Thanks to scrapping of Article 370, WPRs, Valmikis set to vote for the first time

Srinagar, Nov 16: For the first time ever after the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, West Pakistan refugees and the Valmiki community will vote in the district development council elections.

WPRs comprise members of the Sikh and Hindu community. They had migrated from the erstwhile West Punjab (now Pakistan) in 1947 after partition. They had settled in the border areas of Jammu. 

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US elections 2020: Voting relating lawsuits pepper polls

Washington, Oct 11: Hundreds of lawsuits about voting have been filed before the November 3 election. The cases concern the fundamentals of the American democratic process, including how ballots are cast and counted.

Economic migration from Bangladesh

immigrantsA worker from Assam at a coffee plantation in Kodagu district, Karnataka tells his boss that he has to go back to his state and vote failing which he will be sent to Bangladesh. As shocking as this statement may sound, it does make one thing very clear that he is an economic migrant from Bangladesh who has been issued with a voter id card on the condition that he compulsorily shall vote for a particular party failing which he will be sent back to Bangladesh.
There are several million such illegal immigrants or economic migrants spread across India. They are Bangladeshis who are given valid Indian documents and they take up work in different parts of the country calling them either residents of Assam or West Bengal. If you think how do they manage to get these documents so easily, then one must date back to the case of the IC 814 hijacker who obtained a ration card from Bombay for Rs 200.

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