With Khalistanis having a free run in Canada, UK, India set to send out strong message

India has repeatedly raised concerns about the rise of Khalistan extremism in Canada and the UK, but the countries have turned a blind eye to both the requests and the reminders

New Delhi, Sep 21: With cases of violence against Hindus rising and repeated requests to quell Sikh extremism falling on deaf ears, India has put Canada and the UK on notice.

India has repeatedly raised concerns about the rise of Khalistan extremism in Canada and the UK. Furthermore, these elements operate freely in these countries and plot violent acts in India with the support of their masters in Pakistan.

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ISI chooses UK for week-long event to mark Geelani’s death anniversary, but no one’s surprised

The venue comes as no surprise as the ISI has a very active desk in the UK and draws a lot of support from the huge British Pakistan community

New Delhi, Sep 02: September 1 marked a year since the death of the pro-Pakistan, Kashmiri separatist, Syed Ali Shah Geelani. To mark the event, an organisation called the Tehreek-i-Kashmir UK, which is backed by Pakistan’s ISI, is organising a week-long programme in England.

The venue comes as no surprise because the ISI has a very active desk in the UK and draws a lot of support from the huge British Pakistan community. The ISI has very often used this desk to drum up anti-India sentiments and has also influenced many lawmakers in the UK to speak out against New Delhi on issues such as Kashmir. The desk has also been very actively using the pro-Khalistan voices in the UK to drum up an anti-India narrative.

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West’s dubious stand on Khalistan is worrisome for India

The Narendra Modi government has been urging countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada to act against these forces

New Delhi, July 25: The complete reluctance by the western countries to act against pro-Khalistan outfits such as the Sikhs for Justice (SJF) has perturbed the Indian agencies. Officials say that the very fact that the pro-Khalistan groups are getting more dangerous by the day and the reality that the west is refusing to act is disturbing on several levels.

The Narendra Modi government has been urging countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada to act against these forces. New Delhi had in April taken strong exception to the UK allowing a referendum by the Khalistan forces.

The Khalistan groups such as the SJF, Khalistan Zindabad Force among others have been responsible for numerous acts of terror in India. They have been involved in carrying out terror attacks in Punjab and also targeting Hindus in Punjab.

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With Khalistanis having a free run in the UK, the issue would crop up during the Johnson visit

New Delhi, Apr 21: India will seek action against the pro-Pakistan Sikh radicals operating from the United Kingdom when talks are held wi

The Narendra Modi government has for the past several years seeking action against the Khalistan elements who have been operating from across the globe in a bid to destabilise India. Last year, New Delhi took strong exception to the UK allowing a referendum on the affairs of a third country.

India has repeatedly raised concerns over the lack of action being taken against these elements who are also involved in the radicalisation of the Indian diaspora by banned Sikh groups.In November last year, the Punjab police arrested a highly radicalised terrorist, Ranjit Singh. He disclosed that he had received a consignment of arms and explosives and had planned on carrying out terror strikes in Punjab.

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As India ramps up evacuation unabated, UK, US turn their backs on their nationals

New Delhi, Feb 28: India is on a war-footing to evacuate its nationals from Ukraine. Since the outbreak of war, India has opened all diplomatic channels to ensure that it is able to evacuate all its nationals from Ukraine.

Following the Russian military offensive against Ukraine, India has brought back a total of 907 stranded citizens from that country since Saturday when the first evacuation flight from Bucharest with 219 people on board landed in Mumbai under Operation Ganga.

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Highly radicalised terrorist arrested in Punjab and not surprisingly link goes back to the UK

New Delhi, Nov 26: The Punjab Police made an important bust with the arrest of a highly radicalised terrorist who claimed that he was operating an outfit known as ‘Kaum De Rakhe.’

‘Kaum De Rakhe’ was being used to collect funds under the garb of social work. The arrested operative Ranjit Singh told the police that it was through this group that he managed to get in touch with highly radicalised groups in the United Kingdom and the other countries. He also said that he extended help to set up sleeper cells under the garb of social work.

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SJF collects funds under garb of farmer protest: Your support unacceptable, Doval tells UK

New Delhi, Nov 16: New Delhi has conveyed strongly to the United Kingdom for allowing the proscribed pro-Khalistan outfit, Sikhs for Justice to hold a referendum on the secession of Punjab in October.

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval conveyed in strong terms India’s opposition to the allowing of a referendum on affairs relating to a third country. The message was conveyed to Doval’s counterpart, Stephen Lovegrove.

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Close aide of UK based Khalistan terrorist Paramjit Pamma held in UP was plotting series of sinister acts

New Delhi, Feb 10: Earlier this week a joint team the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh police arrested an accomplice of a suspected pro-Khalistan terrorist from Lucknow.

He has been identified as Jagdev Singh. The police said that the accused is linked to the pro-Khalistan terrorists, Paramjit Singh Pammah and Maltani Singh. Paramjit is currently in UK, while Malkani is in Germany. 

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Churning the communal cauldron: Handlers in Italy, Canada, UK fan the Khalistan movement

New Delhi, Feb 09: The agencies have been speaking about an outside hand that is desperately looking to fan violence amidst the farmer protests.

Repeated statements are being made by pro-Khalistan elements from countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom on the farmer protests.

The government has even asked Twitter to suspend accounts that are putting out such content which threatens national security. 

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Sikhs For Justice case: NIA to examine role of many including UK based TV journalist

New Delhi, Jan 17: The National Investigation Agency has asked several persons including a farmer union leader and a television journalist to appear before it for questioning in connection with the Sikhs For Justice case.

On Saturday, the NIA summoned Baldev Singh Sirsa, the president of the Lok Bhalai Insaf Welfare Society, one of the unions taking part in the talks with the government over the new farm laws for questioning.

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