Yogi in Delhi: Change in guard in UP baseless say sources

New Delhi, June 11: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath’s visit to Delhi has triggered speculation that there could be a change in guard in the state.

Yogi met with Union Home Minister, Amit Shah and is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president J P Nadda today.

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UP elections: After announcing alliance, SP, Congress in seat sharing talks

rahulakhiNew Delhi, Jan 18: After announcing the alliance with the Samajwadi Party for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2017, the Congress is finalising the smaller details which includes the number of seats it wants to contest. During a meeting between Ghulam Nabi Azad of the Congress and Ram Gopal Yadav of the SP, the former sought 89 seats.

While the Samajwadi Party is ready to give the Congress a good number of seats, there are still some issues over a few constituencies. Sources in the Congress tell OneIndia that everything would be finalised by Thursday. Things are moving at a brisk pace as the campaign needs to get underway at the earliest.

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UP phase four: Same old story

103- is the number of candidates with a criminal record who will be fighting the fourth phase of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.
The report by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that ut of the 297 candidates analyzed for the 4th phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, 103 candidates or 35 % declared criminal cases against them. In 2007 assembly elections for the whole of Uttar Pradesh, 27% candidates had declared criminal cases against themselves.
Amongst major parties, every party has given tickets to candidates who have declared criminal cases. SP has 29 out of 54 (54 %), INC has 25 out of 56 (45 %), BSP has 18 out of 56 (32 %), BJP has 11 out of 56 (20 %), Peace Party has 7 out of 22 (32 %), Apna Dal has 5 out of 17 (29 %), JD(U) has 5 out of 28 (18 %), QAUMI EKTA DAL has 1 out of 1 (100 %) and Bundelkhand Congress has 1 out of 6 (17 %) candidates with pending criminal cases.
Among candidates of major parties who have declared criminal cases against themselves in the 4th Phase, Ravidas Mehrotra of SP, contesting from Lucknow Central constituency has declared 17 criminal cases including 7 serious IPCs including charges of attempt to murder. Pushpendra Singh of BSP contesting from Rae Bareli constituency has declared 9 criminal cases and 4 serious IPC including attempt to murder. Ramesh Srivastava of INC from Lucknow East has declared 7 criminal cases against him including charge of attempt to murder. Dherendra Bahadur Singh of BJP from Sareni constituency has declared 8 criminal cases including charges of attempt to murder.
Out of these 103 candidates with declared criminal cases, 49 have declared serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion etc. SP had 12, BSP had 10, INC had 10, BJP had 5, Peace Party had 5, JD(U) had 3, Apna Dal had 3 and one independent such candidates.
A total of 139 candidates out of 297 analyzed for the 4th Phase i.e. 47% are crorepatis. In 2007, there were 22% crorepati candidates.
The candidates with maximum assets in 4th Phase is Shyam Charan Gupta of SP from Manikpur constituency with assets worth 40.45 Crores followed by Shiv Prakash Mishra Senani of BSP from Kunda with 30.05 Crores and Sindhuja Mishra Senani of BSP from Vishwanath Ganj constituency with assets worth 30.05 crores.
3 Candidates have declared assets of less than 1 lakh.
A total of 23 candidates out of 297 analyzed declared liabilities 40 Lakhs or above.· Among major parties, the average asset per candidate for BJP was approximate 1.50 Crore , for BSP was 3.17 Crore , for INC was 2.31 Crore , for SP was 3.07 Crore , for JD(U) was 34 Lacs , for Peace Party was 1.50 Crore, for Apna Dal was 68.89 Lacs , for Bundelkhand Congress was 1.49 Crore and for Qaumi ekta Dalwas 13.05 Lacs.
201 out of 297 candidates analyzed i.e. 68% are graduates or with higher educational qualifications.
Out of 966 candidates contesting for 4th phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2012, only 91(9%) candidates are women; the number of women candidates for BSP is 6 out of 56, for BJP it is 5 out of 56, INC it is 8 out of 56 and SP it is 7 out of 54.

Asset increase:
Number of re-contesting MLAs analyzed for 4th phase of UP 2012 Assembly Elections– 40
The average asset of these MLAs as declared in 2007 is Rs 1,08,32,507 (1.08 crores). The average asset of these MLAs as declared in 2012 is, Rs 2,59,44,926 (2.59 crore). Average asset growth for these re-contesting MLAs is Rs 1,51,12,419 (1.51 crore).
Average percentage growth in assets for these MLA is 140%.
Ajay Pal Singh of INC from Unchahar constituency has the highest increase in asset worth Rs.10.91 Crores, followed by Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh of SP from Tiloi with an asset increase of Rs. 5.38 Crores and Vivek Kumar Singh of INC from Banda constituency with an asset increase of Rs. 5.20 Crores.
The highest percentage increase (4750%) has been for Sudhir Kumar of SP from Safipur (SC) constituency. His assets rose from 1.29 lakhs in 2007 to 62.90 lakhs in 2012. He is followed by Rajeshwari of BSP from Sandi (SC) constituency with a percentage increase of 1631% (4.40 lakhs in 2007 to 76.17 lakhs in 2012) and Sanjay of BSP from Pratapgarh constituency with an increase of 918% (33.74 lakhs in 2007 to 3.43 crores in 2012).

Akhilesh Pathak (BJP) has the highest annual income at Rs. 90.70 Lakhs followed by Mohammad Umar Khan (BSP) at Rs. 88.35 Lakhs, Shyama Charan Gupta (SP) at Rs. 77.36 Lakhs and Jamaluddin Siddiqui (SP) at Rs. 42.33 Lakhs as per their last filed Income Tax Returns.
A total of 93 candidates (31%) out of the 297 candidates analyzed by the Uttar Pradesh Election Watch have declared that they have never filed income tax returns.
Out of the 93 candidates analyzed who have never filed income tax returns, JD(U) has the maximum number of candidates 17 (61%) out of 28 candidates, followed by SP 17 (31%) out of 54 candidates, BJP has 17 (30%) out of 56 candidates, INC has 14 (25%) out of 56 candidates, Apna Dal has 11 (65%) out of 17, Peace Party has 8 (36%) out of 22, BSP has 6 (11%) out of 56 candidates and Bundelkhand Congress has 3 (50%) out of 6 candidates who have not filed IT Returns.
Top 3 candidates with maximum assets but who have never filed IT returns are Surendra Bahadur Singh of Peace Party contesting from Sareni has the highest total assets of Rs. 11.82 crores, followed by Atul of Bundelkhand Congress from Baberu with assets of Rs. 7.09 crores and Pushpa Devi of Apna Dal from Salon (SC) with Rs. 4.26 crores respectively.
52 (18%) candidates have not declared their PAN details of which JD (U) has the maximum number of candidates, 10 out of 28 who have not declared their PAN details. BJP have 13 out of 56, INC has 8 out of 56, SP have 6 out of 54 candidates , Peace party have 4 out of 22, BSP have 2 out of 56 and Apna Dal has 6 out 17 and Bundelkhand Congress has 3 out of 6 candidates who have not declared their PAN card details.
Top three candidates with maximum assets but not declared their PAN card details are Atul of Bundelkhand Congress contesting from Baberu constituency has the highest assets with worth Rs. 7.09 Crores, followed by Sayed Qasim Hasan of SP from Fatehpur with assets of Rs. 2.28 crores and Shiv Shankar Singh Patel of INC from Baberu with Rs. 1.29 crores respectively.