How business interests of coaching centres influence agitations?

In the protests that broke out following the announcement of Agnipath, the police have found that some coaching centres had instigated the rioters who caused widespread damage

New Delhi, Jun 21: There has been widespread violence and arson following the announcement of the Agnipath Scheme. Trains, trucks and buses have been burnt resulting in huge losses to public property.

Violent incidents were reported in Bihar, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh and scanner is now on the coaching centres. The question being raised is whether the military recruitment scheme, Agnipath would put many coaching centres out of business.

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Attack at Gorakhnath Temple: Why UP cops are probing it as an act of terror

New Delhi, Apr 05: Two policemen were attacked by an IIT graduate outside the Gorakhnath Temple, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. The accused, Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi tried to enter the Temple while shooting religious slogans before he was overpowered by a crowd and arrested.

The police said that they were treating this as an act of terror and the probe would focus on the possibility of a larger conspiracy. The police also said that the items recovered from the accused makes it seem like a big conspiracy and we cannot deny that this could be a terror attack the police also said.

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Busting myths, breaking jinxes, the 6 records Yogi Adityanath shattered in UP

New Delhi, Mar 25: Yogi Adityanath will be sworn in a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in a grand ceremony today which will be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Record 1: Yogi Adityanath became UP;s first CM to complete tenure and win a second term. In the past 70 years of UP’s electoral history, this is the first time that a CM will complete tenure and be elected for the second term consecutively.

Record 2: Yogi is only the fifth CM to win a consecutive term in UP ever. The others before him were Sampurnanda in 1975, Channdrabahnu Gupta in 1962, Hemwati Nandan Bahaguna in 1974 and Narayan Dutt Tiwari in 1985. Yogi however is the first CM in 70 years to complete tenure and win for the second time in a row.

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Big win for BJP in UP, humiliating defeat for Congress in Punjab: Exit poll

New Delhi, Mar 09: The BJP is likely to register a big win in Uttar Pradesh, while the Punjab would perform extremely badly in Punjab predicts another exit poll.

The Lokniti-CSDS exit poll says that the BJP and its allies would win, 43 per cent of the vote share in Uttar Pradesh and the SP would end up with 35 per cent. The BSP would garner 15 per cent of the votes while the Congress would get just 3 per cent, the exit poll says.

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By promising withdrawal of terror cases, how Akhilesh sent wrong message on national security

New Delhi, Feb 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a rally that the Uttar Pradesh government under Akhilesh Yadav had withdrawn several cases against terrorists.

The Samajwadi Party government withdrew cases against several terrorists accused of terror attacks in Uttar Pradesh. The terrorists carried out blasts across the state and the SP government did not allow trials against them the PM also said.

The issue was earlier raised by BJP president, J P Nadda as well. He said that cases were withdrawn but the court did not allow it. Four of them were sentenced to death and others were given life imprisonment and this is the real face of Yadav, he also said.

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Nepal borders no longer stopover for Jihadis, but a control centre against India

New Delhi, Feb 10: Amidst the huge rise of radicalisation in the country, a new worry for the security agencies is the large number of Mosques and Madrasas that are coming up along the border areas.

The Intelligence Bureau has learnt that a large number of Mosques and Madrasas have mushroomed in Nepal very close to the Indian border. An IANS report while citing sources said that the number of Mosques has gone up from 760 in 2018 to 1,000 in 2021. On the other hand the number of Madrasas has gone up to 645 in 2021 as opposed to 508 in 2018.

This is clearly the handiwork of the ISI and these Mosques and Madrasas are set up close to the Indian with the sole intention of radicalising and instigating the people against the country. Not only have these places managed to instigate and radicalise the youth in large numbers, but they have been hiding spots for criminals indulging in crime, terror and fake currency racketeering from the states of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar.

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NIA charges 5 Al-Qaeda operatives for plotting major terror strikes in UP

New Delhi, Jan 07: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against five operatives of the Al-Qaeda in connection with a conspiracy to carry out bomb blasts in Uttar Pradesh.

Those charged are Museeruddin, Minhaj Ahmad, Shakeel, Mustaqeem and Mohammad Moid. Investigation revealed that accused Minhaj Ahmad was radicalized online by two Al Qaida terrorists based in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Kerala scribe Siddiqui Kappan’s articles an attempt to legitimise SIMI’s agenda

New Delhi, Oct 01: The Uttar Pradesh police in its chargesheet against journalist Siddiqui Kappan said that he was trying to further a terror agenda. In its 5,000 page chargesheet, the police said that he was headed to report the Hathras gangrape case and said that he was trying to further the terror agenda of the banned outfit, Students Islamic Movement of India.

The chargesheet while referring to an article written by him during the anti-CAA protests says that in writing, the Muslims have been portrayed as victims and were beaten up by the police and were asked to go to Pakistan. It is evident from the writing that it was done to incite the Muslims, the police also said.

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Terror module busted in Delhi, UP shows Dawood is still prime asset for ISI

New Delhi, Sep 15: The busting of two ISI sponsored modules, one by the Delhi Police and another by the UP ATS is clearly a sign of the Pakistan spy agencies trying to up the ante ahead of the elections to be held next year.

While the Delhi Police arrested 6 persons who were planning attacks during the festival season, the UP police picked up 3 persons following raids at Lucknow, Rae Bareli and Pratapgarh.

The Delhi Police said that the six persons were planning major attacks in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra during the festival season. The police also said that the accused persons had visited Pakistan. In Pakistan they were taken to a town near the Gwadar port and were trained by two persons from the Pakistan Army.

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No politics please: UP’s deep rooted problem of radicalisation, terror have to be cleaned up

Maseeruddin, Minhaz Ahmed

New Delhi, July 13: A war of words broke out after former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav reportedly said that he does not trust the state police. The comments are said to have been made after the arrest of two terrorists in UP. 

Yadav said that he cannot trust the UP police and especially the BJP government. His party however said that an edited clip is in circulation. 

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