Iqbal Mirchi probes shows how Dawood Ibrahim still controls Mumbai

L to R: Dawood Ibrahim, Iqbal Mirchi

L to R: Dawood Ibrahim, Iqbal Mirchi

The Iqbal Mirchi case which is being probed by the Enforcement Directorate will not be just about property deals and money laundering.

It is not just about the sale of the Worli Sea facing property alone, but three other properties all amounting to Rs 3000 crore which has been parked in Europe, an enforcement directorate official tells OneIndia.

The big question before the investigators is not only about the investment of this money in Europe, but there is an interesting trail which goes on to clearly show how the who is who in Mumbai were bought over to finalise these deals.

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Taliban’s spring offensive: What you need to know

bbcThe attack on a guest house in Kabul by the Taliban earlier this week was yet another sign of the spring offensive launched by the terror outfit.
The Taliban every year launches a spring offensive and this year the same was announced in the month of April.

The spring offensive that the Taliban launches is a yearly occurrence, but this time around there is a different approach that the outfit is taking.

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Sopore attack: Targetting communication and a lie called Lashkar-e-Islam

towerThe Sopore killings and targeting of telecom companies pose a new challenge to the security agencies in Kashmir. Lt General Subrata Saha the General Officer Commanding 15 Chinar Corps said that the incidents related to telecom sector in Sopore has a new dimension and army was analyzing it.

While it is pretty clear that the militants are targeting telecom companies in a bid to cut off communication, the other question is who are these militants? There were posters found in the targeted areas of the Lashkar-e-Islam a lesser known militant group.

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Mullah Omar has a sense of humour, but where is he?

mullahMullah Omar will always remain an enigma and the man who is capable of killing thousands is for some strange reason camera shy.
The one eyed supreme commander of the Taliban is around somewhere and while one could question his effectiveness today, for the Taliban he is extremely important because of the cult status that he enjoys.

The recent publication of Mullah Omar’s 5000 word biography was a sign of desperation on part of the Taliban. Omar was last seen in the year 2001 and after that he has gone into hibernation.

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Flat denial in Modi’s India? Will the propaganda ever end?

modiindiaA flat denied in Modi’s India, Church attacked in Modi’s India or job denied in Modi’s India- the list is endless.

While one may wonder why “Modi’s India” is added in a sentence anytime something bad takes place, one must also bear in mind that denying flats is not some new phenomenon and there have been instances such as these in Mumbai in the past as well.

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Jaya appeal: 30 lakh Tamil votes at stake

jaya3The Karnataka state government has time till August 11 to file an appeal challenging the order of acquittal in the disproportionate assets case relating to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa.
While it was expected that the appeal would be filed soon, sources now inform that the Karnataka government may go up in appeal before the Supreme Court only once the BBMP elections are over.

For the ruling Congress in Karnataka, the BBMP elections is extremely important and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah wants to leave no stone unturned. Keeping in mind the 30 lakh odd Tamil voters in Bengaluru city, the appeal may be delayed, sources also informed.

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Gold smuggling- The unique tactics used today

goldSmugglers find unique ways to send in their goods into the Indian market. A recent case in which a torch was sent to India by a courier has opened up the Pandora’s box.
When the officials opened up the torch as they were suspicious about it, they found that it had batteries made out of gold. Read more

Black money: Looking for stash in India

blackmThe Swiss authorities naming the Indians alleged to have stashed money abroad is a good start no doubt. While the Swiss authorities await replies from these persons, the Indian Income Tax Department will pick it up from to dig deeper and find out where else these persons could have stashed away the cash.
It becomes quite clear while looking into some of the cases that money laundering was an extremely easy job to undertake until a few years back. In the year 2012, the Income Tax Department conducted a raid at near Delhi at the premises of Gurjit Kochar, it was alleged that someone in the government had tipped them off which ensured a large chunk of money had been moved out well in advance. Read more

Lottery scam: Kingpin Santiago Martin will be re-visited

lotteryThe decision to hand over the investigation into the Lottery scam to the Central Bureau of Investigation was necessary as it is an empire that is a little over Rs 7,000 crore.
Pari Rajan who is being touted as the kingpin in the scam is in reality a small fry compared to the likes of Santiago Martin and Micheal who investigators say are the real brains behind this major scam. Read more

Corporate terrorists: Keeping employees happy

Isis members in Aleppo, SyriaTerror groups often function like corporate houses. An application form of the Al-Qaeda found on the Abottabad compound where Osama Bin Laden was staying is one such instance of how terror groups are behaving like corporates.
The Indian Mujahideen too had rewarded its operatives after executing a successful 13/7 attacks in Mumbai. Now it is the ISIS which is offering a honeymoon package for its operatives. Read more