Lashkar plans to disrupt BJP march in Kashmir

Disrupting the Jammu and Kashmir elections, waging a full fledged proxy war and pumping in fake currency is the latest agenda by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which held a meeting last Thursday at Lahore, Pakistan headed by its chief and Pakistan’s most lethal weapon Hafiz Saeed. Important intercepts of the meeting picked up by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and also the military intelligence in a joint exercise suggest that the Lashkar is planning on ensuring that at least 500 of its cadres infiltrate into India. The meeting that lasted over 3 hours comprised members of the top leadership of the Lashkar, officers of the ISI and also two colonels from the Pakistan army.

The BJP which plans on going all guns blazing for the Kashmir elections was debated first at the meeting. At no cost does anyone in Pakistan want the BJP to have any presence in Kashmir. Hence top on the agenda is to try and rattle up the Valley and try and send a message to the voter that voting for the BJP would only contribute to more violence. Both the members of the ISI and the Pakistan army ensured that there would be large-scale violations along the borders which would aide the infiltrations by the members of the Lashkar. Violations along the border and constant gunfire causes a distraction for the Indian army and in the bargain infiltrations go unnoticed to a large extent.

The Lashkar as part of this deadly infiltration plan has also decided to send back 200 Kashmiris who had joined the militant ranks in Pakistan over a decade back. When the struggle for Kashmir was at its peak several Kashmiris left India and joined outfits such as the Lashkar and the Hizbul Mujahideen. India had infact made an attempt to bring these people back a year back promising them asylum in India in exchange for Intelligence, but the plan never took off as India would have expected. The Lashkar during its latest meeting has decided to use these operatives promising them the re-birth of the Kashmir struggle. Not only do they get to go back to their homeland, but also get to fight for the cause they were promised.

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Yasin Bhatkal arrest, a year later..

A year has gone by since the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, the key Indian Mujahideen man. His arrest was quickly followed up with the arrests of close aides Assadullah Akthar, Tehsin Akthar and Waqas Ahmed. In short the top four who ran the Indian Mujahideen were all rounded off and this led to a major vaccum in the outfit which carried out blasts at ease on Indian soil.

The question is how much has really changed since the arrest of these men? The Indian agencies without a doubt have done a spectacular job in breaking the Indian Mujahideen, but the question is, whether it is time to relax?

Yasin and his accomplices have revealed to the investigators that the Indian Mujahideen may be down following their arrests, but the organization will rise once again and there is a second rung of leadership which will emerge. The IM has in the past one year intentionally distanced itself from the ISI claiming that the Pakistan spy agency had a personal vedetta and was not adhering to a cause.

Officials say that the second rung leadership of the IM is very much active and with the likes of Riyaz Bhatkal, Iqbal Bhatkal and Abdus Subhan still out in the open anything could happen.

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Ansar-ul-Tawhid, recruit 300 Indians

The National Investigating Agency is piecing together a dossier and it has startling details about the coming together of the Tehrik-e-Taliban and the ISIS which has managed to recruit around 300 Indian youth into both these outfits. The NIA which will also file an FIR will rely heavily on the dossier it will put out with the help of the Intelligence Bureau. The dossier which will revolve around the birth of the Ansar-ul-Tawhid also exposes the game plan of the ISI which had intentionally told Indian based terrorists to speak out against them to give an impression that they are not being backed by Pakistan.

NIA sources shared details of the dossier and it points to a deadly combination of three major operatives namely Sultan Abdul Kadir Armar, Gul Mariacar and Yasin Bhatkal. All the three men hail from South India. While Armar and Bhatkal are from Bhatkal in Karnataka, Mariacar is a Cuddalore based operative who was recently deported to India from Singapore after he was found to be recruiting Indians into the ISIS.

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How the Patna operation failed?

‎The Patna blasts aimed at targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi who at that time was addressing an election rally fortunately went horribly wrong for the SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen which jointly carried out the operation.
Money had been paid by these operatives to a source for automatic guns prior to the attack. However the source ditched them and never turned up with the consignment. Had this consignment been delivered the chaos would have been un-imaginable is what the National Investigation Agency chargesheet suggests.
As per the original plan the SIMI and the IM had planned on carrying out a series of blasts in and around the venue and once the chaos sets in they had planned on opening fire indiscriminately. They had also planned on targeting Modi at the hotel, but dropped the plan owing to extensive security around him.

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NIA pushes for ISIS ban

The National Investigating Agency will study the rise of the ISIS and the influence the outfit has on Indian Muslims. The NIA will file a case against the outfit and it’s Chief Abu Bakr Al-Bhagdadi.
The case would be aimed at conducting a detailed study and also investigate the cases against the missing Indians, one of whom died a few days back at Iraq.

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Case against Gowdas son a damp squib

The case ‎against the son of Railway minister Sadananda Gowda is turning out to be a damp squib. The lady who has alleged rape failed to turn up at the police station to record her statement.
A complaint was filed against Karthik the son of Gowda alleging that he had married the lady for sexual favours. The lady who filed the complaint was summoned to the police station at 12.30 PM today, but failed to turn up.
The police who had filed rape charges want more evidence before proceeding any further. They have sought evidence of the marriage but the lady says she has none. She also has failed to provide any concrete evidence to prove her claim.

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Radicals praise ISIS Majeed online


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Arif Ejaz Majeed, one of the four youth from Kalyan who joined the ISIS in Iraq was killed allegedly by an air strike. While this information was confirmed to the family by  an associate of his by the name Shaheen Tanki, the internet is filled with homage for Majeed who already has been termed as a martyr.
A couple of hours after his death there were several who had posted on various forums online about Majeed becoming a martyr for the cause.

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Dawood man Malabari goes missing

‎Speak of negligence and this could be the case to be quoted. Rashid Malabari is no ordinary criminal. He is the direct link between the Dawood Ibrahim syndicates South India operations and he was the one assigned the task by Chota Shakeel of killing Varun Gandhi before he was arrested in Mangalore. Today where is Malabari? No body knows, not the police nor the jail authorities.
On July 21 Malabari was granted bail by a court in Mangalore. He left the jail the next day and since then has been un-traceable. The irony is that the police never bothered to check on him and once he left jail he became a free man. It was only a couple of days back when the police went to his house following a court summons did they realise that Malabari was gone. The state Intelligence,police and the jail authorities are clueless about his whereabouts. Each one of them thought he was still in jail and were not even aware that he had been enlarged on bail.

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Mistaken identity

‎The hunt for Amir Reza Khan turned out to be a damp squib. The Indian agencies who thought they had the Indian Mujahideen founder finally discovered that the trail had led up to a man by the name Khan, but he was another Accused in the American Consulate bombing.
Last week the Indian agencies had claimed that Khan had been arrested in Europe and they were confident that he was the man who had founded the IM. A team had left immediately with DNA samples and photographs, but it led up to the wrong man.
Now the agencies will try and bring back Khan who is also an accused in the American centre bombing. He was also part of the abduction of Shoe baron Roy Barman.
However fresh information obtained suggests that Amir Reza Khan is now holed up in Luxembourg. A fresh alert has been issued against him.

Love Jihad explained

‎Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad- a terminology that has been debated discussed and even made into an election issue. While many Muslim leaders are accusing the BJP of using this propaganda as a run up to the elections, the fact of the matter is that this was first raked up by the Christian community in Kerala.
Today allegations are flying around and several Hindu leaders have accused the Muslim youth in Uttar Pradesh of resorting to Love Jihad in order to increase their community strength. In short what does Love Jihad mean? A Muslim boy is accused of trapping a Hindu or Christian girl into a Web of love and then converting her to Islam. 
The issue was first raised by the Catholic Church in Kerala. Subsequently an inquiry was conducted by the Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance of the Kerala Bishops Council which alleged that 2868 girls had fallen prey to Love Jihad.‎ This even forced the Kerala High Court to issue an order to investigate into the matter. A similar order was also passed by the High Court of Karnataka. Although the investigations were in-conclusive, allegations still floated around. In some cases the girls told the police that they had converted of their own will while in others, they just returned to their parents.This matter was even reported in the Wikileaks cables and US diplomats had even probed into the matter.

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