Were the attacks of 26/11 a fixed match between ISI and government of the day?

2611India recently observed the 11th anniversary of the 26/11 attack. It has been concluded that the attack was the handiwork of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan, would it not be pertinent to ask for an in-depth probe into the local angle to find out who the mole in the Indian establishment was?

The change of the NSG’s charter during the Mumbai 26/11 attack is one of the biggest mysteries and would require a thorough probe. Since the time of the attack and the probe that followed, there has been a debate on whether the attack had the blessings of the locals and some within the government.

India recently observed the 11th anniversary of the attack. Timed with the anniversary was also the release of the movie, Hotel Mumbai, which took us through the horrors of that night. While across all official channels, it has been concluded that the attack was the handiwork of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan, would it not be pertinent to ask for an in-depth probe into the local angle to find out who the mole in the Indian establishment was?

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26/11: Had a fidgety UPA not changed NSG charter, 100 lives would have been saved in Mumbai

mumbai-attacks11 years on, we look back at the response of the UPA government to the 26/11 terror attack and the change in the NSG charter which cost the nation many lives

November 26, 2008 is a day which no Indian would forget, and it could be said that it was one of the worst days in the history of India. Ten terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Taiba entered Mumbai, positioned themselves in various places and mercilessly killed over 160 persons including civilians, security staff and police personnel.

As journalists positioned in Mumbai on that fateful day, we watched with absolute horror how the events unfolded for nearly 2 days before the last terrorist was eliminated. What every Indian expected was that India would give Pakistan a befitting reply and all through there was talk that some major action was being planned.

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PNB scam: Raghuram Rajan was warned about 80:20 gold scheme by jewellery industry

A letter dated July 26, 2014, written by the India Bullion and Jewellers Association (IBJA) to the then Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan had accused the UPA government of deliberately yielding to cronies by changing the gold policy days before demitting office.

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UPA tried to frame Yogi, Bhagwat in Malegaon blast case claims accused

The anti terror squad (ATS) tried to frame both Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath and RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat in the Malegaon 2008 blasts case, an accused claimed.

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In Col Purohit’s case, UPA tried to project a Right Wing conspiracy

Pic: ndtv.com

The Malegaon blast case in which Lt Col Purohit was made an accused took several turns. On Monday in a major relief to Purohit, the Supreme Court granted him bail. He will walk out of jail today after spending nearly 9 years.

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Next President of India: Will the opposition now pick Dr Ambedkar’s grandson?

prakashambedkarThe ruling BJP on Monday said that Ram Nath Kovind will be their candidate for the next President of India. The opposition has clearly said that he will not be a consensus candidate. This would mean an election would be held on July 17 as the opposition gets ready to field its own candidate.

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Why are Sharad Pawar and Nitish Kumar at war?

pawar-nitishNitish Kumar and Sharad Pawar are engaged in a silent battle. They have not spoken out against each other, but there is palpable tension among the two leaders who are eyeing for the post of coordinator of a UPA like coalition.

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Mallya’s 1.5 lakh emails: PMO officials under UPA in CBI net

Investigations are on to find out if undue favours were doled out to liquor baron Vijay Mallya by members in the United Progressive Alliance government.
To that end, the Central Bureau of Investigation is currently scanning through some 1.5 lakh emails, the bulk of it communications between Mallya and higher officials, including those in the Prime Minister’s Office during the UPA government.

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In AgustaWestland case, an unseen hand ensured probes were delayed?

agustaA delay in commencing the probe and a great deal of non-cooperation may have hurt the initial investigations into the AgustaWestland case.
The Italian court in its order had also noted that there was not enough cooperation by the union government (UPA).

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With Ishrat Jahan truth out, it is now over to judiciary and home ministry

img_0647-3New Delhi, Mar 2: It is over to the judiciary and the Home Ministry of India now. With it becoming clear that the UPA was on a witch hunt where the Ishrat Jahan encounter was concerned, it is time to set the narrative straight.
A lot would depend on both the judiciary and the Home Ministry now.