Jamaat’s marry and squad strategy


 Another modus operandi of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh that has come to light is that they were planning on settling down in India with a view of making West Bengal it’s permanent headquarters. The conversation between mufazzal and the rest of the members who are being questioned by the NIA suggests that they were planning on getting married to local men and women in a bid to settle down in West Bengal.

An NIA official said that the JMB had intended to set up a module exactly how they had set one up inBangladesh before they were driven out post 2006. This was not meant to be a one time operation but a continuous affair. They wanted to stage attacks in parts and launching attacks out of India would mean India would be blamed. They wanted to make it look lie a India staged attack against Bangladesh. Not only would this divert investigations but also strain relations between the two countries, the NIA official also informed.

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Poribortan was for the Jamaat!!


Poribortan (change) was in every sense in West Bengal. The Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh was dead in the 2006-07 after being brutally beaten by the Bangladesh establishment. From a huge strength of 2500 modules it dropped to 130. It was then that the Jamaat-e-Islami stepped in with its great contacts in West Bengal. Today the JMB which has been named by the National Investigating Agency has 280 operatives 56 modules and the capability of making 600 bombs.

From a meager 4 modules and 20 operatives in 2010 the JMB which was completely beaten down by the Bangladesh establishment got a breather thanks to the lackluster attitude of the West Bengal government which was infact tipped off at least 16 times by Central Intelligence Bureau officials in the past 4 years.

These developments in the past four years have almost gone out of control and with Bangladesh seeking report after report, the Union Government decided to even send down its top security establishment in batches to review the Burdhwan incident. While NIA director Sharad Kumar took stock of the situation on Friday, on Monday, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval wis likely to visit West Bengal along with the chief of the Research and Analysis Wing and the Intetelligence Bureau head.

The JMB which was locked in a major battle with the Bangladesh establishment was literally driven out of there. However they found support in the Jamaat-e-Islami which had a similar cause of driving the Awami League out. The entire plan to overthrow the Awami League commenced in 2009 and it was the Jamaat which stepped in and helped the JMB with the funds to set up operations. The fact that the Jamaat had links with the SIMI and also an Indian wing helped the cause even further. In the year 2010, they set up 2 modules in West Bengal with a set of 10 men. However they infiltrated several more in the coming years and it was in the year 2014 alone that they sent in 190 men along with the 1109 infiltrators who came into India from Bangladesh, two reports, one by the Intelligence Bureau and another by the National Investigating Agency submitted to the Home Ministry states.

The Jamaat-e-Islami used its political clout in West Bengal and according to both the NIA and the IB the establishment was well aware of their plan. There are indications that some top leaders who did not want their names to be dragged in advised the local leaders to help the JMB set up operations. In the bargain, government land was given away to set up illegal Madrasas and also part of the modus operandi an operative by the name Anirusul kept in touch with local leaders and too their houses on rent to avoid the heat.

By 2014 the JMB had managed to set up 53 modules across West Bengal and had proposed to prepare over 500 bombs both crude and sophisticated with an intention of carrying out attacks in Bangladesh.

During the course of our investigation we have found that the JMB was aided by the Jamaat for funds. It was the Jamaat which also had an Indian wing that came in handy to build up the local contacts. We have seen a great deal of aggression among the members during their interrogation and also at the time of seizures, an NIA officer probing the case informed. The aggression was aimed more at covering up the incident, the officer also pointed out.

Further the NIA has also found that several methods had been used to raise funds for the outfit. The cash flow was free into West Bengal and never restricted. The largest money flow was in the year 2012 and 2013 and it went completely unchecked. The money was raised through Hundi collections in Saudi Arabia, crop tax in Bangladesh and also some part of it is attributed to scam money that was parked in a Bangladesh bank, NIA officers point out. Continue reading

SIMI’s two new wings

simiGanimat ka Maal and the Electronic Warfare Group are the latest on the list of headaches for the Indian security agencies. Both these are off shoots of the Students Islamic Movement of India which is working for the Al-Qaeda and the Jamaat-ul-Bangladesh according to the questioning of Muddasar and Tariq who were arrested by the Hyderabad police two days back.

After hours of questioning by the Hyderabad police and the Intelligence Bureau, they have learnt that the SIMI had launched these two outfits in a bid to support their activities and also provide help to the Al-Qaeda and the Jammat which under the banner called the Al-Jihad. The Ganimat ka Maal is a wing of the SIMI which is focused solely on the finances and the impetus on these members is to raise money. This group has found to be involved in robberies, extortion and the National Investigating Agency says that they will see if the various acts of dacoity committed by them is linked to the Burdhwan blast as well. Tariq also revealed that they had launched this online portal called the Electronic Warfare Group in a bid to target recruitments online looking at the huge success this medium has provided for the other groups.

Muddasar told the police that the funds were hard to come by and they decided that an exclusive wing needed to be launched in order to raise money. The money, Muddasar says was to fund their operations and also help those who sought to leave the country and fight alongside the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. On several occasions we have been in touch with some members from Madhya Pradesh and also West Bengal who have sought assistance in terms of money and also a place to hide. The job of the Ganimat ka Maal is to provide financial support to all outfits which are working under the banner of the Al-Jihad, he also pointed out. Apart from the incident at Karimagar, the Ganimat ka Maal has been involved in robberies in Madhya Pradesh as well. An officer with the Madhya Pradesh police informed that already they have been probing the robberies at Dewas and Itarsi and have found that it is the same group that is involved in these acts.

The original plan to set up both these outfits was suggested by Dr Faizal a SIMI operative. He had suggested that there should be several wings for different purposes. He felt the need to set up an online portal in a bid to increase the recruitments. He always maintained that there is not enough online presence for the SIMI as a result of which the recruitment process was taking place very slowly. He also said that the funding ought to be self-sufficient and transferring money from other countries would only lead to suspicion. Hence he had suggested that a wing ought to be created which would focus on raising money from India itself and this would involve robbery and extortion as well.

The questioning of Muddasar and Tariq further reveals that the SIMI members have been touch with Al-Qaeda operatives based out of both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The brief has been to create a strong force of over 5000 members who would be battle ready in a year or two. In this context the Electronic Warfare Group becomes extremely important and we had plans on targeting both men and women into joining us. Further it is also stated that they were told to lay emphasis on recruiting women as well since they come in handy during an attack. A woman operative not only helps in wading off the heat but she also is able to convince youth easily to join the force, Tariq told the police.

Intelligence Bureau officials based on the questioning of the two operatives have sounded an alert to the police stations in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Bihar and West Bengal to be on alert as the members of the Ganimat ka Maal could try and orchestrate more robberies and extortions. A great deal of emphasis must also be laid on tracking down online accounts remotely connected to the SIMI and for this the cyber crime wings have been told be on the look out. Online accounts can become viral very soon and this could cause a headache especially at a time when there are already so many sites which propagate jihad the IB official also pointed out.

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Hyderabad is Al-Qaeda hub

hydterHyderabad was to be the epi-centre of the Al-Qaeda through which it was decided to target several youth from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. National Investigating Agency officials informed that it appears that the Al-Qaeda has been planning this operation for quite some time and a lot of information was leaked by the Subedar who was honey trapped. He had leaked information regarding several army officers and also the bases which may have been shared with the Al-Qaeda which has decided that Hyderabad would its base to further it cause of setting up the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent or the AQIS.

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Islami Bank Bangladesh parked Saradha funds

islamibankThe Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited or the IBBL has had a notorious history and several agencies from across the world have red flagged this bank. Now with India seeking a report from Bangladesh on whether Saradha money was parked in this bank the probe becomes even more interesting. The Indian agencies suspect that the Jamaat-e-Islami collected Saradha funds, parked it in this bank following which it was moved to Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The scanner is also on another bank called the Social Islami Bank which is directly connected to banks in Saudi Arabia and the agencies suspect that the Saradha money could have moved through this channel.
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Black money- An explainer


A hue and cry over the black money issue and the statements by the Finance Minister that the names cannot be revealed has become a debating subject in several circles. According to Professor R Vaidyanathan, of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore who has written extensively on the subject and even prepared a detailed paper on the same, the approach in a lot of ways is entirely wrong.

In this interview with Professor Vaidyanathan explains the entire issue and also says the money pertaining to income tax avoidance stashed away abroad amounts to just 20 to 25 per cent where as the rest is all pertaining to corruption, drug and arms smuggling. He also says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will watch what his ministers do and if he finds that they are not taking any concrete action he will step in himself and sought it out.

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Doval’s Mission Kabul


The visit by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval to Kabul is an extremely significant one in the wake of so much action in the region. During the visit the NSA will try and ensure that India plays a greater role in Afghanistan and also see to it that the dependancy of Afghanistan tilts more towards India when compared to other nations especially Pakistan.

The visit gains significance in the wake of Afghanistan looking to handle the situation in the country following the withdrawal of the American troops. Doval will discuss in Afghanistan the proposal to provide modern military hardware. Afghanistan will renew discussions with India led by the NSA on this aspect. This was a proposal that was first initiated under the Hamid Karzai regime but was put on the back burner due to influence from Pakistan. However the change of regime in Afghanistan has given both India and Afghanistan a fresh impetus and both nations have decided to take the relations further now. Continue reading

Jamaat- The complete revival story

burdwanWith the Enforcement Directorate now coming into the picture where the Burdwan blast is concerned, there will be more clarity into the money trail. Based on preliminary investigations the agencies have found that there was a two pronged strategy that was involved in the fund raising. There were hundi operations in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and also crop donations from Bangladesh which helped them raise funds. A possibility of money being raised through counterfeiting is also not being ruled out by the Enforcement Directorate.

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Al-Qaedas India game plan getting dangerously close

INDIA_-_ISLAM_(F)_0904_-_Al_QaedaThe latest magazine of the Al-Qaeda meant only for private circulation has raised issues that come dangerously close to India which is nothing but another cause for concern for the Indian security agencies. Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Bangladesh and interestingly China figure in the latest edition of the magazine which runs into 117 pages.
The issue pertaining to Bangladesh will generate a lot of interest now since the Burdwan blast probe is circulated around the same issue. Like the Jamaat-ul-Bangladesh, Jamaat-ul-Islami the Al-Qaeda chief in the sub continent has demanded that the Awami League must be thrown out of power immediately. Without mincing any words, the chief of the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent chief, Asim Ummar says that the Awami League is all set to create a Hindu nation in Bangladesh and if one were to see Dhaka it is ironic that so many Hindu God statues are allowed to remain there. Umar is quoted to have said that Hinduism is the cancer of Bangladesh and is spreading like a disease. As long as the Awami League is around this cancer will continue to spread and all Muslim brothers should raise their arms to throw the Awami League out. In fact this is the exact same message that the JMB had proposed to send when it opened up bomb factories in West Bengal in a bid to throw to target the Awami League in Bangladesh. The NIA which is probing the case says that since day one there was a Al-qaeda stamp on this mission or else a smaller outfit like the JMB could not have planned such an attack without the blessings of such a large outfit such as the Al-Qaeda which is ideologically similar in nature.

The Al-Qaeda magazine then moves to China where it makes it clear that the Islamic Caliphate should be declared in the Xinjiang region. It has declared this region as a Muslim region and said that the occupancy should be reclaimed immediately. Intelligence Bureau officials have pointed out in the past that the Al-Qaeda has been showing a great deal of interest in China and has been working alongside the Taliban towards the Islamisation of various Chinese regions.

However the most vocal points have been made in respect to the Shamili camp for Muslims affected due to the Muzzafarnagar riots. Umar’s association with Uttar Pradesh is very evident in these paragraphs since he quotes regions and events with much precision. He seeks to tell the Muslims in the Shamili refuge camp to raise against the atrocities of the Indian establishment. You are being treated like refugees and untouchables in a land which was once your pride. Look back into history and the war in 1857 will show how you fought the British to safeguard Jihad, Umar says in the magazine. You ought to rule like Kings and not live like refugees anymore and hence there is a need to raise arms and restore the pride that you once had, Umar who is also known as Ustaad Umar further states.

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Saradha- Who is the super VIP


The Central Bureau of Investigation which is probing the multi crore Saradha scam has managed to ascertain a major nexus between powerful persons in the West Bengal establishment and the masterminds of the scam. A draft charge sheet that has been readied by the CBI details the nexus between the mastermind while also proving the theory that political connections did play a major role in the scam.

It has named several persons in the scam including Sudipto Sen, Kunal Ghosh, Debabrata Sarkar, former armed police chief Rajat Majumdar and businessman Sandhir Agarwal. It also points to the involvement of a West Bengal minister and a Member of Parliament  from West Bengal. However the CBI says that it is yet to question the MP and also points out that there is more investigation needed on the minister before it decides to put his name in the supplementary or final charge sheet. CBI sources say that these persons mentioned in the charge sheet played the primary role in the scam and they were the reason why the scam became so big and several persons were able to initially get away with the scam. Continue reading