Nun rape- Why was WB denied a CBI probe?

nun2The Centre and the West Bengal government have been at loggerheads over various issues. Will the Centre rejecting a CBI probe into the nun rape case after the West Bengal government had requested for one blow into another battle between the Centre and the West Bengal government? Unlikely. The Centre in fact felt that the CID is doing a good job in the nun rape case and sending the CBI at this juncture would only jeopardize the probe. A home ministry official informed Oneindia that the CID was doing a very good job and hence it decided not to send the CBI to West Bengal to probe the case.
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Is this Pigeon a terrorist or a racer

beautiful-images-of-pigeon-free-download-desktop-hd-wallpapers-of-pigeonA pigeon with a chip has created a major scare after it was found near the India-Pakistan coastal border at Gujarat. The Home Ministry which has been given a report to this effect is examining the details of the case, but prima facie it appears as though this pigeon which is used to race in some countries may have strayed into the Salay Essar Jetty shore in search of water. The pigeon in question is the Benjing Dual and is in demand in several countries where pigeon races are conducted. It could well be a possibility that the pigeon had strayed off and very often chips are attached to these birds during races to keep a track an intelligence bureau official informed Oneindia.
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Burdwan chargesheet- Sharia for WB, bombs for Bodos

The National Investigating Agency (NIA) probing the Burdwan blasts is all set to file its chargesheet before the city civil court in Kolkata. In the chargesheet of this very important case which not only has state wide but international ramifications as well the most important point to be noted is that this was an operation aimed at reviving the JMB.
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D K Ravi case- DIG CBI to lead probe

A team of the Central Bureau of Investigation will leave for Bangalore to probe the D K Ravi death case. The team would comprise DIG Senkathir and SP of the Special Branch Sarvanan. The two officers will be assisted by a few other officers of the CBI from Chennai which houses the homicide wing. They are expected to land in Bengaluru anytime soon and commence probing the matter.
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Bangladesh infiltrators: Bengal will be eaten up by the Frankenstein it created

banglaThe issue of infiltration from Bangladesh is a huge matter of concern and with the kind of fanaticism that is growing there the day is not too far when there will be a major spill over in India.
It is very hard to put a number to the Bangladeshis who infiltrate into India. While many have come in search of food and jobs, there is a flip side to this tale and that is it is creating a dirty dark world of crime.
Saradha, Burdwan and now the nun rape case. Each one of these major crimes have a Bangladesh link to it and it is the infiltration and the deep rooted connections that some politicians from West Bengal have which led to the crime syndicate in Bangladesh operating with ease in India.

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IAS officer’s death- How does Chief Minister know the truth so soon?

siddaIt is over a week since IAS officer D K Ravi passed away, but the controversy over his death continues and the battle emerging in the Karntaka High Court is turning out to be a bitter one.
While the state government in its objections has spared no effort to speak out about the personal relationship of the officer which they claim was the reason for his death, those opposing the state have termed it nothing but a smear campaign.
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Jayalalithaa appeal: What if SC strikes down appointment of SPP

jaya2As judgment day for J Jayalalithaa approaches, there is an interesting battle on in the Supreme Court regarding the appointment of the Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) in the disproportionate assets case.
Up for challenge is the appointment of SPP Bhavani Singh to argue in the High Court where Jayalalithaa and others have filed an appeal against the conviction awarded to them in the disproportionate assets case by the special court.

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Nun gangrape case: Ghar wapsi statement goes missing on Trinamool Congress site

nuwapsiWhen the news regarding the nun rape case broke out, West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee had ordered a CID probe into the incident while also stating that religious politics was being practised in the name of ghar wapsi.
The Chief Minister also went on to state that religious fanaticism is on the rise and these statements were on the website of the Trinamool Congress website until yesterday. Nun: Statements goes missing on TMC site

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IAS officer death: Messages show he had not taken an impulsive decision

D-K-RaviWhether IAS officer D K Ravi had committed suicide or was it something else is something that the Central Bureau of Investigation would determine now.
Investigators are closely looking at Whatsapp messages in sent on March 15th and 16th that were sent by Ravi to a colleague which they believe was the last message.
The grab of the message which is part of the CID report which is in the possession of OneIndia suggests that Ravi had been sending out messages a day before he died too

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ISIS has become a way of life for these Indians

fahadshaikhThe world fears the ISIS, but for this Indian that is not the case. He had quite blatantly said, ” The ISIS has changed me to becoming a better man.” Fahad Shaikh, one of the four youth who had left India to join the ISIS a couple of months back has decided that he will not return.
Indian security agencies who got in touch with him along with members of his family were told by Shaikh, ” this is what I want to do. I am happy with the ISIS, they have changed me.”

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