Key accused in inter-state fake currency racket arrested

New Delhi, June 10: The National Investigation Agency has arrested an absconding accused from West Bengal in connection with a fake currency case. He has been identified as Sabiruddin.

The case relates to the seizure of fake currency worth Rs 6,84,000 from four persons- Raju, Gangadhar, Sajjad Ali and Vanitha. During the investigations it was revealed that the accused persons along with their associates had conspired to procure fake currency from Bangladesh and supply the same in Malda, Bangalore and other parts of the country.

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Modi’s Bengal action plan: Wipe out JMB-ISIS and radicalisation

New Delhi, June 01: An emir for the Islamic State in Bengal and the growing menace of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh in the region bordering Bangladesh. The concerns on security along the Bengal-Bangladesh border is very high and the new dispensation will focus heavily on it.

Recent assessments done by the intelligence agencies accessed by OneIndia suggest that the JMB has been growing at a rapid pace. The modus operandi clearly suggests that the cadres of the JMB are radicalising youth from a very age onwards and getting them battle ready.

West Bengal: Where both politicians and terrorists play with bombs

Kolkata, Oct 3: A bomb blast claimed the life of an eight year old child and nine people were injured in an explosion at Kolkata on Tuesday. The blast took place at Nagerbazar in Kolkata’s northern suburbs.

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Army intel office, cops arrested for embezzling 15 kg gold in Bengal

goldNew Delhi, Sep 16: An Army officer along with five others was arrested for taking illegal possession of 15 kilograms of gold in West Bengal. The police alleged that these persons had take possession of the gold from smugglers in Adilapura district while letting the culprits get away scot free.

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Bodh Gaya blast probe shows how terrorists from Bengal seek shelter in Kerala

afp-bodhgayaNew Delhi, Aug 7: The National Investigating Agency has arrested two persons in connection with the planning of a bomb blast at the Bodh Gaya complex on January 19 2018. The arrested persons have been identified as Abdul Karim and Mustafizur Rehman, both residents of West Bengal.

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Calamitous situation in Bengal: 3 crore illegal Bangladeshis reside there

New Delhi, Aug 4: The Assam NRC has been a subject matter of debate and the opposition led by West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee has questioned the rationale behind the move.

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Political murders laced with terrorism: The trouble in West Bengal and Kerala

Back in the month of January 2017, the residence of BJP leader Krishna Bhattacharya in Uttarapura was bombed by workers of the Trinamool Congress. The same month TMC workers had attacked the BJP’s office in Kolkata.

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In fake currency case, NIA arrests prime accused

The National Investigation Agency has arrested a person from Hyderabad in connection with a fake currency case. Mohammad Rustam, aged 35, a resident of Malda in West Bengal was arrested by the NIA following a disclosure by prime accused Saddam Hossain.

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Banga bang bang: Where bombs are symbol of political strength in Bengal

The findings in Burdhwan in West Bengal had left the nation shocked. A huge ploy was unearthed in 2014 were members of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh (JMB) were preparing bombs and were planning on shifting it to Bangladesh.

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Communal incidents rise in Bengal as Mamata goes shopping for third front partners

West Bengal has been a state on the boil. It has seen a spike in incidents of communal violence over the past three years. In fact, data compiled by the Union Home Ministry show a clear increase in the number of incidents relating to communal violence.

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