Why was India’s vote against Israel?

In the year 2011 India had backed the UN resolution on the Richard Goldstone Commission report which had criticised Israel for 2008 military offensive against Gaza. According to the Wikileaks cables, this had angered the United States of America which felt that India was attempting to build favour with the Arab world and the Non Alignment Movement nations.
Today India has once again been in the news for the same issue. This time around India voted in favour of a probe by the UNHRC against the killings by the Israel forces in Gaza. The reactions against the Indian government in India have been aggressive and many have questioned the stand taken by India especially when ther was an option to abstain which was taken by all European nations.
What prompted India to vote against Israel especially when the two nations enjoy good ties and the government had taken a stand not to take a stand in Parliament over this issue in Gaza. While some say that it could have been a case of mis-communication, others would maintain that the UNHRC vote is not surprising since we have been traditionally voting against Israel when there has been an offensive by them on civilians.

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Blore rape- Whats in store for the chairman?

‎The Bangalore police which arrested the chairman of the school in which a 6 year old was allegedly sexually assaulted has a host of charges against him. If proved guilty Rustam Kherrawala, the chairman of the school faces a rigorous jail term of 4 years.
The police headed by the non-nonsense commissioner M N Reddi has booked the chairman under the tough Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of 2012. He will be treated as an abettor in the case. This would mean that despite knowing about the offence he decided to conceal it.
In addition to this he faces a host of charges which include destruction of evidence which is a major offence under the Indian Penal Code.
Kherrawala faces tough questions from the police. His arrest took a while, but the police say that they had to be doubly sure before carrying out such a high profile arrest. Sources say that they have information that the management tried to conceal the incident in a bid to safeguard the reputation of the school. In the bargain a lot of evidence may have also been destroyed the police source also informed.

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MH17 benefits none- A mistake

jarabikIt will be a while before the horror of the MH17 incidents dies down. None are able to say for sure who shot the aircraft down although most of the evidence points towards it being a job undertaken by the Ukrainian rebels.
Balázs Jarábik a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where his research focuses on Ukraine and Eastern Europe says preliminary and not direct evidence points suggests that the Ukrainian rebels shot down the plane. In this interview with rediff.com, ‎Jarábik says that it would not be right to call this an act of terror or a war crime‎ as it appears to be a horrible mistake.

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Dawood, Boko Haram- India’s new drug cartel

members-of-the-boko-haram-sect-360x225A couple of months back when the Nigerians went on a rampage in Goa, it was not just a run of the mill clash. The Police had picked up a couple of Nigerians who were allegedly drug peddlers and fearing that they are losing control over the drug market in Goa this horrific protest was stage managed.
The latest Intelligence Bureau report suggests that a majority of the drug cartels run by the Nigerians is under the control of the dreaded Al-Qaeda controlled Boko Haram. This Nigeria based terror group has already killed over 12000 people in the name of Jihad so far. This group like most other terror groups funds itself through the sale of drugs and their entry into India and the setting up of drug cartels in India points to a vicious cycle featuring both Dawood Ibrahim and the Al-Qaeda. 

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India’s missile defence system taking shape

barboraThe missile that shot down the ill fated MH17 aircraft over Ukraine was a well guided and sophisticated one, but the experts still do not believe that the act was intentional as there is too much at stake.

International investigators try and find out more behind this horrific incident and only time would tell the real story. Air Marshal P K Barbora the former Vice Chief of the Indian Airforce speaks about the incident and the possibilities. In this interview with rediff.com Air Marshal Barbora says India is putting together a missile defence system since the past 15 years and it would take some more time before we cover all important pockets.

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Blore rape- A porn addict say cops

rapistWith the top rung of the Bangalore police being shaken up following the glaring lapses on their part to probe the alleged rape of a 6 year old, there are several aspects that the new team would delve into now.

Contrary to the reports that there were two accused involved in this case, the police now say that there was just one accused and he had just tried to spin a name in order to divert the investigation. Till date we have questioned 8 persons which includes the school management  and we have found that this was an inside job and no outsider was involved in it. We have also been analsying the mobile phone of the accused, Mustafa and have found pornorgraphic content on it too. We had found similar material on his laptop as well, the officer informed.

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Indian skies- NDA begins clean up

Pic: Dailymail

Pic: Dailymail

As the world discussed aviation security in the wake of two horrific incidents involving the Malaysian airlines, one needs to introspect the safety of the Indian skies. Around 23 air space violations in New Delhi alone in the past two years is a cause for concern since this is the city which houses the most important installations in the country including the Parliament.

All these were innocent violations of airspace and fortunately nothing happened, but then again it is a cause for concern and opens up the question how safe are our skies. Terrorists talk a lot and most of the conversation that has been picked up by our intelligence bureau officials suggest that they are imaginative in nature. Yasin Bhatkal has very often spoken about attacking planes with nuclear tipped weapons and also launching an aerial strike on nuclear installations. There is enough jabber online by these terrorists. Is it a threat and do they have the capabilities. The answer is no, but the fact that they are thinking on these lines and the world has seen the shooting down of a plane and also the 9/11 attack makes the entire issue a cause for concern.

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Bangalore minor rape- Is this how you probe?

Pic: New Indian Express

Pic: New Indian Express

There is a furore across Bangalore city following the alleged rape of a 6 year old girl who was studying at a Bangalore high school. The police have their suspect who is a 30 year old skating instructor by the name Munna alias Mustafa. They claim that he has confessed to his crimes, but also add in the same breath that a confession is not admissible in a court of law.
Let us look at the investigation closely and on careful scrutiny, it would be safe to say that the Bangalore police has either been caught napping or is trying to strike a balance between the protesting parents and the influential school.

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Bhatkal man “martyred” in Afghanistan

anwar1__3_A year back, Intelligence Bureau officials had said that there has been a major influx of Muslim youth from India into Afghanistan and this was seconded by Yasin Bhatkal, the supreme commander of the Indian Mujahideen during his interrogation.

Even as the National Investigating Agency find out more about IM cadres joining the war in Afghanistan, the social media is abuzz with the death of a man by the name Anwar Beli alias Anwar Bhatkal. Anwar Beli a resident of Bhatkal in Coastal Karnataka of which Yasin, Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal hail from has been killed in an encounter in Afghinistan. This was posted by a group called the Ansar ul-Tawhid ul-Hind on both its twitter and facebook accounts terming him a martyr.

The message released by the media wing of the Ansar ul-Tawhid ul-Hind says that Anwar Bhatkal has attained martyrdom on the 20th day of Ramadan and may Allah accept his martyrdom.

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Is it safe to fly?

The shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines has sent shock waves across the world and once again after 9/11 raised a doubt whether it is safe to fly. As the world tries to find out the exact reason behind the incident, several veteran pilots say that although the incident is very tragic, it would not act as a deterrent for those who want to fly.
Captain John M Cox who spent 25 years flying for US Airways is now CEO of Safety Operating Systems at Washington DC. A veteran major airline, corporate and general aviation pilot, Captain John Cox has flown over 14,000 hours with over 10, 000 in command of jet airliners. Additionally, he has flown as an instructor, check pilot, and test pilot in addition to his extensive involvement in global air safety. He says that the incident at Ukraine appears to be a tragic case of misidentification. In this interview with rediff.com, Captain Cox says that in future more airspace will be closed in conflict zones as a preventive measure.

What are your thoughts on the shooting down of the Malaysian airlines at Ukraine? Do you think it was an act of terror or a military operation that went wrong?

Based on what I have learned so far it appears to be a tragic case of misidentification and failure of the safety systems for a complex weapon system. A catastrophic mistake. In a way it is an act of terror but more correctly is was a failure to properly operate the weapon system.

There are so many conflict zones in the world today. How safe is it to fly today?

It is very safe to fly. Aviation has never been safer, even after this act. Last year we flew 3.3 billion passengers worldwide with the lowest number of fatalities in history (source IATA).

Conflict zones like Iraq, Gaza, Ukraine, Afghanistan have made the world a dangerous place. Should flying be avoided over these skies? Is there an alternative?

There are conflicts, the countries in which armed conflict occurs is responsible to advise the international aviation community, Ukraine did this and the airspace was closed below 32,000 feet. This was appropriate, as there had never been an case of a surface to air missile hitting an airliner at normal cruise altitude. In the future, it is likely that more airspace will be closed. It is important to recognize that such complex weapons are usually not in the hands of terrorists and that military forces have safeguards to prevent such a misidentification, that failed yesterday.

Is it time for international routes to be redrawn in the wake of such incidents?

Yes, it is likely that the airspace will be close until the conflict is resolved.

This is the second time that a Malaysian airline has gone down. What are your thoughts on the first incident? What could have happened and why is it taking so long to track down the missing aircraft?

The two unrelated events occurring to the Malaysian Airlines airplanes are unrelated. Flight 370 flew for hours after turning off it planned route. We do not know the reason, we do know that someone with knowledge interacted with two computer systems (FMC and ACARS) resulting in the amended flight path and the cessation of data transmission to the satellite. Searchers are looking for the wreckage, and I believe they will find it. The time required is due to the location of the accident.

What can be done to prevent incidents like the one that took place in Ukraine?
Keeping such weapon systems out of the hands of groups who lack the proper safeguards is the first step. Now that we know such capability exists the closing of airspace will also be necessary in the future.