Enough grounds to proceed: The crimes of Kashmir separatist Yasin Malik

yasinmalikNew Delhi, Mar 15: There is enough evidence to proceed against Yasin Malik and others in a terror case, a National Investigation Agency court has said. The court hearing a matter relating to the killing of four unarmed Indian Air Force Officers in Kashmir in 1990.

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First Yasin Malik, now Javed Mir: Our martyred IAF heroes are getting justice at last

Javed Mir Image courtesy: @JAMMULINKS

New Delhi, Oct 19: Javed Mir alias Nalka, a key accused in the killing of four Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel including Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna has been arrested. He had been on the run for 29 years and is part of the banned outfit, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. Nalka was among the first terrorists to have received arms training in Pakistan.

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IAF hero gets justice: Why it is time up for Yasin Malik

New Delhi, Oct 06: Yasin Malik is in jail, the NIA has filed a water-tight case against him in the terror funding case and the IAF’s hero whom he had killed will now find a place on the War Memorial.

The Indian Air Force has approved the name of Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna who was killed by Malik in 1990 to be on the War Memorial. For Yasin Malik life has come a full circle. One of the most notorious separatist/terrorist, he got away scot free with a number of crimes over the years.

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From videos to mails, how NIA built a water tight case against Yasin Malik

New Delhi, Oct 05: Yasin Malik, the notorious separatists of Jammu and Kashmir was getting foreign funds from hawala channels to cause unrest in the Valley. He worked closely with the Pakistan High Commission, the National Investigation Agency has said.

The role of the Pakistan High Commission in supporting the separatists and other networks through transfer of funds via financial conduits and in providing directions to continue the unrest in the Kashmir Valley has also been clearly established the NIA said.

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With Yasin Malik in jail, NIA puts his wife on notice for upping anti-India propaganda

mushaalmulikNew Delhi, July 22: Yasin Malik, one of the most dreaded separatists in the Valley has been jailed for his role in the terror funding case. Even as the National Investigation Agency probes his crimes, the agency has put his wife, Mushaal Hassan Mullick on notice.

Of late, Musical has become extremely active and closer to the ISI at whose behest she has been propagating violence in Kashmir. After her husband was arrested, she had a series of posts on Twitter, where demanded that his passport be returned so that he could fly abroad for the best medical treatment.

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A mall in Srinagar among 12 properties worth Rs 15 crore owned by Yasin Maik: NIA

Yasin_Malik_JKLF_AFP_360x270New Delhi, July 21: The National Investigation Agency, which is probing the terror funding case in Jammu and Kashmir has zeroed in on various properties possessed by Yasin Malik.

The NIA listed 12 properties belonging to Malik, which are located in Srinagar. The properties, which are also in the name of his relatives is valued at around 15 crore. Among these properties is a mall at Srinagar, NIA officials say.

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Why the pleas for justice made by Yasin Malik’s wife deserve no sympathy

New Delhi, July 01: Over the past one week, the wife of Yasin Malik has made several pleas on her social media accounts regarding the safety of her husband.

My Husband is in Tihar Jail without any counsel access, not allowed to meet family, very weak health, chronic heart patient, kidney patient, blood clots in the eye, he went on hunger strike against the torturous attitude of Indian investigating agencies,” she said.

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Yasin Malik admits to collecting funds and causing economic shutdown at Kashmir

New Delhi, June 17: Yasin Malik has admitted before the National Investigation Agency that he was instrumental in spearheading violence in the Valley, which led to the deaths of many civilians.

He further said that he was instrumental in bringing together the disparate factions of Hurriyat Conference and formed the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) which spear headed the violent agitations in 2016 in Kashmir Valley by issuing “Protest Calendars” leading to economic shut down for over four months and also caused death and injuries to civilians and security forces during the violent protests.

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Why Yasin Malik deserves no sympathy: His crimes since decades listed here

New Delhi, Apr 24: The arrest of Yasin Malik, the chief of the JKLF led to condemnation by several persons including former Jammu and Kashmir chief minster, Mehbooba Mufti and also the foreign office of Pakistan.

Mehbooba appealed to the government to release Malik due to his poor health. Further a shut down was also called in J&K to protest his arrest.

Malik has without a doubt been one of the notorious players in Kashmir. His cases date back to several decades back and over the years, he has successfully dodged the law, while continuing to propagate in favour of Pakistan.

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Beginning of the end: How an iron fist policy put Yasin Malik on the mat

yasin-malikNew Delhi, Apr 13: It comes as both a surprise and shock, when former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti condemned the arrest of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief, Yasin Malik. Incidentally he is the same man who has been accused of abducting her sister.

Malik was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with a terror funding case. Malik has without a doubt been one of the most dreaded persons in the Valley and his crimes range from killing of Indian Air Force (IAF) officials, the genocide of Kashmiri pandits, just to name a few.