Tense wait over and why New Delhi has nothing to worry with Biden at the helm

New Delhi, Nov 08: India had watched with much anticipation the results of the US elections. With Joe Biden being elected as the President, there is a sigh of relief in New Delhi.

Many had thought that a Democratic candidate would not bode too well for India. However, it may be recalled that Joe Biden had in 2006, three years after becoming Vice President had said, ‘ my dream is that in 2020, the two closest nations in the world will be India and the United States.’

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The Republicans have been more supportive of India: Amb Vishnu Prakash

New Delhi, Nov 02: The world is about to witness one of the most interesting elections in the United States.

We would know before the end of this very depressing year, whether President Donald Trump would return to the White House or will Joe Biden would upstage him. 

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US elections 2020: Voting relating lawsuits pepper polls

Washington, Oct 11: Hundreds of lawsuits about voting have been filed before the November 3 election. The cases concern the fundamentals of the American democratic process, including how ballots are cast and counted.