Why Madani matters to Chandy?

maudaniA hero in Kerala and a terrorist in Karnataka. This is Abdul Nasar Madani, the leader of the Peoples’s Democratic Party and an accused in the Bangalore blasts case. A couple of days back, Oomen Chandy the Chief Minister of Kerala had paid a visit to Bangalore only to call on Madani who is out on bail and being treated at a hospital.
This meeting has raised many eye brows especially in Karnataka and the legal team fighting against Madani has decided to complain to the Supreme Court about this. While there is no bar on anyone meeting an accused, the Karnataka legal team finds this meeting to be fatal to the trial. Chandy is a Chief Minister and his meeting Madani could have a bearing on the trial and several witnesses in the case may be scared to depose.

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SIMI ban extended- Decision welcomed

‎The Delhi High Court panel which extended the ban on the Students Islamic Movement of India has been welcomed by Intelligence agencies. The ban being extended was the right decision since the outfit has seriously been attempting a come back, an official informed.
The SIMI has been showing signs of a major revival and the past one year is a testimony of the same. The first major attack that the SIMI carried out was with the Indian Mujahideen at Bodhgaya. The SIMI sought to echo the cause of the Rohingya Muslims with this attack. The second attack was however a major one in which they targeted the Patna rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While the suspicion was on the Indian Mujahideen, it’s operative Tehsin Akthar told the police that the IM had only provided logistic support to the SIMI. Akthar also said that the SIMI members had contacted him before carrying out the attack.

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Vedas should be part of education

dinanathbatraDinanath Batra is man on a mission. His aim to Indianise education may have come under a lot of scrutiny and criticism, but the teacher turned activist will not give up. Batra who runs the Shiksha Bachao Andolan had recently written to the Prime Minister and the HRD ministry seeking a revision of the text books in school as there were many aspects in these books which had depicted wrongly, he had claimed.

While the government of India is setting up a commission on educational reforms, Batra says he will see what the government would do, but in the meantime he has gone ahead with setting up his own commission to give the correct picture to the Indian education system.

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Subhan arrest, back to where it began

20140729-193148-70308444.jpgA call to the Alipore jail from Karachi last year is not something that can be taken lightly. After all the call was made by a person by the name Jawed Baluchi from Karachi to a key operative called Aftab Ansari.
Ansari’s call to Karachi and vice versa was revealed to the Delhi police by Abdul Subhan the Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative they arrested.
Ansari’s continued links to Karachi despite being in jail and the hatching of an abduction of a businessman along with Subhan is very similar to the Khadim Shoe baron kidnapping case. Roy Burman the vice chairman of Khadim shoes was abducted by a gang of five headed by Aftab Ansari. It was alleged that a part of the Rs 3.65 crore ransom that they had got was pumped into New York to help with the planning of the 9/11 attack. Ansari had to be deported from the UAE at the behest of the US after this link had come up.

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Blore rape- Cops always knew he wasn’t the one

20140729-192056-69656484.jpgThe exact words of a senior officer to his higher ups prior to the arrest of Mustafa in connection with the rape of a six year old was, ” don’t arrest him, we have no evidence against him. We will cut a very sorry figure.”
However this advise was not taken and the police went ahead and arrested Mustafa an instructor at the school. They kept him in custody for five days before deciding to seize his laptop and mobile phone. The police even came out and claimed that he had confessed to his crime. Now it is a known fact that a confession before a police is not admissible before the court and it is used only to find further leads in a case.

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Terrorist released on good conduct turned more dangerous

‎Abdul Subhan is a case which would make courts think twice about releasing deadly terrorists on the basis of good nature. Arrested in 2000 for supplying RDX and AK-47 rifles,  he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment by a court. However due to his good conduct in jail he was released in the year 2010.
Once out of jail instead of going about his life normally he turned more dangerous. From an arms supplier for the ISI, he turned into a full fledged motivator and recruiter for the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. 
During his interrogation, Subhan who was arrested on July 20th itself told the Delhi police that the good nature of his in jail was only a show to get out of jail. He was drawn towards the cause of the Lashkar and while at first he operated for the money gradually he began getting attracted towards the ideology.
Delhi police sources told rediff.com that Subhan was tasked with a specific job in Mewat. I was told to identify youth especially the religious ones to join the Lashkar. The job was to recruit youth for an operation involving Delhi where we decided to carry out a series of attacks, Subhan told the Delhi police.

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Blore rape, two arrested, skater has no role

‎In a fresh twist to the Bangalore rape case involving a 6 year old, the police has decided to let off the skating instructor Mustafa but have picked up two gymnastic teachers.
The Bangalore police say that they have found no evidence on Mustafa but added that circumstantial evidence points to the role of the two gymnastic teachers, Lal Giri and Wasim Pasha. 
The police which had extracted a confession out of Mustafa and claimed that he had confessed to his crime, however on further probe realised he had no role to play. However investigations show that Pasha and Giri could be behind the incident. The police say that they have not come to conclusion but said that the arrests were made on the basis of circumstantial evidence.
The decision to release Mustafa debunks the theory the police‎ had earlier floated. They had said that they had found porn material on him and also claimed that he was coming out of the room where the incident took place according to CCTV footage.
The police are also questioning two more persons in connection with the case. They are likely to arrest them soon.
‎Joint Commissioner of Police Abhishek Goel informed that the incident had taken place on July 3 and not on July 2 as had been informed earlier.

South India to Syria Jihad via Singapore

syriaIt all started‎ at the Paranagipettai village in Tamil Nadu. Known for its scenic beauty this scenic coastal village near Cuddalore is today called the place from where Haja Fakruddin hails. He had called his parents seven months back and all he said that his dream had been fulfilled and he has reached the land of Allah. Haja has been tracked to Syria and is a full time fighter for the ISIS.

Haja’s entry into the ISIS inspired many Indians. He was the first one from India to join the ISIS and today the number of Indian militants in the ISIS is a confirmed 80.

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Pak consular officer and Southern Jihad

srpakThe unearthing of the plot involving a Sri Lankan Muslim planning to target consulates in India with the help of the Pakistan high commission in Colombo was a shocking revelation. It brought to light the role played by the Pakistan establishment in Sri Lanka to target South India.

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Putin has isolated Russia

de-waal1It is more or less confirmed that the pro Russian rebels shot down the MH17 aircraft killing over 290 people. ‎the deleted facebook post by the pro Russian rebels and their claim that they were in possession of the Buk missile system are all indications that they had a hand in it although it was a case of mistaken identity.
Thomas de Waal, Senior Associate, Russia and Eurasia Program at the‎ Carnegie Endowment for International Peace‎ speaks about the MH17 incident. In this interview with rediff.com,Thomas de Waal says that Putin although a tactician has isolated Russia from the international community and whiped up an anti-West sentiment in his country.

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