How different are the Sharia laws for women under the Taliban and Wahhabis

New Delhi, Aug 19: He did not elaborate on his comments, but the Taliban’s longtime spokesperson Zabhihullah Mujahid had said that his outfit would honour women’s rights.

Barely a week after taking over Afghanistan, reports said that a woman had been killed in Taloqan, Takhar province because she had left her home without wearing a burqa.

The Taliban will impose the Sharia law, but their interpretation of the same is comparatively different in nature. The Taliban during its earlier regime had said that a woman needs to be accompanied by a male family member child or adult when she goes out.

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Wahabis have infiltrated Chennai mosques, says letter to TN police, CM

wahabismChennai, June 1: A recent letter written to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa and also the state’s police chief has warned about the infiltration of Wahabis and Deobandis into the managing committees of Chennai based Dargahs and Mosques.
The brief of the letter written by the Ahlus Sunnath Wal Jamaths Federation is that Wahabism and its preachers are attempting to threaten Hindu-Muslim unity in Chennai.

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Wahabis vs Tabligi Jamaat- The battle in India

wahabismThe trouble with Wahabi preachers from Saudi Arabia is back to haunt the Intelligence Bureau officials yet again. With a change in the modus operandi, the Wahabis who came into the country in large numbers earlier are now adapting another pattern. It has been found that smaller groups of Wahabi preachers are making their way into the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The Wahabis have a very rigid style of functioning and the manner in which they expect one to follow the religion is beyond understanding. Read more: