No relief for Jayalalithaa

No relief for Jayalalithaa as Karnataka High Court hearing her appeal has posted the matter for Monday. Justice Ratnakala while admitting the matter posted hearing on her bail plea for Monday.
Represented by senior counsel Ram Jethmalani, Jayalalithaa sought a stay on her sentence. The government prosecutor however said that he would require time to file objections. The court admitted her petition seeking bail while adjourning the matter to Monday.

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Saradha- Bangladesh confirms Jamaat-TMC link

A dossier prepared by the National Security Intelligence of Bangladesh was handed over to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The dossier speaks volumes about the role played by the politicians in West Bengal and their meetings with the Jamaat-e-Islami leaders to create problems for the Awami League.
The dossier comes following a meeting of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the Bangladesh foriegn minister who met at New Delhi a few days before the Prime Minister left for New York.

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Haj pilgrims on scanner at Saudi Arabia

The Intelligence Agencies of India and Saudi Arabia have decided to work together in a bid to tackle the ISIS and Al-Qaeda menace which is becoming problematic for both the nations. The chief of the Intelligence Bureau, Asif Ibrahim who is in Saudi Arabia on a week long official visit is holding discussions with his counterparts to ensure that recruits from India do not use the Saudi Arabia route to land up in Syria and Iraq. Based on the intelligence shared by both the countries it has been found that around 38 youth were planning on landing in Saudi Arabia as Haj pilgrims and then moving out of there to land up in Syria and Iraq in a bid to join the ISIS. This bit of information is exremely crucial in the fight agaisnt the ISIS which is making a bid to recruit as many people as possible from the Sub-Continent. A close watch is also being kept on recruits who are joining the Khorasan an Al-Qaeda affiliate which is battling the Assad regime in Syria.

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Jayalalithaa files appeal

J Jayalalithaa who has just filed the appeal before the Karnataka High Court against the order of the Special Court has sought for suspension of sentence. Her legal team headed by senior counsel B Kumar will move the High Court seeking that the matter be taken up tomorrow itself.
For now, Jayalalithaa has decided to seek limited relief specific to her sentence of 4 years. In her appeal she has sought suspension of sentence citing several grounds including her health. The appeal on sentencing would be dealt with later since it involves more study. Her order on conviction ran into 896 pages while the order on sentencing was restricted to just 20 pages which makes it easier to file an appeal immediately.
If the matter is not listed after the filing to be heard tomorrow, her advocates would make a special mention before the court tomorrow in the morning when the court commences session. For her team it is important that the matter be taken up tomorrow itself and if they miss this date then they would get the next date only on October 6 in the event of the court vacation.

Jaya- Billa number 7402

jaya2J Jayalalithaa is prisoner number 7402 and for her first meal in prison last night she was served bread, curd rice and fruits. She was then given a white saree which is the jail uniform which she will now need to wear as long as she stays in prison. Jayalalithaa was convicted for graft charges and sentenced to four years imprisonment by a special court which had also ordered her to pay a fine of Rs 100 crore.

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Jayalalithaa- Another side

jayaThose inside the court hall who watched the proceedings as the Special Court pronounced J Jayalalithaa guilty say that they got to see a completely different side of her. She was down and the manner in which she sat down once the verdict was out regarding her sentencing gave the indication that reality had dawned upon her. Obviously there was a lot on her mind politically and personally as a result of this judgment and the fact that she was given a sentence which was over 3 years only meant that she would have to spend the night in jail and not entitled to appeal for bail before the Special Court.
The court which delivered its verdict was tough and sought to give no lieniency what so ever during the various appeals that her counsel made following the sentencing. Even during the argument on the sentence, the court was in no mood to grant her any benefit.

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Modi summons on arrival- Ploy begins

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been issued with a summons on arrival. While the Indian team would respond to this summons issued by a New York court for his role in thhe Gujarat riots, the Prime Minister’s advisors would have more such issued to deal with in the days to come.

Modi is all set to face a host of complaints in the UN Rights Council and all these would be pertaining to the same old Gujarat riots. As per the information that has been gathered by India, in all there would be 16 complaints that would be filed against the Priime Minister and this is just part of a proxy war. India has identified 16 NGO’s in the United States of America which specifically work for Pakistan’s interests. There is an atttempt being made to malign the image of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi as he is expected to make a mark in the US.

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Khorasan-What does it mean?

Just when the world began dealing with a headache called the Islamic State, the emergence of Khorasan has added to the problem. Beleived to be an affiliate of the Al-Qaeda, experts have termed Khorsan as a bigger threat compared to the ISIS.
Khorasan is nothing but the Al-Qaeda, but if one reads deep into the meaning of the name it refers to Afghanistan-Pakistan and Iran. The term Khorsan has been used to describe the three regions a long time ago.
The Al-Qaeda decided to launch its Syria operations under this name as it felt it was being beaten down by the ISIS. It comprises very seasons operatives of the Al-Qaeda who had been on stand by. The outfit was buying time to revive itself and in fact waited for the focus to turn completely on the ISIS and used this time to build up its capabilities. Today it is involved in a three way fight with the ISIS-Assad regime and also the US forces who have vowed to bring them down.
However according to the Indian agencies, this is a sign of bigger things to come in the wake of Al-Qaeda announcing its India outfit. The target is clearly the sub-continent and Afghanistan in the longer run. They would first wait for the US to weaken the ISIS and then seek to take control of Syria. However the target would be Afghanistan and they would wait until the West pulls out of there.

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Nuclear war head- Pak obligated to do more

kreponWhile every nuclear state is obliged to improve security, Pakistan is more obligated to do so says Michael Krepon the co-founder of the Stimson Center, a Washington based think tank.
How serious do you think is the threat of the Pakistan advancing toward a sea-based missile capability?

India is intent on having a sea-based nuclear deterrent. Pakistan is, too.

Pakistan said that they separate warheads from launchers. Do you agree with their view?
Separation will be very hard at sea. Warheads will be close by at all times.

The international community has expressed fears of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. Has Pakistan ensured that this does not happen even in the near future?
Every country with nuclear weapons is obliged to constantly improve security. Pakistan is more obliged than most because its internal security concerns are greater.

There is a great deal of instability in Pakistan today. Do you see another military coup?
No.As long as Pakistan’s military already controls the portfolios that matter most to it, why would it want the headaches of running the government?

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