Dawood man Malabari goes missing

‎Speak of negligence and this could be the case to be quoted. Rashid Malabari is no ordinary criminal. He is the direct link between the Dawood Ibrahim syndicates South India operations and he was the one assigned the task by Chota Shakeel of killing Varun Gandhi before he was arrested in Mangalore. Today where is Malabari? No body knows, not the police nor the jail authorities.
On July 21 Malabari was granted bail by a court in Mangalore. He left the jail the next day and since then has been un-traceable. The irony is that the police never bothered to check on him and once he left jail he became a free man. It was only a couple of days back when the police went to his house following a court summons did they realise that Malabari was gone. The state Intelligence,police and the jail authorities are clueless about his whereabouts. Each one of them thought he was still in jail and were not even aware that he had been enlarged on bail.

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Mistaken identity

‎The hunt for Amir Reza Khan turned out to be a damp squib. The Indian agencies who thought they had the Indian Mujahideen founder finally discovered that the trail had led up to a man by the name Khan, but he was another Accused in the American Consulate bombing.
Last week the Indian agencies had claimed that Khan had been arrested in Europe and they were confident that he was the man who had founded the IM. A team had left immediately with DNA samples and photographs, but it led up to the wrong man.
Now the agencies will try and bring back Khan who is also an accused in the American centre bombing. He was also part of the abduction of Shoe baron Roy Barman.
However fresh information obtained suggests that Amir Reza Khan is now holed up in Luxembourg. A fresh alert has been issued against him.

Love Jihad explained

‎Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad- a terminology that has been debated discussed and even made into an election issue. While many Muslim leaders are accusing the BJP of using this propaganda as a run up to the elections, the fact of the matter is that this was first raked up by the Christian community in Kerala.
Today allegations are flying around and several Hindu leaders have accused the Muslim youth in Uttar Pradesh of resorting to Love Jihad in order to increase their community strength. In short what does Love Jihad mean? A Muslim boy is accused of trapping a Hindu or Christian girl into a Web of love and then converting her to Islam. 
The issue was first raised by the Catholic Church in Kerala. Subsequently an inquiry was conducted by the Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance of the Kerala Bishops Council which alleged that 2868 girls had fallen prey to Love Jihad.‎ This even forced the Kerala High Court to issue an order to investigate into the matter. A similar order was also passed by the High Court of Karnataka. Although the investigations were in-conclusive, allegations still floated around. In some cases the girls told the police that they had converted of their own will while in others, they just returned to their parents.This matter was even reported in the Wikileaks cables and US diplomats had even probed into the matter.

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IM’s ISI man runs out of luck?

A search for a dreaded Indian Mujahideen terrorist which commenced 12 years back may end if the Indian agencies are able to ascertain the identity of Amir Reza Khna who has been detained in Europe.
Khan the founder of the IM is said to have been detained in Europe. An 8 member Indian team would leave for Europe armed with evidence to prove the identity of Khan. 
Khan is a much wanted operative and he has been on the radar of the FBI as well. He is an accused in the 2002 American centre bombing. He is also the same person who carried out the abduction of show baron from Kolkata, Partho Roy Barman. A part of the money that he got from the ransom was sent to Mohammad Ata, one of the men who carried out the 9/11 attack.

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SIMI, Nagori and their plan

‎There have been attempts made by members of the Students Islamic Movement of India to revive the organisation and the Bodhgaya and Patna attacks were a sign of this. What is interesting and ironic is that the SIMI despite the arrest of its supreme commander Safdar Nagori almost five years back continued to work according to his plan and finally implemented it to perfection.
Safdar Nagori who lost his SIMI membership in 2005 after he decided to launch a radical outfit to avenge the ban is still revered and respected by his 500 odd followers. He has been in jail for nearly five years now, but his interrogation report suggests that everything that he had planned is being carried out verbatim by his supporters. In fact he has been such an inspirational figure for the SIMI that his followers were even ready to risk their lives to have him released from a jail in Gujarat, a state which is known to be extremely intolerant towards terror.

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Rediff.com, thank you very much

‎I hate good byes. Probably why I chose not to send out a customary mail thanking all my colleagues at rediff.com with whom I have worked 7 years. I don’t know where to begin and where to end and as I sent out my last story to rediff.com a while ago, a tear dropped from eye and that is when reality hit that a journey that I would cherish all my life has ended.
To be honest I have not been the easiest of colleagues to either work with or handle. My mood swings and my constant nature to complain has without a doubt angered many of my colleagues. I would like to apologise for that and hope we can bury all indifference under the carpet.
Rediff.com as an organisation would be my description of the world wide Web. An organisation that gives you the freedom to write on any subject. A great place I would say if you are serious about working. I thank rediff.com for the opportunity and all my readers and well wishers for all the support. 
A special word of thanks to my editors and of course the newsdesk which has put up with me and published my stories.
I don’t want to go on and on. I would like to stop here by saying all the best to the organisation which has taught me a lot and given me an opportunity to be who I am. Thank you very much and lots of love and best wishes- Vicky Nanjappa‎

Kashmir separatists- The money they make

kashmir_350_101111084311Pakistan and the separatists have upped the ante and are showing no signs of cowing down which has left a lot of uncertainty in the Valley. The very fact that these separatists can go on and on is a lot to do with the fact that they have no dearth of resources and a minimum transaction made into their accounts would involve anything between Rs 25 to Rs 30 million.

Home Ministry officials and Intelligence Bureau officers say that these separatists are the ones who are blocking all forms of negotiations and the best way to curb them is to freeze their funds and also track down their resources.

In the year 2011 an operative by the name Hira Lal was arrested for circulating money through a hawala transaction. He was picked up from a hotel in Srinagar where he was found to be in possession of fake currency. During his interrogation he told the police that had been tasked to hand over funds to Kashmiri separatists and he had passed on Rs 30 million to the Lone brothers. He also said that the money to be paid off to the separatists was provided to him by the Pakistan’s High Commission.

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How UPA messed the Headley probe

The government of India very often says that it is working on getting access to David Headley. While even a child on the street would say that this is not possible, it would be interesting to note how the government handled the entire issue and the files to this effect would show that it was far from satisfactory.

The very fact that the Headley case was bifurcated from the original 26/11 case which was being fought by the Maharashtra government itself was surprising. While on one hand the Crime Branch of Bombay was struggling with details of the case, the union government did not make their job any easier. The prosecutor in the 26/11 case which was primarily against Ajmal Kasab had sought for details on David Headley the moment that angle to this incident cropped up. The intention of the prosecutor Ujwal Nikam was to add the Headley angle to the case as it was the same case and had to be tried before the same court. However the then Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram had refused to share any information on the ground that Nikam was not a government prosecutor. In fact the government said that he was a private lawyer hired by the Maharashtra government for the trial.

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Kerala- Suicide bombers were on their way

‎Amir Siddiqui a consular officer at the Pakistan embassy in Colombo was air lifted to Pakistan the moment details of his alleged involvement in a conspiracy against India came to light. As India probes this case jointly with Malaysia and Maldives it has come to light that these operatives not only wanted to bomb embassies in South India but also ferry a couple of Su‎icide bombers to Kerala.
Idia now with the assistance of Malaysia is all set to build up a detailed case against the officer who had personally overseen the recruitment of Sri Lankan Muslims to carry out a series of attacks on South Indian soil.
While of the operatives for this attack was arrested in Chennai the other was picked up by the Malaysian police. During the questioning the accused revealed startling details of the plot and also said that the attack would be launched on South India using a sea route from Maldives. This has now engaged the Maldivian police who will also assist in the probe.

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Much needed terror academy gets underway

command1The lack of trained personnel to fight terrorism in India and more importantly the lack of understanding of the subject has forced the government of India to set up a full fledged terror academy. Work has already commenced on this project which has been suggested by the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.
The previous government created several agencies, but somewhere down the line everyone realised that having more people is not enough to curb this menace of terrorism. What India lacked was skilled professionals to tackle this problem and the very fact that the thinking of a large number of people was Left was also not helping the cause.

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