Indian Army set to get meaner with acquisition of Ravens and Spike Firefly

spikefireflyNew Delhi, July 13: The unmanned aerial vehicle Raven and Spike Firefly are soon likely to be part of the Indian Army’s inventory. The Army is looking to acquire the Raven from the United States and the Spike Firefly from Israel. This comes in the wake of the Indian Air Force set to get the Refale jets from Paris later this month.

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India’s new beast in the sky: Here is everything about the AH-64 Apache attack chopper

ah-64After the May 5 2020 standoff with China in eastern Ladakh, India fast tracked the delivery of the last batch of the US built Apache attack choppers. The last batch of 5 choppers arrived in India last month.

The government had exempted the Boeing contractors from the mandatory quarantine norms, notified in view of COVID-19. After the team assembled the five choppers, they were flown to the Pathankot air base. The attack choppers were also test flighted for deployment in Ladakh.

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What is a H-1B visa and how does the ban impact Indians

h1b-visaUS President Donald Trump on Tuesday issued a proclamation to suspend issuing of H-1B visas, which is popular among Indian IT professionals, along with other foreign work visas for the rest of the year.

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Ex Amnesty India chief booked for calling for US like protests

aakar patelNew Delhi, June 06: The Bengaluru police have registered a case against former Amnesty India director, Aakar Patel, after a Twitter post called for the emulation of peaceful protests witnessed in the United States over the death of an African American man, due to alleged police brutality.

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Indian link to deported Al-Qaeda man: Agencies to probe further

Mohammad Ibrahim Zubair

New Delhi, May 22: An Al-Qaeda operative from Hyderabad, who was convicted in the United States has been deported to India. He was convicted for financing activities of slain Al-Qaeda preacher, Anwar al-Awlaki.

A resident of Toledo in Ohio, US, the 41 year old Mohammad Ibrahim Zubair was deported to India on a special flight that landed in Amritsar on May 19. He was born in Sharjah, but is an Indian national. His parents originally hail from Hyderabad.

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Let us analyse and find origins of coronavirus: US tells UN Security Council

unsc-1aNew Delhi, Apr 10: The United States sought for a science based data collection and analysis of the origins of the coronavirus.

Ambassador Kelly Kraft told the United Nations Security Council that he could not stress enough hw important these methods are. The UNSC had its first closed door meeting to discuss the outbreak of the pandemic. The point made by Kraft echoed what US President Donald Trump has said on the virus while labelling the virus as as the Chinese virus. The Trump administration has often underscored its origin in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

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They stopped it for a reason: Trump hails India’s position on hydroxychloroquine

donaldtrump3New Delhi, Apr 08: India had informed the US State Department about the change in the drug policy before President Donald Trump had spoken about a possible retaliation.

India on Tuesday said that in the view of the humanitarian aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided that India would licence paracetamol and hydroxychloroquine in appropriate quantities to all our neighbouring countries who are dependant on our capabilities.

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India’s approach towards world on COVID-19 will be different compared to US

coronavirus1New Delhi, Mar 26: The G-20 conference which will be held today is a crucial one. This would be a global fight against the coronavirus and countries would pool in their medical knowledge to tide over the crisis.

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Donald Trump to visit India on Feb 24, 25

donald-trumpNew Delhi, Feb 11: US President Donald Trump will visit India on February 24 and 25. The same was announced by the White House.

Trump will visit New Delhi and Gujarat. “The trip will further strengthen the US-India strategic partnership & highlight the strong & enduring bonds between the American & Indian people,” the White House tweeted.

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Grand event awaits Donald Trump during his India visit next month

donald-trumpNew Delhi, Jan 18: A grand event awaits US President Donald Trump when he visits India next month. The event will take place in February. A grand event on the lines of the Howdy Modi is expected to take place at Ahmedabad. During his visit, Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are likely to sign a short term trade deal.

This is aimed at granting US companies more access to Indian markets and also restore the trade benefits for India that were withdrawn last year.

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