that the high command takes, Yeddyurappa would abide by it. A meeting will be held of all party leaders in which Yeddyurappa too would be present and a final call will be taken on the matter, he also said.

Yeddyurappa too echoed the same view as Naidu and pointed out that he is no defiance mode and would abide by the high command. I will listen to the high command and obey whatever they have to say about me, the Chief Minister also said. I will put forth my stand before them and also tell them I have committed no mistake. Also I want to say that no one has till date asked for my resignation.

Yeddyurappa looks up upbeat

B.S. Yeddyurappa. Photo courtesy: The Hindu

BJP chief, Nitin Gadkari, in a statement issued at Nagpur said that he would return to New Delhi on Tuesday and the fate of Karnataka Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa would be decided. He said that he would hold talks with the Karnataka CM following which a final decision would be taken.

Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa who met with Arun Jaitley seemed surprisingly upbeat and said the talks with the BJP leader went very well. We discussed at length the development of the party in Karnataka and i was happy with the manner in which the discussions went. He however said that he would not respond to any speculation regarding his resignation and did not divulge whether the issue came up during his meeting with Jaitley. Yeddyurappa said that he would stay on at New Delhi for two more days and return to Bangalore once the crisis is over, which he said he was hopeful would be over soon.
Meanwhile a lot of religious institutions in Karnataka are stepping up the ante in support of Yeddyurappa. In several statements issued by them, the religious leaders say that the state would burn if the CM is replaced. They have also urged the high command not to act in haste and change the Chief Minister.

Yeddyurappa’s fate still hanging

Close on the heels of B S Yeddyurappa refusing to step down, BJP party chief Nithin Gadkari who was supposed to hold talks in this regard has left for Nagpur. Gadkari who was authorized to take a decision on Yeddyurappa took the 6.45 flight out of Delhi to Nagpur.
Gadkari was supposed to meet with Yedyurappa and decide on the formers fate left just hours before the meeting could be held. He will return to New Delhi on Tuesday.
Meanwhile Yeddyurappa will held a second round of talks with Arun Jaitley in a few minutes from now. Yeddyurappa has also been meeting with some of his cabinet colleagues who had gone to Delhi to support him.

Yeddyurappa ready to fight, will not quit

Karnataka Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa has decided to take the fight with the high command further and has now said at New Delhi that no one has asked him to resign. When this is the case there is no question of me tendering my resignation, he said in New Delhi a while ago.

Yeddyurappa who held a meeting with BJP leader, Arun Jaitley also conveyed the same to him and said that the question of his resignation does not arise. He will now meet with leaders from Karnataka who have flown down to Delhi to support him and later would meet with Nithin Gadkari, BJP chief.

Some observers point out that the whole problem is that despite a core committee decision of the BJP central leadership, the party has not made any formal announcement asking Yeddyurappa to quit as yet.

Hectic meetings in Delhi keeps Yeddy busy

Dr V S Acharya, senior cabinet minister from Karnataka told rediff.com that Chief Minister of Karnataka is currently locked in a meeting with senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley. Dr Acharya who is in New Delhi at the moment to hold talks with the high command said that from the airport, Yeddyurappa headed straight to the Karnataka Bhavan and then set out to meet with Jaitley.

Denying Television reports that Yeddyurappa had gone missing, Acharya also added that following the meeting with Jaitley, he would return to Karnataka Bhavan following which he would hold a meeting with Gadkari. Yeddyurappa currently is discussing his stance on the resignation with Jaitley who was in charge of Karnataka at the time the elections were held in the state.

Chief Minister orders probe in land scam

Ahead of the crucial meeting between B S Yeddyurappa and the party high command in New Delhi, the government in Karnataka has issued a notification appointing former High Court judge, B Padmaraj as head of the commission which will probe the land scam of ten years including the one against the Chief Minister and his relatives.

A notification to this effect was issued a while ago appointing Justice B Padmaraj who was also heading the Railways Tribunal. The Chief Minister who is facing allegations of a land scam had ordered an inquiry just ahead of the high command pressurizing him to step down a week ago. This commission will probe all the land scams of the past ten years and would include the latest one involving the Chief Minister as well.

Meanwhile in New Delhi, Yeddyurappa headed straight to the Karnataka Bhavan following his arrival from Puttaparthi. He will stay there a while and then head out to meet party chief Nithin Gadkari.

Congress seeks gov’s intervention

The Congress leaders in Karataka will call on Governor of Karnataka H R Bharadwaj later today and seek his intervention in the wake of the administration of the state collapsing due to the B S Yeddyurappa crisis. The delegation will be led by Congress chief Parameshwar who will submit a memorandum to the governor to this effect. In the memorandum they have said that action ought to be taken since the administration of the state has collapsed and the Chief Minister has lost the confidence of the council of his ministers.

Yeddyurappa loyalists making last minute ditch

The intense haggling continues in the BJP corridors in New Delhi with well wishers of B S Yeddyurappa, Chief Minister of Karantaka telling the party high command that they should give him time till December at least. These loyalists say that in December the Zilla Panchayat polls will be held and the results of the same will be the real test of the Chief Ministers performance. The party leadership has now decided to meet with yeddyurappa who from Puttaparthi will be flying into New Delhi at 4.30 PM today.

The core Yeddyurappa group have been requesting Gadkari to give him one more chance and say that it would set a very bad precedent if they drop him on the basis of allegations by the opposition. Moreover they also said that the government will fall in case he is replaced. The issue of a replacement did not crop up during the meeting since they feel that the man cannot be replaced.

The stalemate continues

The stalemate continued in the Karnataka Bharatiya Janata party in Karnataka over the decision to change B S Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister. Dr V S Acharya, senior cabinet minister in the Karnataka Government who just held a meeting with Nithin Gadkari in New Delhi told rediff.com that it is not easy changing the Chief Minister and he has conveyed the same to the party chief.

Acharya said that he has told the high command in clear terms that changing Yeddyurappa will be fatal to the government. Moreover how can a CM be changed on the basis of allegations made by JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy. He is not out party leader for the high command to act on the basis of his complaint. I have told Gadkari to review the entire situation once again and then take a decision only after we have given our reply to every allegation. Yeddyurappa continues to be the CM of Karnataka and we hope that it would remain that way.

Meanwhile sources in the party said that Gadkari was not impressed and said that the core committee of the party had decided on changing the CM at any cost. Gadkari also explained the pressures on the party if they let the CM continue amidst charges of corruption when they themselves were fighting the Congress on similar charges in the Parliament. However Yeddyurappa may get a fresh lease of life in case the Parliament is adjourned sine die and if this does not happen then Yeddyurappa will have no choice but to go.

Will divine blessings help Yeddyurappa ?

The mood in the B S Yeddyurappa camp does not look upbeat and appears to be giving up the fight to retain the post of Chief Minister. Yeddyurappa who left for Puttaparthi to seek the blessings of God man, Sathya Sai Baba has clearly indicated to the high command that he would  want either Dr V S Acharya or Sadananda Gowda to succeed him in case he is asked to give up the post of CM.
Sources in the BJP told rediff.com that Yeddyurappa will leave for New Delhi from Puttaparthi and have a last round of talks with the high command. Apart from seeking the ouster of the Reddy brothers from the government, Yeddyurappa is adamant that he would want either Dr Acharya or Gowda to replace him. Dr Acharya is a cabinet minister in the BJP government while Gowda is the former chief of the Karnataka BJP.
Dr Acharya who is in Delhi to meet with national BJP chief Nithin Gadkari told rediff.com that he is yet to hold talks and he was there to convey the message of the Chief Minister. He however refused to comment on whether he would take over the post of CM and said that it was the high command to decide on the same.

Yeddy wants to step down on his terms

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has sent his trusted cabinet minister Dr. V S Acharya to New Delhi to pacify the high command not to remove him. He has also told Acharya to convey to the high command that he would step down only if they remove other corrupt ministers from the cabinet.

Apart from seeking the removal of the Reddy brothers from the cabinet, Yeddyurappa also wants an assurance from the central leadership that Ananth Kumar should be kept away from the politics of the state.
The deadlock however continued with the CM refusing to step down. The high command is however adamant that Yeddyurappa steps down before the Parliament commences today. The party has also authorised BJP chief Nithin Gadkari to take a final call on the matter today.

Yeddyruappa gets an ultimatum for BJP

The BJP high command has issued an ultimatum to Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa to put in his papers by 10 am today, according to sources in the party. The high command has indicated to the CM that he will need to step down before the Parliament commences today where the BJP is seeking stringent action in the 2G scam.

Yeddyurappa however appaears not to have heeded to this ultimatum and continues to send feelers to the high command to give him another chance. Some of his supoorters in New Delhi continue to coax BJP chief Nithin Gadkari to give the CM another chance. The high command however has said that he will have to go and would be reinstated once his name is cleared in the land scam.

In any event of the CM stepping down he would have certain conditions which the high command will have to abide by.

He would want to chose his sucessor and would also want the. He would also seek an assurance in writing that he is reinstated once he is cleared of corruption charges.


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