Why do all frauds seek refuge in the United Kingdom

mallyaniravchoksiNirav Modi joined the long list of Indian fugitives to take refuge in the United Kingdom. He now joins an infamous bandwagon comprising, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, music composer Nadeem among others.

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Nirav Modi flees to London, seeks political asylum

niravmodiNirav Modi has fled to the United Kingdom and is said to be seeking political asylum. The Financial Times while quoting British and Indian officials said the PNB fraud accused is currently in the UK.

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Reviving Punjab terror, how UK, Italy, Pakistan is playing a role in Referendum 2020

khalistan-The Khalistan movement may be dead, but not a single day passes without an effort being made to revive the movement. Following the crackdown on militancy in Punjab, the top brass heading organisations such as the Babbar Khalsa International, Khalistan Zindabad Force moved into Pakistan seeking shelter.

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Plot to kill Hindus: Accused were trained in Italy, Australia and UK says NIA

The NIA has filed two chargesheets in connection with the killing a Hindu leader and said that it was part of a transnational plot to to divide communities. The case pertains to the killing of Satpal Singh and his son Ramesh Kumar at Naam Charcha Ghar at Ludhiana. They were working at the canteen of Naam Charcha Ghar when they were killed.

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Manchester attack shows how deep ISIS ideology has entered the mainland

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Manchester Arena attack in which 22 persons had died. Social media accounts of the ISIS celebrated the attack with the tag line, ” kill them everywhere.”
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Unearthing the Vijay Mallya conspiracy: What India told the UK

mallya-political-2_647_031116082604India has told the UK that liquor baron Vijay Mallya had connived with a bank official and bagged a loan of Rs 900 crore. He convinced the banks that he was taking a loan for the operations of Kingfisher Airlines but laundered the money, the Crown Prosecution Service was told by a team of the CBI and ED.

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Cracking the Mallya case: Here is how diplomacy worked behind the scene

The arrest of liquor baron, Vijay Mallya is a huge diplomatic success for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM and his government were criticised for not taking enough action in stopping Mallya from leaving the country last year. However aggressive back-channel talks and thorough investigations.
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London attack was Islamist-related terrorism

The police in UK say that they believe that the Parliament attack was Islamist-related terrorism.

While several media outlets had claimed that the attacker who was also killed in the incident was Trevor Brook alias Abu Izzadeen, they later retracted the report.

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Safe in UK, don’t want to be at the mercy of a ‘maverick’: Vijay Mallya

vijay-mallya_4“I have become a political football,” said liquor baron Vijay Mallya whose extradition from the United Kingdom, India has sought. Mallya said that the election rhetoric by the two major Indian parties is evident that he has become a ‘political football’.
“Let them come with whatever evidence they have. I doubt they have any. If they have evidence then law take its own course. I am safe under the UK law unless proven otherwise. Would want be safe than sorry,” he also said while adding that he did not want to be at the mercy of some maverick, according to ANI.

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Expect Vijay Mallya’s extradition soon

mallya-political-2_647_031116082604New Delhi, Feb 21: India has received a positive response from the United Kingdom on extraditions.

This would mean that the extradition of liquor baron Vijay Mallya is likely to happen soon, sources said.

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