As rot in judiciary increases, why it is time to revisit the Justice Malimath report

supremeAmidst the major rift in the Supreme Court, it would be interesting to take a look at the recommendations made by the Justice V Malimath Committee on reforms of criminal justice system.

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Welcome back Baby Moshe, my recollection of you as a brave 2 year old

babymosheWho can ever forget the 26/11 Mumbai attack? It was one of the most gruesome attacks that Pakistan carried out in India. Many lost their loved ones and for Baby Moshe the loss was irreparable.

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NIA arrests two naxals for killing JD(U) MLA in Ranchi

rameshsinghmundaTwo persons have been arrested in connection with the killing of a JD(U) MLA at Ranchi by members of the CPI (Maoists). The National Investigation Agency arrested the two suspects Prafull Kumar and Jaiganesh.

Karnataka elections: BJP 76, Cong 81, JD 66, this mystery poll has everyone fuming

karnatakaelectionsThe Congress and BJP are clearly fuming after a poll for the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 was leaked to the media by some unknown persons.

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Can a by-stander file appeal in criminal case? SC asks in Bofors plea

supremeCan an unconnected person file an appeal in a criminal case? This was a point raised by the Supreme Court while hearing the appeal in the Bofors case.

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How a mobile recharge of Rs 20 helped NIA crack the court blast cases

wpid-indiatv3c522c_nia_probe.jpgThe Base Movement is the latest headache for security agencies in South India. The outfit came to the limelight after it had carried out a spate of attacks outside courts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

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When India-Israel bonded over ‘Ichak Dana, Bichak Dana’

ichakdanaThe Indian diplomats were taken by surprise when their counterparts from Israel, told them they were familiar with the very hummable song, Ichak Dana Bichak Dana.

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Enemy properties worth Rs 1 lakh crore set to go under the hammer


Raja of Mahmoodabad’s palace

In a major step, the government has identified over 9,400 enemy properties and these would go under the hammer for an estimated cost of over Rs 1 lakh crore.

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Why do Islamic terror groups prefer the convert to the original

ISIS-afghanReligious conversions have been a huge subject matter of debate off late. While the Constitution states that religious conversions are allowed unless forced, the problem today is that this issue has become increasingly linked to terror.

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The real problem with Justice Chelameswar and how he missed the CJI bus thrice

justicechalmeswarJustice J Chelameswar and three other judges of the Supreme Court came out in the open to criticise the Chief Justice of India for the manner in which cases were being allocated.