London attacker Khan wanted to train in Kashmir for first hand terror experience

Usman Khan

New Delhi, Dec 01: The London Bridge attacker, Usman Khan had planned on setting up a Madrasa and training camp near a Mosque in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. He had wanted to have first hand experience in terror related activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

Khan who was shot dead, following the attack that claimed two lives in London had been convicted for his role in the Stock Exchange terror plot. He had also planned an attack on the home of Boris Johnson, who was the Mayor of London in 2012.

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“I am the unfortunate father.”

usmanAmidst claims by Pakistan that Mohammad Naved is not their citizen the father of the arrested terrorist has told a leading newspaper that he is his son. I am the unfortunate son of Naved Mohammad Yakub told Hindustan Times over phone.
He also said that he is the unfortunate father while also adding that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the fauj (army)‎ was after them. Further the father also said, you are calling from India. We will be killed he also added sounding very flustered. Please spare him: The father of Naved who has been identified as Mohammad Yakub said that his son should be spared. The Lashkar probably want him dead the father also said.
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I came to kill not die says Naved, terrorist arrested at Udhampur

terrorist-udhampur_650x400_51438762399The terrorist arrested at Udhampur who had given out three names, Kasim, Usman and Mohammad Naved continues to misguide investigators.
On Wednesday, Aug 5 he was seen giving several contradictory statements after his arrest, but investigators say that they will be able to crack him. Some of the details that the investigations have revealed so far point directly towards Pakistan.
His real name is Mohammad Naved and he had aliases such as Kasim Khan and also Usman Khan. Having several names is a pre-requisite for any terrorist.Read more

Udhampur attack: One terrorist, many names filled with contradictions

Jammu, Aug 5: Kasim Khan, Usman Khan and now Mohammad Naved. These are names of the same person who was captured at Udhampur today. This person from Pakistan part of the attack on the BSF convoy was smiling before the cameras and he seemed all too amused with the attention he was getting.
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Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks: Group split into 2 to carry coordinated strike

terrorist-udhampur_650x400_51438762399Srinagar, Aug 5: Usman Khan like Ajmal Kasab is a remote controlled operative of the high and mighty Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Pakistan. His catch is a major success for security forces and what could not be achieved at Gurdaspur was possible in Udhampur.
Sources part of the investigation confirm that the Usman Khan, the 20 year old terrorist from Faisalbad was part of the same team which infiltrated into India and carried out the Gurdaspur attack. After entering India they split into two groups.Read more

Udhampur attack: Terrorist’s hunger led to his arrest

usmanNew Delhi, July 5: His hunger is what led to his arrest. Usman Khan, the terrorist who was caught alive by the security forces was fooled by the hostages that he had taken earlier during the day.
Usman Khan who was part of the team which attacked the BSF convoy had taken three villagers hostage. He told his hostages that he was hungry and wanted to be taken to a place where none could see him. When he sat on the ground to have his food, the hostages overpowered him, an account by one of the villagers, Rakesh Kumar suggests.Read more

J&K attack: Terrorist in his early 20s is unapologetic

terrorist-udhampur_650x400_51438762399Srinagar, Aug 5: The arrest of Usman Khan alias Kasim Khan at Jammu and Kashmir is a major breakthrough for the security forces who battled terrorists at Udhampur this morning.
Usman Khan who was captured by the security forces was part of the group that killed two BSF soldiers and even took three persons hostage. Usman Khan is in his early 20s and is believed to be part of the new breed of militants in Jammu and Kashmir.
He is being interrogated for more information by the police and also the Intelligence Bureau. He hails from Faisalbad in Pakistan, sources informed OneIndia.