Purchased minor for prostitution, candidate declares

Pankaj Kumar Singh an CPI(ML)(L) candidate from Purnia constituency, Bihar has declared a case related buying minor for purposes of prostitution, etc. (IPC Section-373). He is among the 11 others contesting the 6th phase of the elections to declare a case for a crime against a woman.
Phase 6 of the Lok Sabha elections will witness 321 candidates with a criminal background contesting the polls. Out of the 2071 candidates analysed by the Assocaition for Democratic Reforms 321 (15%) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves.
204 candidates have declared serious criminal cases including cases related to murder, attempt to murder, robbery etc. Udayakumar S.P. of AAP from Kanniyakumari constituency, Tamil Nadu has declared 382 criminal cases against himself followed by M.Pushparayan of AAP from Thoothukkudi constituency with 380 criminal cases and Mu.Anbhalagan of DMK from Tiruchirappalli constituency with 10 criminal cases.

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And again BJP-TDP patch up

‎After stating openly that the TDP would fight the elections without the BJP in Seema-Andhra, Chandrababu Naidu has now agreed to keep the alliance alive. Prakash Javdekar who met with Naidu at his residence in Hyderabad said that Naidu has agreed to be part of the alliance.

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Naidu vs Jagan- Battle for Seema-Andhra

jag2 naiIn what started off as a one sided battle in Seema-Andhra now is promising to become a fierce battle. There are only two players here the Telugu Desam Party and the YSR Congress Party and it is going to be a direct battle between them. We try and find out what the ground level situation is for these two parties and more interestingly how they are both fighting for the fallen legacy of the Congress in order to win the battle.

On the face of it would appear that the TDP has gained immensely in urban Seema-Andhra where as Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress party still has the edge in the rural areas.

There has been a major change in the manner in which the people in urban areas have started to think. In the urban belts of Seema-Andhra, the TDP has bounced back in a very big way. In the existing scenario where the building of a new capital is very important to the urban belt, they feel Chandrababu Naidu is a better choice when compared to Jagan. Many in the educated class feel that Naidu had done a good job where Hyderabad was concerned and could replicate the same in Seema-Andhra as well.

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BJP-TDP- Time for reality check

20140331-115042.jpgThe BJP and the TDP alliance has become a talk of the town. There are tempers flying around and big talk by both sides saying that they can manage without each other. The BJP supporters often question as to why their leadership does not break the alliance instead of putting up with Naidu’s tantrums.

BJP insiders who are dealing with this issue give us a clarity about what exactly is going on within the BJP-TDP alliance. For starters there has to be a certain amount of flexibility on both sides. The BJP source says that Naidu has not started talking tough after the opinion polls gave him the edge. He was extremely confident of winning 20 Lok Sabha seats prior to these opinion polls coming out.

When the BJP and the TDP began speaking, Naidu had suggested that there should be an alliance only in Telangana. But the BJP was not agreeable to the same and said that the alliance has to be in force in the entire Andhra Pradesh. It was with a great deal of reluctance that Naidu finally agreed to seal the alliance where Seema-Andhra was concerned.

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BJP Seema-Andhra could follow UP model

bjpflagsThe BJP could seek the support of the YSR Congress party after the polls despite its alliance with the TDP. It would be something on the lines of Uttar Pradesh where both the SP and BSP supported the UPA, a senior leader of the BJP told rediff.com
The BJP‎ needs a large chunk of seats from Andhra Pradesh through its allies and now with the alliance with the TDP running into troubled waters again, the BJP is keeping every option open.
Chandrababu Naidu who is spending more time sorting out the infighting within his party than campaigning even today addressed his workers through tele-conference. He told his workers that the BJP had fielded bad candidates in the Seema-Andhra assembly segment. They are not even capable of winning a ward election he said while also adding that the alliance has proven to be a mistake.

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TDP’s damage control

‎Barely a few hours after Chandrababu Naidu said at a rally that they would fight alone in Seema-Andhra, the TDP has gone into damage control mode and says the statement was misintepreted.
The TDP leaders while clarifying Naidu’s statement said he only meant that if BJP puts up weak candidates he would fight the battle alone.
However the BJP says that they will hold another round of talks and see to it that the alliance is through. Prakash Javedekar who confirms this says that they would iron out the differences.

Sonia in Telangana made no difference

soniaIt has been said that Telangana is the only region in the country where there is no anti Congress wave. The Telangana struggle of 60 years may have come to an end, but the real struggle for the Congress to win Telangana on the ground that they paved the way for the creation of the new state has begun.
Sonia Gandhi, who has been given a lot of titles by the Congressmen which includes Mother of Telangana was at Karimnagar for her first rally in the region since the Parliament cleared the formation of the state. How much did the Sonia Gandhi rally impact the voters in Telangana. According to many Congressmen the visit came a bit late in the day. She should have been here atleast 2 weeks back. It feels as though K Chandraseakara Rao of the Telangana Rastriya Samithi has raced us to the finish, a senior Congress leader informed. Rao began early and the only thing he has been chanting to the voter is that his party brought about Telangana. He has belted this dialogue out to such an extent that many have actually begun to feel that the Congress played ‎second fiddle. The Congress however begs to differ and has been telling the voters that had they not passed the bill, no amount of struggle would have yeilded any result.

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BJP-TDP alliance breaks

‎The BJP-TDP alliance in Seema-Andhra has officially broken. Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP chief announced just now at a rally that there will be no alliance with the BJP in Seema-Andhra. He was addressing a gathering at Parvathipuram.
Although the TDP chief has made it official, the BJP says talks are still on. The alliance would not be impacted in Telangana.
Both the parties have fielded candidates based on the seat sharing arrangement they entered into. Now the seats will be filled up by the respective parties.

TDP-BJP trouble now at Seema-Andhra

tdpbjp2There is big trouble in the BJP-TDP alliance in Seema-Andhra and the boss of the TDP has dialled Narendra Modi for help. The problem that started off at the grass root level is now being fought by the top bosses of both the parties. Chandrababu Naidu is miffed with the BJP and also Pawan Kalyan over the decision to field candidates from the Vijayawada and Rajanpet parliamentary constituency.

Pawan Kalyan one of the star campaigners for the BJP in Seema-Andhra had sought the Vijayawada seat for his industrialist friend, T Varaparasad. However Chandrababu Naidu ignored his request and gave the seat to Kesineni Nani also an industrialist. Kalyan had complained with the BJP which also put in a word with Naidu, but the TDP boss did not listen.

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Seema-Andhra wants the following

seemaSeema-Andhra goes to poll on May 7th. There is a pale of gloom among many that the state has been bifurcated, but then there is also determination that they should make Seema-Andhra into a model state.
We have heard so far what the political parties are plotting in Seema-Andhra. Every second rally addresses only the bifurcation issue and even the people now have started to say, “ oh come on let us move on.”
We speak to a cross section of people in the region and also with some local leaders to understand what exactly the people want. In word to sum it, what they want is development.

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