Red sandalwood smugglers now armed with acid bombs

redsandalwoodHyderabad, Oct 6: The red sandalwood smugglers operating between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have stepped up their aggression.

For the first time the AP police has found that the red sandalwood smugglers were armed with acid bottles or acid bombs and were ready to hurl it at the police in case of an encounter.

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Bangladesh killings are coordinated crimes, not isolated incidents

italianaid workerThe claim by the ISIS on the killing of an Italian aid worker in Bangladesh has turned out to be a false alarm. While the Indian Intelligence agencies had doubted the claim made by the ISIS, Bangladesh too has a similar view.
The probe into the recent spate of murders in Bangladesh have revealed that these are not isolated incidents and it is a coordinated killing by one particular group. Currently it is the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) which is under the scanner for the killings of various bloggers and aid workers in Bangladesh.

Dadri will not impact BJP’s chances in Bihar- Interview

biharPatna, Oct 6: As the battle for Bihar hots up, the permutation and combinations too are fast changing. For the BJP this is a do or die election and the case is no different for Nitish Kumar as well. As Bihar gets set to face the first phase of the elections, no party is leaving anything to chance and there is a rally almost every minute in the state. What do the prospects of each party look like now?
Sandeep Shastri, leading psephologist who is also the Pro Vice Chancellor, Jain University and National Coordinator, Lokniti Network says that the decision by the BJP not to declare a Chief Ministerial candidate may work in its favour. In this interview with OneIndia, Shastri says that the battle ahead is tough.

GST bill will be rolled out in 2016: PM Narendra Modi

merkmodiBengaluru, Oct 6: The roll out of technology and innovation in the manufacturing and the IT sector were the highlights of the Indo-German summit at Bengaluru today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel are in Bengaluru today.

In his address, the Prime Minister said that India is becoming a manufacturing hub. There is a lot of potential and despite a global slowdown, India continued to be a hotspot for investments.

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Bihar assembly polls: A hectic schedule ahead for Narendra Modi

narendra-modi-sThe BJP has decided to stay away from contentious issues such as reservation and beef bans in the run up to the Bihar elections.

The BJP has decided that in the last leg of campaigning ahead of the first phase of the elections, it would focus only on development.

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Bauxite mining issue: Naxals abduct TDP leaders



Hyderabad, Oct 6: Naxals in Vishakapatanam are holding three Telugu Desam Party leaders hostage to protest the mining of bauxite in the area, the police have learnt. Naxals abducted three TDP leaders from the Kothaguda village of GK Veedhi mandal in Visakhapatnam district.

Although the naxals have not put out any demand as yet, the police suspect that they are protesting the bauxite mining in the area. The four leaders G K Veedhi, M Balaiah and K Balaiah and M Mahesh were told by the naxals to meet them. They were assured that they would not be harmed.

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Wake up Madiwala police: The streets are not safe in Bengaluru

brapeNew Delhi, Oct 6: Is there sufficient police patrolling in Bengaluru city in the night? This is a question that the Madiwala police need to answer.
A 23 year old woman was allegedly gang raped by two drunk men on a Tempo Traveller and during this three hour ordeal which began at 10 PM on Saturday night, it is unfortunate that not a single night beat police man was on the roads to offer the woman any help.
While the police say that they cannot account for each and every vehicle on the road, the concern is that the roads leading up to Electronic City in the night have absolutely no police personnel manning the streets like how one may find on an MG Road or Brigade Road.

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Angela Merkel in India: Plane jinxed twice

Berlin/ Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) posiert am Mittwoch (18.04.12) im Kanzleramt in Berlin bei der Preisverleihung des Wettbewerbs "startsocial 2011/2012". "startsocial " ist der bundesweite Wettbewerb fuer soziale Ideen und Projekte. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat das Ehrenamt in Deutschland gewuerdigt. Foto: Maja Hitij/dapd

While in 2011, her arrival in Delhi was delayed due to clearance from Tehran, this time around her official aircraft broke down before take off in Berlin.

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Radicalisation in Maharashtra: Development is the antidote

Maharashra-muslimsNew Delhi, Oct 6: A recent survey that was conducted by the Union Home Ministry indicated that Maharashtra is one of the top states to be affected by the radicalization by the ISIS.
The state has now decided to come up with a full fledged problem to counter this problem and as per the details available the agenda would not only be to counsel the youth but also provide development

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Rajiv Gandhi, Giani Zail Singh and their uncomfortable relationship

zailrajivThere was always an uncomfortable relationship between Rajiv Gandhi and Giani Zail Singh.
The former Prime Minister and the President of India never showered any trust on each other.
A plot to topple Rajiv Gandhi was known to Zail Singh, a book titled The Untold Truth, by Lt General P N Hoon, a former Army commander of the Western Command suggests.

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