How did Modi do it? The push for peace and the slow death of insurgency in North East

modi-222The many measures taken by the Modi Government has led to militancy in the North East dying a natural death. But how did he make inroads?

One of the biggest achievements of the Narendra Modi government has been the handling of North East. The peace accord with the NSCN (IM) was aimed at long lasting peace and was also a step forward in removing contentious problems on the Naga issue.

Now, in a major development, the Last Bodo militant group left Myanmar and surrendered to Indian authorities. The surrender by the National Democratic Front of Boroland (S), which is a close ally of the Paresh Baruah led ULFA is being hailed as a masterstroke by security agencies.

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NIA charges ULFA operative for killing five villagers

ULFANew Delhi, Nov 29: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed a charge sheet against a ULFA operative Bubul Moran. The background of the case is that on November 1, 2018, at around 7 pm, a group of unknown armed men wearing army combat dress, covering their faces with black cloth, walked into Bichanimukh Kherbari village inhabited by Bengali speaking population.

The armed men randomly called out six villagers from the village and took them across the iron bridge over SaukaNala, on the approach road of the village. They were forced to line up by the road side, kneel down and then they were fired upon indiscriminately; killing five of the villagers. The sixth villager had a narrow escape as he collapsed on hearing the sound of gunfire.

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Ban on ULFA extended by another five years


New Delhi, Nov 29: The Centre has extended the ban on the ULFA and its other factions, wings and fronts for a period of five years.

The notification states that ULFA has indulged in various illegal and violent activities with an intent of disrupting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India in furtherance of its objective of liberating Assam and aligned itself with other unlawful associations of North Eastern Region to secede Assam from India.

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Guwahati: NIA charges 8 from ULFA in grenade lobbing case

ULFANew Delhi, Nov 12: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed a charge sheet against 8 persons in connection with a grenade lobbing case in Guwahati.

The accused who are part of the proscribed organisation ULFA, have been charged with conspiracy, acts of terror, waging war against India, illegal possession of arms and ammunition, illegal use of explosives and also harbouring terrorists.

ULFA terrorists sneak into Assam ahead of Independence Day

ULFAA high-alert has been issued in Assam in which it has been stated that ULFA terrorists may try and carry out an attack on Independence Day. The intelligence alert suggests that 7 terrorists had slipped into Assam from Myanmar and are looking to carry out a major attack.

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Dont utter a word against China: ULFA warns Dalai Lama ahead of India visit

Intelligence Bureau officials have warned against possible trouble during Tibetian spiritual leader Dalai Lama’s visit to India.

The Dalai Lama is scheduled to visit India during the first week of April and China has already raised objections to it. In the meanwhile, the ULFA-I has said that Dalai Lama should not visit India.

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REVEALED: How China facilitates illegal arms trade in N-E states

armsIndian Intelligence agencies have said in a detailed report that China has upped the ante in the north-eastern states and is helping insurgent groups carry out illegal arms trade. The base is at Ruili, a Chinese town near the Myanmar border and the point person is Paresh Barua the ULFA chief.

The intelligence report submitted to the Assam police states that several members of the north-eastern insurgent groups have been shifted to Ruili and have been asked to trade in arms. The point-person for this illegal arms trade is Barua who is in touch with leaders of other such groups.

Will stalling of peace deal with ULFA affect BJP in Assam elections?

AssamDistrictsThe stalling of the peace deal between the pro-talks faction of the ULFA and the Union Government could be viewed as a minor set back for the BJP which is trying to increase its tally in the Assam Assembly elections. The peace deal which was scheduled to be signed this month, but was stalled due to the election code of conduct.
In fact a team of the ULFA’s pro talks faction was in New Delhi to sign the agreement, but had to return after the election commission of India stepped in and cited the election code of conduct. The BJP would have had an added advantage had this deal gone through.

Peace deal with pro-talks ULFA faction underway

Arabinda Rajkhowa

Bengaluru, March 8: The Union Government is speeding up the process in a bid to have the Peace Accord with the ULFA (Rajkhowa faction) signed before March 20th.

A draft of the agreement which is being prepared will be signed before March 20th.

There was some delay in signing the peace accord with the ULFA led by Arabinda Rajkhowa as the Home Ministry was busy due to the budget session.

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Will ULFA founder Anup Chetia fulfil his promise?

  Guwahati, Dec 25: Indian officials are watching closely the movements of ULFA founder and general secretary Anup Chetia who was recently extradited from Bangladesh. On Thursday Chetia was released from jail on bail and he has assured that he would take part in the peace talks with the Indian government to bring about stability in the North Eastern states.
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