ISI- Honey traps part of South plan

Pic: Deccan Chronicle

Pic: Deccan Chronicle

The Intelligence Bureau which probing the ISI’s South India plan along with the National Investigation Agency has found 40 fake accounts created on servers in Colombo to honey trap officials in a bid to extract information.

The ISI which has been operating its major South India module from the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo had instructed its cadre to create 40 different accounts and set honey traps on officials in Southern India. Intelligence Bureau officials tell Times Now that they have tracked down 40 such accounts which were used to regularly stay in touch with low ranking officials in the army units, NSG hubs and naval bases.

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Kashmir- Saeed doesn’t want perception change

hafizsaeedHafiz Saeed is roaming around freely in Pakistan and recently has been seen flood victims in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. What really is he doing there?
Intelligence Bureau reports state that Saeed is on a three pronged mission at the moment the most important one being not to allow the perception of a large number of Kashmiris change. India was hoping that a large number of Kashmiris would change their perception towards the Indian army in the wake of them being helped at this moment of crisis. The Lashkar-e-Tayiba has directed it’s cadres in the Valley and also all his sympathisers on the social media to ensure that the hate Indian army campaign is on in full swing so that the perception does not change.

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Saradha- The Cover Up

kunalKunal Ghosh is the most important link for the CBI to nail West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee. Ghosh known for his outbursts in public against the leadership is extremely sensitive when he is questioned in CBI custody.

Breaking down in custody Kunal Ghosh says, “everyone in the TMC top leadership knew that the Saradha Scam was about to be busted. There was a lot of fire fighting that was done and each one was instructed that the top names should not tumble out. Keep Mamta out of this scam at any cost as she is nurturing a bigger role at the centre and any scam at this point in time could prove fatal to that dream of hers. Sudipto Sen was assured that his arrest would only be temporary and everyone part of the scam had ensured that all the money transactions would never come out in the open. Rajat Majumdar who had a lot of information about the intelligence and the manner in which the cops were functioning was put in charge of this operation cover up. I never knew even for once that they would make me the scapegoat. Later I got to know that the top leadership was ready to sacrifice as many names as possible but the prime agenda was to ensure that the name of the Chief Minister was never dragged into this mess.

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SIMI’s UP dry run

‎The blast at Bijnoor on Friday was a dry run and an indicator of things to come in a bid to make Uttar Pradesh communal charged even further. Investigations being conducted into the Friday afternoon blast at Western UP point to a defunct module of the Students Islamic Movement of India which carried out an operation that went horribly wrong for them.
Intelligence Bureau officials who have been pointing to the rise of the SIMI following the Bodhgaya and Patna blasts say that the UP low intensity blast was a dry run. In the wake of their key operative Haider Ali being arrested the SIMI is looking to make a come back. They have chosen to commence operations in Uttar Pradesh to take advantage of the volatile and communal situation out there. The time is ripe for recruitments and SIMI has already told it’s cadres and modules to step up the heat. They have been quoting the rise of the BJP in UP terming it as a dangerous trend and say that only the SIMI can fight for their rights and hence they should join them.
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Saradha’s separatist link emerges after Jamaat ties

Not just the Bangladesh based Jamaat-e-Islami, but Saradha funds were also diverted to Kashmiri separatists who had assured Sudipto Sen of a free passage through Kashmir in case the noose started to tighten around his neck. An exhaustive report prepared by the Indian Intelligence Bureau spills the beans on the murky deals between the Saradha group and West Bengal politicians who threw caution to even national security in order to park their funds and finance terrorist groups and seperatists. This has prompted the IB to suggest filing of terrorism charges against all those leaders who helped move the Saradha funds which landed in the hands of seperatists and Bangladeshi based terrorists.

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Replicate 26/11 in Chennai- The ISI plot

Take as many people possible as hostage and bring the Indian government to its knees is what the instruction given to the Pakistan spy arrested two days back. Arun Selvaraj, the Sri Lankan working for the Pakistan’s ISI was arrested in Chennai after he was found to be spying and scouting for targets. He was working undercover as an events manager through which he tried to access information of vital installations in Chennai.

His primary target was the Chennai markets and he was surveying the crowded areas and passing on information to his handlers in the Pakistan High Commission. According to the latest interrogation of Selvaraj which is being clubbed with that of Sakir Hussain a spy arrested in connection with the same case a few months back, the big intet of the ISI was to carry out a major fidayeen attack in the crowded Chennai markets, take as many people as possible hostage and throw in demands to the Indian government.

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As Kashmir struggles, Pak infiltrates

The Intelligence Bureau has sounded an alert directing the securing of all borders especially in the Valley, Nepal and Bangladesh as the army battles it out to save the flood victims in Kashmir. The IB in its alert issued to all the forces protecting the Indian borders has warned of major infiltration since at the moment the army has put all its resources into saving the flood victims.

Heavy infiltration is expected through the borders of Valley, Nepal and Bangladesh, the alert also points out. The IB alert also warns that some in the guise of aiding the flood victims would also try and cross over and set up camp in the Valley. It has become a herculean task for the army to monitor the infiltrations at this stage. The IB alert states that moving additional forces to the Valley to monitor the flood situation and also the infiltration could lead terrorists to push their men in through the borders of Nepal and also Bangladesh. Currently there are over 30000 army personnel who are engaged in rescuing the flood victims and this means none of them are able to focus completely on the infiltrations.

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Indian bomber in Al-Nusra

In a shocking development and for the first time a suicide bomber of Indian origin has died in Syria. Umer Ahmed a member of the Al-Qaeda sponsored Al-Nusra was killed in Syria in a suicide bombing at the Hama Governate, located in Western-Central Syria. This incident comes a few weeks after the ISIS sponsored Ansar-ul-Tawhid had announced the death of Anwar Bhatkal at Afghanistan. There was also a report that a youth from Kalyan by the name Abdul Majeed had been killed in Iraq.

These reports are a grim reminder of how Indians are becoming part of the global war between the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS. The death of Umer Ahmed from India also comes in the wake of the Al-Qaeda making a call to set up its India operations.

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ISI’s southern network busted

Amir Zubair Siddiqui, the ISI’s blue eyed boy working as a consular officer in Colombo was moved out to Pakistan after the Indian agencies exposed his plan to execute a series of attacks in South India. Siddiqui may have been moved out but he delegated his deputy Lanka Sage also an officer in the Pakistan High Commission to continue doing the job.
Arun Selvaraj who operated in Chennai as an event manager was paid almost up to Rs 2 crore over the past three years for handing out information about key installations in South India. Selvaraj who floated a firm called ICE managed events and under this pretext he met with people working in important installations. He had shot pictures of NSG hub and the Officers Training academy and also drawn out maps of markets in Chennai and passed it on to his bosses in Sri Lanka. 
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ISI South India operative arrested

‎A Sri Lankan National Arun Selvarajan accused of passing on vital information to Pakistan has been arrested by the National Investigation Agency. Selvarajan was picked up by the NIA after it was found that he was passing on information regarding vital installations in South India to Pakistan.
Selvarajan’s name cropped up following the investigation conducted by the NIA into the Sakir Hussain case a Sri Lankan based operative who reported to the ISI. He was arrested in Chennai after found to be plotting attacks on vital installations in Chennai and Bangalore.
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