Modi was SIMI target at Patna

patnablastsThe fears of the security agencies regarding the revival of the Student’s Islamic Movement of India have come true. The National Investigation Agency has concluded that the Patna Blasts was masterminded by the SIMI and carried out with the logistic support given by the Indian Mujahideen.
The man behind the attack is Imtiaz Ansari, a top leader of the SIMI in Bihar. His name had been revealed for the first time by IM operative Tehsin Akthar who was arrested recently. The investigations have found that the SIMI was desperate for a hit and used the logistics provided by the IM to hit the Hunkar rally at Patna. Continue reading

Andhra’s dirtiest election is also hilarious

aptel2The maximum amount of dirty money, highest number of paid news cases, money being dispensed through ATM’s and frying samosas at weddings for votes- This would more or less sum up the elections in Andhra Pradesh.
The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seema-Andhra has only ensured that this election is one of the hardest fought battles. No candidate wants to leave any stone unturned and ensure that his or her party installs the first ever government in both these regions. It is a battle for supremacy and it is clear that the entire focus is on the assembly elections and hardly on the Lok Sabha battle.

Paid news:
The paid news in Andhra Pradesh has touched its peak this time. Out of the 854 cases of paid news that have been registered, 208 are from Andhra Pradesh alone. No party in the state can call itself clean in this regard and the situation is the same be it in Seema-Andhra or Telangana. Political pundits in Andhra Pradesh say that since the last elections itself political parties have been resorting to paid news. Most of them have their own channels and use it galore to further their cause. However the Election Commission of India feels that the amount that is spent on paid news ought to be added to the overall spending limit of the candidate.

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Extra marital affair is not rape

9212_18A Delhi court has taken strong exception to a large number of extra marital affairs being converted into rape cases. A court in Delhi has acquitted a man accused of raping a married woman on the false promise of marriage.
The court said the married woman, who had a son, got involved in the affair during the subsistence of her marriage and to save herself from “embarrassment”, she conveniently lodged a rape case against her paramour claiming he promised to marry her and had physical relations with her and then retracted from his promise and also got her pregnancy aborted.
“This trend of extra-marital affairs being converted into rape cases is coming up as several such cases have been filed in court on similar allegations. When a woman herself is not in a capacity to marry another man during the subsistence of her marriage, then why should her paramour be prosecuted, incarcerated and be tried for rape when it is actually just an extra-marital affair?
“This kind of unscrupulous litigation is required to be nipped in the bud itself,” Additional Sessions Judge Nivedita Anil Sharma said, adding that with changing times, the understanding of “morality” is also changing. Continue reading

Purandeshwari- Wrong choice of constituency

puranIt is not very often that you see in Andhra Pradesh that a member of the N T Rama Rao family being on the back foot and this especially cannot be the case when the person in question is the daughter of the legend.

Look at the candidature of Purandeshwari, the daughter of N T Rama Rao from the Rajampet constituency and by any stretch of imagination one cannot say that this is making any sense. Her rift with her brother in law, Chandrababu Naidu is a well known fact and this many feel would turn into negative campaign by the TDP against her. Purandeshwari is fighting the election on a BJP ticket and as per the agreement with the TDP, she does expect a lot of support from the local cadre.

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Naidu and Kalyan on stage together- A blunder

naidupawanChandrababu Naidu wants to break the ice with Pawan Kalyan and all eyes are on a possible meeting of the two shortly. Looking at the NDA rally that was held in Hyderabad yesterday in the presence of Narendra Modi, many in the local Telangana BJP unit say that it was a bad idea to bring together Pawan Kalyan and Naidu on stage together.

The tension was evident all through the meeting. The first sign of the problem was witnessed on stage when Pawan refused to greet Naidu. An attempt made by Naidu to speak with Pawan also did not go down too well. BJP sources say that this kind of cold war in the open could have had some amount of negative impact. They however hope that the two are not brought together on stage when they campaign in Seema-Andhra.

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341 crorepatis, 222 with crime record in phase 7

telseemnewAndhra Pradesh will vote in two phases- Telangana and Seema-Andhra. The Telangana elections to be held on April 30th will see a total number of 265 candidates contesting the 17 Lok Sabha seats. In this list of 265 analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms there are 49 candidates with a criminal record. The data would also show that there are 74 crorepati candidates candidates contesting the April 30th election.
While this is the data for the Telangana region, there are 8 other states too which will go to polls on the same date as part of the 7th phase of the elections. The total number of candidates contesting the 7th phase elections is 1295 of which 222 have a criminal record. There are 341 crorepati candidates in this list. Continue reading

Modi math- 1+1+1=111

The first rally of the National Democratic Alliance in Andhra Pradesh was held at Hyderabad today. Narendra Modi, Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan were the star speakers at the meet.
Modi’s reception at Hyderabad was similar to the one he received the last time he was here. The roar was deafening. 
‎All the calculations by political pundits will go wrong. None want the math of these pundits who sit in ac chambers. This elections is not about math, it is about chemistry. Explaining this he said Modi, Babu and Kalyan are together on stage. If you do the math it becomes 1+1+1 equals 3. But this election it is about chemistry and 1+1+1 is 111 and that is what we are aiming at Andhra Pradesh.

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Modi- Narasimha Rao insulted by dynasty

‎Narendra Modi who is adressing four rallies in Telangana today including one at Hyderabad raked up several issues right from the Telangana struggle to the Congress insulting P V Narasimha Rao.
Rao became the Prime Minister much against the wishes of the family. He was sidelined later and his family members were not treated well, Modi said at his Nizamabad rally. 
Seeking to take the advantage away from the Congress and the TRS which claims credit for the formation of the state, Modi said the state is a reality because of the people and not these political parties. I will ensure that I work hard for the development of Telangana, Modi also assured. He also quickly added that both Seema-Andhra and Telangana are like his children and he would look after them.

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Modi, Naidu come together

‎It was a picture of unity at Mahboobnagar where Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu shared the stage together.
Naidu was seen garlanding Modi and both leaders shook hands thus giving out a message that the two parties stood united despite several differences.
Naidu made a very cautious speech and did not belt out the Telanagana sentiment as it could have hampered his vote bank in Seema-Andhra where he is in with a realistic chance.
Naidu said that the Telangana region could be developed only under the National Democratic Alliance. The TDP will help make Modi the Prime Minister as it is the need of the hour. Only Modi can ensure development of the country, he also pointed out. Naidu also called on the people to make the right choice and not trust the Congress.‎

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SIMI’s come back

When the government of India is under a transition phase, the worry for every security agency in the country is immense.The regrouping fears of groups such as the Students Islamic Movement of India (radical version) and the Indian Mujahideen are higher due to two factors- When groups are down and out, they tend to come back harder and secondly they find it easier to regroup when there is a transition between two governments.
These groups do expect that the next government in New Delhi is most likely a BJP led one. Between the Indian Mujahideen and the SIMI, the latter has a greater score to settle since it was banned by the BJP. The indications that the SIMI is trying to make a comeback is evident in the various interrogation reports of Yasin Bhatkal, Tehsin Akthar, Waqas Ahmed among others.
There is a radical version of the SIMI which has been trying to stage a comeback. This group is headed by Safdar Nagori who currently is lodged in jail. Right from planning political attacks and filling up their kitty with ample arms and ammunition, the SIMI is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they strike big. An intelligence Bureau official points out that this was bound to happen. The Indian Mujahideen and the SIMI are the one and the same in terms of ideology. Now with the IM down, it would be the SIMI which will carry forward the mantle. This would help the IM reduce its heat and regroup, the officer also points out.

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