Farmer suicide: Whose suicide note did Kumar Vishwas read out?


 The suicide note or the alleged note of Gajendra Singh will be extremely crucial for the investigations. This would help ascertain largely whether it was a case of suicide or something that went horribly wrong. 

The Delhi Police probing the case say that prima facie what they have been given to understand from the family members is that the handwriting was not that of Gajendra Singh’s. The police have collected samples of his earlier handwriting and sent it for forensic analysis.

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Ford Foundation funded think tank to stay in touch with India MPs


 A funding by Ford Foundation to a think tank which kept in close contact with the Members of Parliament had come under the scanner of the Intelligence Bureau. 

There are various such payments made allegedly by the Ford Foundation, which led to it being placed under the watch list. 

The Ford Foundation has now sought a clarification from the Indian Government which has placed it under the watch list and barred it from funding any NGO unless there is a clearence from the government.

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Nepal earthquake: Recounting the 1934 horror


 The earthquake to hit Nepal today was probably the worst after the devastation of 1934. 

In the year 1934 the Earthquake known as the Bihar-Nepal earthquake was considered to be the worst the region had experienced. 

In the 1934 earthquake, the number of people dead were 12,000 in Nepal and 7253 in Bihar.

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Red sandalwood smuggling: The five layers of the racket


 It would take a while before one puts into the zeroes to a figure of Rs 1 lakh crore. This is a rough estimate of the value of the red sandalwood that remains at the Seshachalam forests.

 It does not come across as a surprise if the Andhra Pradesh government is moving heaven and earth to guard the red sandalwood.

 In every crime there are often five layers and the same can be found in the red sandalwood smuggling racket too.

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Nepal earthquake: Has the myth of 80 years come true?


 In Nepal, there is a popular folklore that there is a major earthquake once in 80 years. This has in fact been backed up by science as well, which shows that a major earthquake takes once in 80 years. 

After the 1934 earthquake, which resulted in massive destruction, there have been smaller earthquakes that Nepal has witnessed. However, it was last year that several people of Nepal had expressed concern about an earthquake which could be big. 

There had said that a big one is overdue and people should prepare for the worst.

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Nepal earthquake: Radio has the biggest role to play, but they are vulnerable


 With Nepal ranked 11th in the world probe to earthquake risks, there have been a variety of programmes and interactions held in the past two years regarding the role of the media. 

A programme organized by the National Society for Earthquake Technology in Nepal had stressed upon the need to have reporters specifically doing beats on natural disasters. 

During the interaction held in the year 2012 it was also stated that Kathmandu in particular faces a very high risk of earthquakes.

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Nepal earthquake: Damage would have been worse if it was 8.4


 A survey that was conducted by the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project recently had suggested that if Nepal were to be hit by an earthquake measuring 8.4 on the richter scale at least 40,000 people would have lost their lives.

 In the year 1934 Nepal had been hit by an earthquake measuring 8.4.

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Ford foundation invited by Nehru has made 3500 grants 


  Had Ford Foundation provided a grant of 540,000 US Dollars to the Sabrang Trust, an NGO that is run by Teesta Setalvad? 

An inquiry that was conducted by the Gujarat government made this point and also stated that the NGO had an agenda which ran contrary to what it actually proclaimed. 

The Ford Foundation was placed under watch by the Home Ministry yesterday. At least 5 million dollars in terms of grants sent by the Ford Foundation had been blocked in the past couple 

Pak boat intercept: “Drop arms, stay still”


 “Drop the arms into the water. Stay still.” This was the message that the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) picked up while tracking the boat from Pakistan which was intercepted at sea earlier this week. 

There were eight persons on this heroin laden boat who being handled by a set of men based out of Karachi and Thailand. 

It is an indicator that the contraband was headed into the Indian waters from where it would be smuggled into Thailand and later into the European market. 

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Black Money: The Dubai calls have begun


 Bringing back to India black money stashed away abroad is a promise that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made and executing this job has been extremely challenging.

Not only are several persons making attempts to move their money to their foreign contacts on a daily basis, but the number of representations that the Finance Minister has been getting to water down the action is also quite startling.

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